Smutty art/writing Origins Stories?

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Was your launch into posting erotic art/writing a breeze?

  1. Oh yeah, nbd

  2. Sadly, no

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  3. I still have not recovered, pray for me.

  1. Screwdriver Member

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    I am procrastinating transferring my whole body of work here, so tell me your smutty origin stories

    I was in my early twenties and the first finished smutty drawing I ever did (you know inked & colored, that wasn't just a sketch that was crumpled and hidden or DESTROYED, ha ha) was a gift for a web comic artist I used to get to watch stream all the time. She was very open to getting dirty fan art ( I think she still reblogs it on her tumblr and stuff? It's pretty sweet.)

    Anyway I emailed it to her (cause I wasn't brave enough to post yet) and she accidentally opened it on stream. (YIKES! and thats why you always tag NSFW, learn from my mistakes okay y'all?)

    Anyway, after feeling EMBARRASSED and apologizing for not labeling it so she would know not to opened it on a stream where she could get in trouble, I just got myself a new nom de plume and then GOT A BETTER ONE cause the first one was too easy to figure out. And boy, is my family NOSY.

    So how did you guys start?
    I know mine turned out just fine and everyone was chill but I hope you all
  2. Shelly Spencer Fairy Nuff [________]

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    Well.... for me I have had fantasies and such for more years than I can admit openly, but I have not really been that creative about them until comparatively recently. I did do some captioning of a few photos that inspired me, but not much more than that until about 3 years ago. I started to do screen captures in Second Life, and then putting a story to them, and then I found Daz/Poser a few months later..... from their I was finally able to express myself in ways I never was before.