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    There appears to be no way to sort the pictures in my albums, and make it stick. In many cases, I want them to display in the order that I posted them. The sort option that does that is called "Default Order" (really should be called "Oldest to Newest"), and that appears to work, but when I come back to the gallery, it is often back to being unsorted.

    Rather than relying on the visitors to sort the album for themselves, it would be good if the people publishing the album could sort them to the way they want them presented. There could be options like "newest first," "oldest first," "most viewed first," and so on, but then we could refine the sorting specifically by dragging the pictures around.

    The same would be good for the albums within our gallery. It would be nice if when someone visits my gallery, I could set the way the albums are laid out on the page.
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    Is there any way I can help to add this feature?
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    In theory it's possible, at least sorting by last upload date or name would be easy to implement. The system even has a "position" tag included as well, which you could use for custom sorting. It would require to make a seperate page for the user to sort/edit that position tag though.
    I've talked with Punkae about this already, however she seems to have vanished a bit currently again.