What are your favorite collab pieces?

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Have you done/had collab work done before?

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    I haven't personally done too many collabs, but the few I have done have been dear to my heart. I'll attach them below. What are your favorite pieces, either ones you've done, had done, or seen?

    Here are the collabs I've worked on. (If I'm forgetting any, I'm sorry!) :heartpink:

    Zara X Sebastian - "Ready for a Fight", collab with @WanderingSketchPad for hinatafox790
    Zara X Sebastian "Ready for a Fight"

    "Summer Shandy"
    Collab piece with someone on Gaia called Summer Shandy - I was given an inspiration sketch and told to go wild, so it ended up getting penned over completely and some flats/gradients/effects and such. :XD:
    Summer Shandy

    "Doris Bound"
    Collab with @WanderingSketchPad of Doris, for @Eldritch-Shambler
    Original, traditional drawing by @WanderingSketchPad , digitization and color by me.
    WSP Doris Bound Collab

    "Doris & @Oscar 's Bonding Time"
    Linework was done by me, and the far superior coloring was done by Mr. @Eldritch-Shambler himself!
    Doris & Oscar's Bonding Time - Collab with Eldritch-Shambler
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