The Encounter

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    ------There was a gentle breeze that flitted through the air, gently caressing the leaves of the brush and branches in the forest. Evening sunlight filtered in through breaks in the canopy, creating specular lighting which bounced off the small puddles from the earlier rain of the day. There was a freshness to the air that only a good storm could leave behind. As much as one might expect life to be sounding in such a place, there were no birds chirping, no buzzing bugs. The forest was eerily devoid of animal sounds, as though the whole forest was withdrawn. The quiet made the sound of arrows whizzing behind him all the more surreal, the thudding noises they made as they hit everything in their path almost deafening against his ears as they pierced the silence.
    ------He weaved in and out the trees and the bushes skillfully despite his pursuers, cursing himself for not taking the time to learn the area better in his short time there. He was lost, but he knew those chasing him likely had a very good idea about just where they were. With the waning light of the evening, he hoped he could shake them, but he didn't hold his breath as he moved swiftly through the forest. It was a shame he'd have to see everything darting by so quickly, since on a regular day he would have probably quite enjoyed the beauty of this forest which was supposedly off limits to almost everyone in the continent. Just one more thing he could curse himself for -- coming in here at all when he knew it was illegal.
    ------More arrows launched, landing closer this time. The trees were beginning to grow more dense and it grew harder for him to move as quickly. He turned left towards a bit of a clearing, then continued going until the trees were so closely spaced together among the brush that he had to slow to a jog to untangle himself from the branches and vines that clutched at him. Arrows thudded again, but they sounded a lot more distance this time. He didn't let this slow him down, though!
    ------He ran like this for several long minutes, unaware of how much time was elapsing as darkness closed around him. Occasionally he heard shouts, his chasers trying to communicate to find him, but he knew they'd long since lost his trail. Exhaustion began to catch up to him though, so he slowed his pace a bit. He kept going until darkness swallowed him and his thoughts, and he could no longer hear the shouting of men. The forest remained quiet as he came to almost a crawling pace, now taking care to make as little noise as possible as he struggled to move through the dense foliage.
    ------The dark was making it incredibly hard for him to progress, so after a heaved sigh he rustled around in his pocket before pulling out a small rock that had a gentle glow. Using this light to assist him, he made his way forward until he came to a break in the trees. He pushed his arm out in front of him to stream the light out into his surroundings and gasped; had he moved even two or three steps more, he would have taken a deep plunge into a steep valley below. Staring down into the darkness bewildered, he took a moment to breathe in deeply and move strands of hair out of his face before taking a step backwards. He swung the light forward once more then stopped fast, for in front of him and between two trees he'd only passed through minutes before stood a hooded figure, their arrow notched on their bow and aimed right at him.
    ------"Shit," He breathed out the curse under his breath, teeth gritting. The archer let the arrow fly loose. It would have lodged into his heart if he hadn't taken a quick step to the side. Instead, it slammed with incredible force into the nerves of his shoulder, causing him to reel backwards and lose his footing. His hand lost hold of the glowing pebble, and the last thing he saw in the dying light was the ghostly face of his attacker as he peered over the ridge, a wicked grin on his face.
    ------There was no time to think. Airborne, he growled as he fell, hand moving to the arrow embedded deeply in his shoulder. He bit back a yelp as he broke the shaft as close to the skin as possible. He wasn't sure how far he would fall, but if he had any chance at survival, he didn't want his landing to worsen the injury anymore than it had to. He then loosened his body and closed his eyes, hands moving to protect his head from any impacts.
    ------In seconds, the canopy below broke his fall and he tumbled and twisted through a few branches, the sound of snapping twigs and his body crunching all too loud in his ears before he landed with a crunch against something much softer than he had anticipated. The impact had left him winded, and as he gasped for breath he was vaguely aware of something strange flashing into his eyesight. Was that... something pink..? Reality twisted around him and he lost his train of thought, as well as his consciousness.

    ------The soft sound of chirping filled his throbbing ears, rousing him. His body ached all over, but as he regained himself he had difficulty recalling exactly what had happened. Wincing, he stayed where he was for a few moments, eyes still closed, to gather his thoughts.... He'd been chased, had been shot, and then had fallen down into a forest valley. He grimaced as he recalled the resounding crunching he'd heard from his body hitting and breaking branches and then landing on the ground. Wait.. ground? He seemed to remember what he'd landed on had been softer than the soil he'd seen in the forest previously. Perhaps he owed this to the fact that he didn't seem as injured as he should have been? There was a dull ache in his right leg, and his rib cage and shoulder ached so bad he was having difficulty breathing, but it didn't feel as bad as other injuries he'd sustained. At the very least, he didn't think he'd broken his leg.
    ------Not having the energy to move himself, he simply opened his eyes and let the morning light filter into his sight. His vision swam as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing, and he grimaced again, letting his eyes fall shut again. He felt something soft caress over his cheek and winced as it scraped over a bruise.
    ------"Shhh... you're awake already?" The voice startled him. He would have jumped if his body didn't feel so heavy. Instead, he opened his eyes once more and attempted again to make out what his swimming vision was trying to show him. It took a few moments for his sight to clear enough for him to see that there was a boy, probably not much younger than himself, peering down at him. His features were delicate, far more so than he'd seen on anyone else, and his complexion was fair. But the most intriguing and different thing about this person hovering above him was his stark, long pink hair. It cascaded down his shoulders, catching the sunlight that speckled his thin frame. He suddenly became aware that the thing that had brushed his face earlier was likely this boy's hand, as his head rested in the others lap.
    ------"Relax, you're going to be ok. I think. But I wouldn't move yet. I think you fell from a really far distance, but i'm not sure how." The voice chimed softly, a pleasant tenor voice that made him wonder if the boy was younger than he looked. But he didn't have much time to think about it; he felt his consciousness begin to slip again. His eyelids grew heavier and it wasn't long before he passed out once more, forfeiting himself to this stranger for better or for worse.
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    I love this. It gave me chills when I read it. I'm not sure if it's because of the story content or just because it's cold as hell in my room...

    But in all seriousness, this is great! I really hope you work more with this. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for what happens next. Is this something to do with Aubrey, or is it another character... or is it a secret? :meow:

    I want to know!!
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    This is something of a beginning to a story ive been throwing around in my head since middle school. Ive rewritten the beginning like a gazillion times lol. I hope to add more to it later but honestly even tho its been in my head since then i still have a lot of plot holes and i dunno how the story will end or what happens along the way. Juat vague ideas xD
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