The Love Burglar

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    A Story of "The Love Burglar" featuring Berseh and Tawny

    Written by [AtomicWick][​IMG]

    Episode 1: Feathering the Nest

    My name is Tawny, and I am no ordinary thief. I get by like many other of my ilk, stealing what I can where I can when I can. I fence jewelry and other rare and valuable items, but those sparkly bits and baubles are the last things I purloin. Whenever I choose a victim, the very first thing I steal is love.

    To be a burglar takes a lot of skill, which I have. If I could not pick your pocket or bypass your security system, I would not last long in this profession. However, artisans of the craft crave some quality of which to distinguish themselves. I choose love and I'm quite well-suited to get it.

    I'm blonde, which seems to be a desirable quality in mysterious women. I'm also athletic, as this job requires peak physical prowess. But I also have dangerous curves, along with a healthy bustline. And if I do say so myself, I look hot in tight black leather.

    Well, that's what my victims tell me. Who am I to argue?

    Of course I choose marks that I can handle physically. All the easier to tie them up. And since, by that point, I know they're into me, it's not difficult to charm them into letting me keep what I want. Even if it's them.

    Case in point.

    One night, I was scaling down the side of a high-rise. I'd heard tell of a loaded apartment that would put me in fine living for quite a while. My reflection was only half visible because of my black attire. My long hair flailed in the breeze like tall grain on a vast hillside. The full moon glinted off my hips as if bouncing off an arced blade.

    When I got to the right level, I attached a frame with a motorized diamond tip. Soon I laid a perfect circle of glass aside and I slipped into the apartment. I replaced it, held in stasis by suction cup attachments, so the breeze would not disturb anything.

    Though the lights were out, I could tell the residence was plush and very posh. There would likely be many items I could purloin. And I do love purloining so very much.

    Just as I was getting my bearings, the lights flashed on.

    "Oh my!" said a lovely voice. "You are here!"

    I twirled to see a lovely, pale brunette in the nude. She looked a tad familiar, but I had to act fast. I drew a chloro-sponge from my pack, closed the distance between us, and clamped it over her nose and mouth. She wilted like a gentle flower bowing in the rain.

    I couldn't let her beauty stall me. So I bound her wrists behind her and tied her ankles together. And to preclude any feistiness, I put her into a hogtie. I gagged her with several strips of tape and laid her on the coffee table. Then I looked around to see what I could purloin.

    To the bedroom!

    There were many wonderful items on the dresser, the nightstand, and in the bureau. I also found her wallet, took the money, and read her driver's license. That's when I heard her stirring.

    Since she was naked, I thought it was only polite to reciprocate. So I stripped off my burgling clothes and gear. I sat on the couch, facing her as she opened her eyes.

    "Hello," I said. "As you may have surmised, I am here to rob you."


    "Yes, you are hogtied quite securely. But you should be used to that. I learned who you are. You are berseh, the world famous bondage model."


    "What a lucrative career you have. Being a stunt double for actresses who do not wish to be tied up for their roles. And modeling as the bound and gagged captive for many monster, sci-fi, and detective magazines."

    "Mmm! Mm-mm!"

    "You wish to speak?"


    "Very well. Although I do like the appearance of you gagged very much. And I love the sweet kitten sounds you make. But beware I can always apply another gag later."

    I peeled the tape off slowly, because I did not want to hurt this beauty. And her lips stretched so prettily as they came free.

    "Oh thank you," said berseh. "I've been hoping you'd come."

    "What do you mean?" I said.

    "I've heard about you. About how you don't just steal things, you steal hearts. So I put the word out that my place was ripe for picking."

    "Is this a trap? I swear if there are police coming, I will take you away and you will not like your next bondage!"

    "Oh no, nothing like that."

    "Then what?"

    "I heard how you almost got caught a couple of times. I don't want that because I have dreamed of being tied by you. If you are caught, you can no longer keep rich people on their toes. So here is the deal: You get to use my penthouse as a home base. And I get to be tied by you whenever I am not out on a modeling job."

    "You want me to keep you tied up while I rob other people? This sounds like a strange deal to me."

    "Like I said, I hear the stories of how you steal hearts. It is in the hearing that you have stolen mine. Plus, in my job, I am tied for long periods. I am used to it. And I need to keep in practice. I can't think of anyone I would rather keep me."

    "You are kinky. I like that."

    "So what is your answer, Miss Love Burglar? Will you stay and be my queen? And I forever your concubine?"

    This would not require much hard thinking. berseh was quite beautiful and perfectly willing to be my bondage trinket, the very best kind of jewelry. She was also right in that my previous couple of escapades were close calls. And because of that, my jobs were getting riskier. I hesitated to accept some if I did not have a safe retreat.

    And now this berseh, this beautiful swan in ropes, wants to become the feathers for my nest. I picked her up from the coffee table and laid her on the couch. Then I lay next to her. There was a warmth emanating from her paleness that enticed me. I put my breast to her mouth and she knew exactly what to do.

    I decided to accept berseh's offer. So I replaced the tape over her mouth, and I placed several strips over my own. Sort of to seal the deal with sealed lips. We gag-kissed for hours.

    So to all you police and rich targets out there. It will not be so simple anymore to pursue me. I have a home base. I have a beautiful woman's resources and more. Hide your pretty things from me if you think it will make a difference. I will not come solely for those. I will come for your love.

    And I will keep it with me forever.

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    Blog Posts:
    A Story of "The Love Burglar" featuring Berseh and Tawny

    Written by [AtomicWick][​IMG]

    Episode 2: Once a Month


    He begged me not to leave him.

    "Please, my goddess! Don't leave me!"

    Yeah, he's one of those. Every now and then I rob someone who is way too into it. And they regard me as a deity from some kind of Olympian paradise. They don't know what paradise is. But if any mere mortal had even the slightest concept, it might be Dr. Thaddeus Brooch.

    Thaddy, as he likes to be called, is a Greco-phile. He colors his life with legends of the gods. Especially the goddesses. Apparently I'm his Aphrodite. To me, he's the portly bald man strapped naked to a chair. He's heaving in anticipation, but will receive no release. That's not what I do.

    I don't give love. I steal it.

    Except in one case, but that will come later.

    "These five Rolex watches are all you have?" I said.

    "Oh yes, my goddess. I'm an early collector, you see. I can get more, if only you'll come back."

    Oh brother.

    "Don't lie to me, Thaddy. It endangers my trust."

    "But that's all I have!"

    "And your wife? What does she have?"

    "No, you can't."

    "Ah, so she does. You will tell me."


    I strutted towards him, like Marilyn Monroe in slow motion. I straddles his lap and unzipped my catsuit down to my belly button. Glory be to the wonders of double-sided tape.

    "Are you sure?" I said.

    "Oh Lord . . . oh, dammit! All right! Third drawer down to the left on my wife's bureau. The key to it is in an empty perfume bottle. The one with a heart-shaped cap."

    Bedrooms always have the best stuff.

    I found a dozen gold necklaces with various pendants of emerald, diamond, and ruby. Thaddy's wife would be very upset.

    "Please," said Thaddy. "My wife will be very upset."

    "Not my concern, Thaddy," I said. "These will feather my nest quite nicely."

    "Oooo! You! You're such a scoundrel! I want you more than ever!"

    "The straps attaching each wrist to the opposing ankle say differently. As do the ones criss-crossing your torso and thighs."

    "What are you going to do to me, my little night minx?"


    "Dear Thaddy, I have already done it. I am taking my leave."

    I laid a ballgag on his lap. When his wife got home, she would know what to do with it.

    I donned one of Mrs. Brooch's long coats and a rakish hat. The watches and necklaces were secure in my hip holster. I simply walked out of the apartment, rode the elevator down, and strolled through the lobby. Any who saw me, even if they recognized the coat, likely assumed I was a mistress or some sort of night masseuse.

    All these baubles will find a new home, but the part of Dr. Thaddeus Brooch I will keep forever? Those last words as I shut the door: "Ye gods, what a woman!"

    * * * * *

    I hurried home to be with my berseh. Tonight was a special time of the month for us. An agreement we reached that benefited and satisfied both of us. As I divested myself of my take and my working togs, I found her on the couch. She was watching Key Largo on the TV.

    "A wonderful classic movie," I said. I plopped next to her, our naked bodies already giving warmth to each other.

    "You know, Tawny," said berseh, "the fat guy in the bathtub looks kinda like your target tonight."

    "He does. Except my target didn't smoke. And he was weaker than a bowl of pudding."

    "He held out on you?"

    "For a moment or two."

    "What did you do?"

    "Nothing beyond my expert teasing, my swan."

    "Good. I want to be the only one you more than tease. Speaking of which, this is the first night of our agreement."

    "How could I forget? I'm looking forward to it."

    "I'll get the chains."

    Our agreement.

    Once a month, I would be hers to bind and gag as she pleases. It took a bit of negotiating. I was unwilling to give up any control at first. But I began to think differently. It was my choice to give up control, however briefly. So perhaps that is also a kind of control.

    berseh didn't want to be in control a lot. She reasoned it was necessary to know bondage from both sides. Though she preferred one side over the other, she had a good point. And she said she would not rush me into it. She would wait until I was comfortable in my own mind with it.

    Finally, after three weeks (I was a hard sell), I relented. I made it clear it wasn't an issue of trust. Just that it can be difficult to give up something precious. But as our closeness evolved, so did my perceptions of surrender and control.

    I was so excited I could not stretch the tingles in my body away. It was difficult to stay still as she shackled my wrists behind me. Then she shackled my ankles. Padded shackles, of course. Then she wrapped chains around my thighs and torso, and locked them in place. Snug, but not constrictive. A difficult balance to achieve when binding with metal. But it felt fine so far.

    "Is this all of it?" I said.

    "Almost," she said. "I want to try a gag I saw online."

    I'm sure my face has a quirk of worry on it.

    "Oh don't worry," said berseh. "It's not complicated."

    "If you say s-mmmf!"

    She placed a ball in my mouth, then overlaid it with strips of clear tape. That was it. Secure and filling. My swan laid me on the couch. Then she draped herself along my body, embracing me, her face cheek to cheek with mine.

    berseh picked up the remote and turned the TV on again. Casablanca was on, and we laid that way through the whole movie. Her caresses became a bit aggressive during the singing of La Marseilles, but we enjoyed the movie. And it was once a month.

    It's not easy giving up control. But it helps to give it to somebody you trust. Though we'd only been together a short while, I trusted her. I also trusted that once I was freed, our roles would reverse.

    After the movie, berseh unlocked the chains pinning my arms and legs, but not the shackles. The marks weren't deep, but she massaged them away. She was on top of me, kissing my gag passionately, giving herself to the moment. Which is why she was shocked when I pulled her arms behind her and bound her wrists with my shackles.

    "How did you get free?" she said.

    I removed my gag and said "I would not be much of a burglar if I could not escape. I have been captured many times, but never caught."

    "Damn, I was hoping this would last all night."

    "It's after midnight," I said, shackling her ankles, "so technically it did."

    "Just you wait till next ti-mmmf!"

    I pressed the clear tape firmly and then kissed her. The warmth from her lips was a solemn promise to the morning.

    As she laid behind me, I spilled the contents of my pack on the coffee table. The Rolexes I laid side by side. And I gently untangled the necklaces. 24K gold deserves a gentle effort.

    "I wonder which necklace would look wonderful on you," I said.


    "The braided chain?"


    "The little bell charm?"


    "The emerald."


    "You can only wear it here, I'm afraid. But the rest will fund my enterprise quite nicely."

    I placed the necklace around the neck of my beautiful swan. The emerald pendant glittered on her chest like sweat from Aphrodite's passion.

    "All that remains," I said, "is taking this haul to my fence."

    I looked back to my shackled bird. Her eyes were liquid, yet still. Ponds unwilling to ripple until I dove into them.

    "But I suppose that can wait till later."

    I dove in, and we swam until dawn.

    THE END . . . for this episode!

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