Nipples That Can Cut Glass: The Conclusion

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    She stood in the bathroom, unable to get a good position to use her nipple glass cutters to cut the small mirror above the sink. Even then, her hands were still tangled in her hair by the almost full roll of tape the manager had used to secure and gag her. Otherwise she was still naked, a bit dirty, but nothing a quick shower wouldn't fix.

    She heard the front door open, and then a good looking cop wearing an old style trench coat and fedora looked in at her. He smiled at what he saw.

    "The manager came around to my way of thinking and gave me the pass key." He came over and massaged her breasts, noting the hardiness of the nipples. Then opened the sink drawer and found small scissors and began cutting thru the tape as he moved her into the front room.

    "I've got several bodies in a mansion across town. An car stolen and driven from nearby there and over here. And a wino came around to my way of thinking and gave me this thumb drive. And I took this from the crime scene."

    She looked down at the leather/rubber dual vibrating panty she'd worn for several uncomfortable hours.

    "I have a feeling that if I take some of your hair I'll have enough DNA to match the slick coating on this panty and thumb drive. And your manager has some very interesting spy camera videos of you, not just naked, but practicing your unique skill, glass cutting. My way of thinking is..." yanking on some tape that pulled out a few hairs. "'re the cat burglar that has more than a dozen thefts to her name."

    With her hands free and not too many hairs lost she walked around the table with that horrid device's dual inserts seemingly aimed at her no matter where she stood.

    "You got the remote for it?" She asked wondering if his hand in his coat pocket was fingering his gun or himself.

    Neither as he pulled the remote out and punched a button. The rear insert began a vigorous shake. Her body reacted as if she was still wearing the panty.

    Then she calmed down. "I've got enough money for a damn good lawyer."

    "He better not be connected to any politician or you won't have a chance at getting off.
    Unless you put that on and get off in a much different manner."

    For a long long moment they stared at each other. She at his face, not bad for a cop. He at, well, everything she had.

    She sighed. Then slowly pulled the panty on, drawing it very slowly with a leg up on the table to give him a better view of it disappearing. Then walked around the table to him and took him by his old school tie, the other hand holding the broken belt together. Breathing hard onto his face.

    "What kind of a deal will you give me?"

    He felt the firm, warm breasts on his chest, even through the trench coat. "You work for me now. I'll give you names and addresses and times. We split, 60-40."

    Her nose nuzzled his. "50-50".

    His thumb pressed turbo at the same time as he pushed her onto the table top.
    As she bit her lips to fight off the scream, her hands dug at pulling the device off.

    Then he stepped in to take its place.

    He'd have to have the belt mended to keep it on her when she was working. And keep glass objects away from her nips at all times. Otherwise they robbed happily ever after.
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    I wrote this early this morning to get it finished and under my superimposed deadline. It's the fifth version, the others more complicated and without a suitable ending.