[RSFW] Amber Turns Herself In

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    "R" for Relatively. Contains mention of BDSM themes, but nothing on stage.

    Amber has a crime to confess...
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    Amber looked round the open bullpen of the police station. No one seemed to recognise her, which was a little insulting, though she supposed the news wouldn't have painted her as much of a threat. But now an officer was alooking up from his desk, asking whether she needed help. Now or never, she supposed. Heart fluttering, she took a deep breath and screamed.


    Rick was finishing up the last of his paperwork when the pretty redheaded girl stopped close to his desk. At first, aside from a small stirring of lust, he'd dismissed her; but she didn't go anywhere, so he eventually he looked up and asked if she needed anything.
    She responded by screaming, "You'll never take me alive! I'll kill all of you cops!"

    Immediately, all the officers had their guns out, surrounding the girl, ordering her to get her hands up, get on her knees, stay still. As she complied, Rick thanked his lucky stars that he was the closest to her, and would get to be the one to cuff her.


    Amber's heart beat faster as she took in the number of guns pointed at her. She was committed now. Nothing she could do; they would take her, and she'd be powerless to prevent it. The officer who'd spoken to her approached carefully, taking her wrist and putting her arm behind her; she resisted a little, just to make him force her. He claimed her other arm as well and secured her wrists in steel cuffs. Amber tested them, but he'd fastened them tightly; there was no escape for her.

    The officer patted her down; all she had in her pockets was the envelope, though he took the chance to feel up her breasts and thighs, even brushing her crotch. If he noticed her shiver in reaction to his hands on her body, he gave no sign. When he was done, he hauled her to her feet, and marched her into an interrogation room, pushing into a chair and recuffing her arms in front of her before chaining them to a ring on the table.


    Rick sat across the table from the girl. Next to him was Glenn, an officer after his own heart. The girl had refused a lawyer, saying only that she needed to make a confession. Rick started the tape; "You said you had a confession, but please begin by-
    Glenn broke in saying, "Please begin by telling us what the hell you were thinking threatening a whole police station when you didn't even have a weapon."
    "I wasn't sure you would cuff me if I just came in," she replied. She looked back at Rick; "You were about to ask my name, right? Amber."
    Her accent was as pretty as her face, Rick thought. "So what do you want to confess?" he asked.
    "I broke out of Grey River Prison two days ago."

    Amber smirked slightly as the two officers processed what she'd said. "So..." said one of them. "You break out of a medium security prison, then turn yourself in two days later? That's convenient for us, but why?"
    Amber shrugged. "I didn't like it there. It wasn't a very good prison."
    "How... so?"
    She shrugged again. "I got out. I was hoping you might put me in a better one."

    "How did you escape?" Rick asked her.
    "It's all in that envelope you took off me," she answered. "I think I remembered everything."
    "And in return you want us to put you in a better prison?"
    "More secure, so I couldn't get out. Keep me in chains maybe, so I couldn't move much."
    "We don't have a lot of prisons that do that," Glenn put in.
    "Or, I don't know, use me... so I'd be too scared to try."
    "Use you?" Rick felt himself growing erect at the thought of using her, but couldn't help adding, "Our prisons aren't really supposed to do that either."

    Amber sat as far back as her restraints would allow. "So you can't help me?"
    "We can certainly help put you back in prison," one of the officers said, "but I can't guarantee anything like that."
    "You might be better off here," the other one said.
    "What do you mean?" Amber asked.
    "We do have cells here. Prisons have paper trails... but if we lose your paperwork, no one will know you're here. You didn't tell anyone you were coming here?"
    "And no one looking for an escaped prisoner would try here."

    Rick watched as the girl frowned. "That could work, maybe."
    "I know the right duty sergeant to pay off," he said. "Once you're in the cell, you'd only be the business of whoever comes to get you. If no one ever does, we can keep you there forever. Shackled so you can't get out. No one'd look in on you till we're on shift, and then you'd be ours. And if you give us any trouble, we can throw you in with some of the rougher male prisoners; or just punish you ourselves."

    Amber looked between the two officers. Could it work like they said? Lose herself in the cracks where they could take her and keep her and chain her and use her; where no one would notice her or save her? Amber smiled broadly; "Sounds ideal," she said.
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    Intriguing scenario!