The Last Romance

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    These cold mornings means two things. Getting up at odd hours for various reasons and then climbing back into bed to snuggle up to her once more. Kissing a nipple while her other one is firmly gripped in the web of two of my fingers. I know she feigns sleep at these moments by the way she shifts her body for other nocturnal activity.

    I lie there dreaming about all the times I've seen her nips wearing clothespins or clamps or twine ties leading off to her toes or heavy weights. She's done harsher with others so all those bedroom/dungeon/camping scenes I've written are but amusements to her.

    But there was that first night at a book conference dinner when she wore a shawl over her see thru top to hide the chain pulling her nips closer together. Because she read a similar scene in one of my protege's stories.

    She likes the way I tease her in print, calling her a vixen and giving her a fox tail to use in various ways.

    But the best is those moments when she runs her fingers up my back and neck while looking over my shoulder at what I'm writing. Poking me in the ear or slapping my face with a breast when I write something she thinks I could do better and should change the subject and genre.

    (Whap) Hey, I haven't said a word about being henpecked....

    (Whack) I know it's getting cold outside....

    (Double WHACK) Must end now...

    (Swish) Oh, before I retire tonight, do that thing with the tail again.........
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    Humorous and sweet. I love it. ♥