TARA and the MAN - Part I - Preview

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    Dear faithful fans and friends,

    recently I released my first commercial project on Renderotica together with Commander James Bondage at Renderotica. I am so free and would like to give you a little sample here.

    If you are interested in this story, you will find it here:

    [Tawny's little book-store]

    Your Tawny

    To get the original novel by Commander James Bondage from which this graphic novel is adapted, just visit:

    Tara and the Man is also available as a free audio book (with new membership) from Audible Books, with narration by Todd Daniels.

    ABOUT: Commander James Bondage:

    Commander James Bondage is the pen-name of a retired criminal defense attorney with a Master's Degree in European History. This is probably accounts for his historical novels set in medieval Europe, such as To Train a Queen and Trapped Princess. His legal experiences form the basis for many of the details in the "By Judicial Decree" stories, and his background in military history was the source for much of the content of the "Cadet" books.
    The remainder of the of the Commander's output can only be excused by his early childhood, which was spent locked up in a Skinner box watching black-and-white bondage movies and reading the collected works of the Marquis de Sade.

    See all 27 of the Commander James Bondage titles available from Amazon Kindle by visiting:

    To contact Commander James Bondage directly, just e-mail:
    [email protected].
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