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    a fairy tale for the new age

    There once was a woman he had lived a quiet life, in a quiet town, at a quiet job for a quiet industry. She had boyfriends but in no hurry to marry; at thirty she had a wonderful body that men paused to admire before humping her as if she was a bag of potatoes. Thus she was dissatisfied.

    So one Saturday afternoon she stood out on her second floor balcony and looked over the busy street and sighed. Well, what the hell. She took off her jersey an extra size too big to cover the sway of her un-bra covered boobs. And stood there topless and no one on the street took notice. So she dropped her jeans and panty and felt the light breeze between her thighs. And no one took notice.

    So she raised her arms up to a bar for hanging macrame baskets. Standing on tip toe with her lightly trimmed bush appear between the wooden railings. A whistle, heads turning, thumbs turned up, loud comments of appreciation, others not worth mentioning.

    Aha, she thought. So before the next Saturday she bought a set of easily escapable cuffs
    and wore only that out onto her balcony. She cut a four inch wide section of duct tape and placed it over her mouth. Then reached up to the bar, giving the illusion from the street that she was now experiencing bondage.

    Lots of whistles, lots of thumbs up, lots of well intentions, and many more unprintable comments. And then a car crash as one driver was momentarily distracted.

    She ran back inside. This was proof.

    Now she began a new addition to her lifestyle. She enjoyed how her breasts bounced when a flogger caressed her. The way her bottom smarted when shoes left their muddy imprints. The way her nipples extended with strings and weights. The way she lay around in stylistic expressions of desire, and the men staying the night if only to watch her crawl to the kitchen to make breakfast for them.

    Then one day she stumbled onto a site that showcased like minded people, ladies stretched as far as they could, interesting items placed on and inside, the numerous shades of color breasts could take when so lovingly and strictly wrapped. Oh, she had to show herself off and so set up an account and posed for her first bondage session out there on the balcony, including the bent over cavity search each of the cops from the four squad cars provided her.

    She was so happy. She ran to her computer, and plugged the photos onto her page.

    And just as she hit enter...

    she disappeared forever, due to prudish opinions by people who did not like better looking people to have any fun at all.
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    I love your sense of humor! This was a fun read, thank you! :LOL:
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    Short but very sweet! Another great read!
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