Working Girl’s New Job

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    “Are you sure you want to sign this contract?”

    I watched as Destiny’s lawyer placed a document in front of my potential new employee. Her name was Destiny, which I couldn’t help finding just a little amusing.

    The things parents name their children these days, I thought.

    Destiny looked over at her lawyer with suspicious eyes.

    I understood the younger woman’s reaction completely. I’d had my own difficulties with life, as I’d ruthlessly fought my way to the top; and I also knew enough about the poor girl’s past to know that she’d been taken advantage of by her previous boss. To be more precise, he was the kind of complete ass that I’d been dealing with my whole life. He’d insinuated himself into Destiny’s life by promising to pay off her mortgage. And, like so many young women, she’d been foolish enough to sign the contract without the advice and consent of a lawyer. A lot of women who did that ended up paying the price, in this dangerous world. In Destiny’s case, she was supposed to end up owning her house in exchange for signing a ‘generous’ contract to work on the assembly line in his factory. As it turned out, however, her job wasn’t to work on the assembly line, rather it was to be a fringe benefits for the men who did.

    In the end, she’d ended up loosing her house and had become little more than an independent whore, working the streets and using her former property as a hotel room for her Johns. She had been permitted to keep ten percent of all the money she generated, which was just barely enough to save a little and still pay for the food she ate.

    Five years later, she’d saved enough to hire a lawyer and she was once again trying to improve her lot in life.

    “You’re sure everything’s in order?” Destiny asked her lawyer.

    I couldn’t blame her for being careful this time. Obviously, the last thing she wanted was to end up in another bad deal.

    “It’s all legal and aboveboard,” the girl’s lawyer assured her. “Your new job will be to model clothing and do promotional demos… for which, you will be paid a generous commission of thirty percent of all clothing sales. That’s three times as much as you were being paid by your last employer; with additional performance bonuses.”

    Given her previous earnings, that wasn’t saying much.

    I wished I could afford to offer more, but it was a competitive market out there. Giving too much away could very easily see me right back at the bottom of the heap, one day.

    “You will also be provided with free housing and free meals; not to mention a generous medical plan. Your contract will run for the next ten years. However, both you and your new employer have a buyout clause, so either of you can terminate the contract at any time by paying the early termination penalty. It’s quite a deal, if you ask me.”

    Destiny seemed to agree. In fact, she seemed to think that it almost sounded too good to be true.

    She looked up at me and I smiled. “We girls have to look out for each other,” I said.

    Destiny took a deep breath before picking up the pen and signing her name on the line at the bottom of the page.

    “I’m so pleased we’ll be working together, Destiny,” I said as I reached across the table and shook the girl’s hand. “Are you ready to work your first shift? Or would you prefer to get started bright and early tomorrow morning?”

    “Ah, now’s fine, I guess,” Destiny said with a shrug.

    “Excellent,” I said, giving her a warm smile. “I appreciate an employee with a good work ethic. With an attitude like that, it won’t be long before you’ll be earning those performance bonuses.”

    Destiny smiled back at me.

    “Now,” I said, “Why don’t you follow David and Juan into the back, where you can change into the first outfit you’ll be modeling today… and while you’re doing that, I’ll show your lawyer to the door.”

    As Destiny followed my assistants towards the changing room, I accompanied the girl’s lawyer to the front door of my establishment.

    “Given her past misfortunes, Amanda,” he said, “it really is quite a deal you’re giving her.”

    “Don’t pretend like you didn’t have something to do with that,” I said with a begrudging grin as I reached into my purse and pulled out a fat envelop; I gave it to the girl’s lawyer. “It’s always such a pleasure working with you,” I said.

    As usual, he looked inside the envelop, fanning out the stack of large denomination bills inside.


    When I walked into the changing room, Destiny was already wearing her outfit for the evening as David and Juan held her arms by the elbow.

    She must have struggled, for my men hadn’t been generous when choosing her outfit for the evening. It was a white T-shirt with the words, “I :hearthotpink: ANAL” written across her chest. The shirt ended just above the girl’s crotch and she wasn’t wearing anything at all below the shirt’s soft, white fabric.

    “Was this your choice,” I said, shoving my hand between the girl’s legs and dipping my fingers deep into her shaved pussy. “Or was this one of your previous employer’s job requirements?”

    “Shoohp!” Destiny cried as she danced away from my touch.

    She didn’t get very far, since David and Juan were holding her tight between them. A pair of sturdy metal cuffs pinned her wrists in front of her body which, given what was written on the front of her shirt, would no doubt make her demo assignment for tonight much easier to accomplish. Hands that were cuffed in the back would only get in the way. And besides, it would make it that much easier to grasp the penises that would soon be shoved in her face.

    “Ahrgh!” Destiny screamed angrily as I walked around her half-naked body. Although it wouldn’t interfere with tonight’s demo performance, the spring-gag that held her mouth open prevented her from expressing herself more clearly.

    Not that I didn’t have a pretty good idea of what she wanted to say.

    Her ponytails (which I thought made her look a little plain when she was wearing her street clothes) actually made her look rather fetching, when she was dressed like this. She tried to shy away from my touch, but I grabbed her hips and began to push the T-shirt up around her waist, until her belly button was almost exposed.

    workinggirl_by_underworld_elegance-dbqb0xm.jpg Illustration by underworld-elegance

    “I really am glad you answered my ad,” I said. “You’ll make such a cute mannequin for my stor. I’m just going to love dressing you up in my line of fetish clothing. And once you’ve gotten used to all the fondling and fucking… well, you might even enjoy the demo parties too.”

    “Uhhhak!” Destiny complained, obviously thinking that I was violating the terms of our contract.

    “Oh, don’t worry,” I assured her as I licked my finger. “This is all legal and perfectly in keeping with the letter of our contract. You see, you will be modeling my clothing line and you will be doing demo work.” I pressed my wet finger against her sphincter and pushed it persistently into her rectum. Once it was inside I began to jiggle my hand very quickly, so that her whole body began to shake. “Of course,” I said after doing this for a few moments, “I can’t promise that you won’t make a lie out of what’s written on your shirt, but then there’s nothing in the contract that says you have to enjoy your work.”

    “Uhh!” Destiny moaned as she leaned her head against my shoulder and took several deep breaths, trying to recover.

    “But given your response to that, I think you might not find tonight’s assignment too unpleasant after all.”

    “Eweh ihed,” Destiny said, and tears were leaking from her eyes.

    “I didn’t lie,” I said with reluctant sympathy as I began working her rear with a slower motion. “You’ll receive free housing and meals, as promised; and a generous medical plan, if the boys happen to get too rough with you. And, as promised, you’ll receive thirty percent of all clothing sales. Of course, not many people actually come to my store to buy clothing.”

    “Ahgh!” Destiny wailed again, as the full weight of her mistake began to settle in.

    “And finally,” I said as I began to nibble on her ear, “We do both have a buyout clause. Of course, since you’re not earning an income, I’m not sure how you would come up with such a large payment… but then again, you’ve proven yourself to be resourceful in the past. Perhaps you’ll think of something.”
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    Ooooh, is this going to be continued?!?! Can't wait to see what Destiny will model next, hope it includes some bondage gear!!

    On a different but related topic, I recently discovered and joined Erolair. Punkae has been wonderful at welcoming and helping get started. I mentioned I liked to write but was hoping to learn computer graphic imaging to be able to illustrate my own stories. She suggested I go to the blogs and that is where I came across your post about Female Porn which I commented on (very interesting and thought provoking post by the way). That's how I came to write you.

    I'll get the the computer stuff eventually but was wondering about the best way to get started with my writing? I would hope to have some followers that like my writing style and content someday so was hoping to get any suggestions on the best way to post my writings so it gets read and not just have someone randomly stumble on it?