Selene and Niel (Cheating, Consensual)

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    I made this story for Flesh-Amare, who needed a description piece for one of her least works.

    Niel roughly pushed Selene down on the bed, pressing her soft skin against the smooth velvet sheets as he undid his belt. She did not complain, she liked it that way. As he undid his pants, so did Selene undo hers. They would need to hurry, Selene didn’t know how long they had until her husband returned and she wanted to make the most of the time they had. Free of their clothes, Niel climbed ontop of her, his dick already hard and eager. Smiling, he stroked its head against her soft, wet folds as he teasingly looked into her eyes.

    “Stop teasing and fuck me, Niel! Fuck me hard! I can’t wait any longer so just put it in!” Selene commanded. Niel needed no further prompting. Using one hand to hold Selene up, and his other for support, he pushed into her, hilting himself in her with a single thrust. Selene gasped as she felt his hard shaft press into her, its girth momentarily stealing her breath as Niel began to move. He quickly fell into a series of powerful thrusts, each one causing Selene to moan louder and louder as the sound of flesh meeting flesh filled the air.

    Selene felt her head get steadily pushed up against the bed’s soft pillows as Niel speed up, pounding her harder and harder with every thrust of his eager dick. He was bareback, as always. Selene prefered it that way, the risk only adding to the taboo of the act. Niel gasped as his cock began to pulse, his first orgasm of the night swiftly approaching. Not wanting him to pull out, Selene locked her legs around his waist as she tightened herself around his shaft, hastening his release. Grabbing her hips with both hands, Niel pushed on, moving slower yet harder, rougher. With one final heavy thrust, Niel let out a deep groan and climaxed, spilling his seed into Selene who moaned loudly as she felt his warmth spread inside her, filling her. The night was not over though, for as soon as her legs loosened their grip on Niel he flipped her over, placing her on all four. He’s dick was still hard and ready to go again. Selene did not complain. As they continued fucking, the proof of their act began to trickle out of her, running down her thighs it then dripped onto the sheets, staining them white.