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    Yes, a promotions month can start halfway through!

    I'm now finished my Masters course, have had a mad party week or two to celebrate and blow the last of my money, and am now back to having endless time, no money, and a long overdue need to do art.

    So, starting next Monday (17th Sept) I'm going to have a month of promotions which will hopefully fill up my time, get me some much needed rent money, and be able to create as much art as possible for our brilliant and kinky corner of the community [​IMG]

    The promotion will be 15% off total prices. This discount will stack with my Patreon discount, giving second tier Patrons a huge 30% discount for this month!

    A couple of days during this month (which will be decided closer to the time), I will be running same-day single character sketch commissions. These will be a flat £10/sketch (and the above discount and Patreon discounts will still apply!) and will be done within a fixed 1 hour time. I will stream during this, and will continue to stream as long as I keep getting sketch commissions in [​IMG]

    So keep an eye out, starting next week I will be around on my Discord server regularly and posting updates regarding this there as well as on Deviant Art! ^^

    DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/pixeljail
    Patreon: patreon.com/pixeljail
    Discord Invite: discord.gg/jyCR9ws
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