Nipples Than Can Cut Glass, Part Five

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    Rest and Wrestled.

    In our last episode our valiant, naked thief with the amazing nipples has escaped the hideous 'rock and roll panties' and made it to her own apartment.

    There she has taken a long warm bath, almost falling asleep, but also noticing that another small tile had fallen off the wall. She smiled and waved at either the maintenance guy or his tiny camera filming her. She ran a hand over a breast, lifting it out of the water and flinging bubbles onto the empty tile spot.

    In the apartment where she had spent several hours lurching and bouncing and having jolly good orgasms, another police inspector, this one living, looked at his departed comrade and the carnage all over the room. Then knelt down to run his pencil around a rubber panty with extraordinary attachments. "There was someone else here."

    She fixed herself a nice dinner, remembering to replace the Cheez-Wiz can in front of another hidden camera. Checked her bedroom and bed for any more new items and then lay her naked body down on the silk sheets, snuggle a pillow up against her sore and worn out labia, sighed, and began to sleep.

    After a suitable time, the maintenance man waddled his overflowing belt body out of the back service elevator over to a hidden panel in the hallway. Carefully closing it behind him and turning on the eight video recorder monitors. He ran back tapes for the last half hour and sighed as he put on his bifocals to watch almost every move of her body. He leaned in close to one of the monitors that spied on her bed as she raised her arms up over her head in her sleep. "Oh, you've lost weight, and all those bruises. My dear, I shall have to comfort you."

    She opened an eye. A sudden change in the air current on her hip. Then a shadow. He was quite stealthy for a fat man. She lifted her head just as he closed the iron pipe connector onto her folded arms, quickly wrenching it tight with his trusty ten pound monkey wrench. She cursed as he sat on her back, wrenching away at the pipe until her forearms were crushed together, and her upper arms squeezed against her ears.

    She tried to buck him off but his weight was right at the small of her back. She listened to his foul mouthed intentions of entertaining her while he ran one hand thru her hair, and the other over her ass cheeks. He paused to answer the cellphone in his shirt pocket. She screamed for help. He flipped his phone closed. "Should have waited until I hit the answer caller button. It's the old fart who lives in 3b, he can wait. As for you, I've got something you will really enjoy, but first, this.

    He yanked her head and joined arms up just enough to smack her mouth with the leading end of a wide, children's cartoon characters roll of tape. She moaned her disapproval as he used the entire roll to wrap her head and nearby arms until only her eyes and nose peered out from a narrow slit.

    She lay under him waiting for the something she was sure she wasn't going to enjoy. He then began a rather nice massage of her shoulders and along the visible bulge of her breasts on the bed, eliciting a pleasant whimper from her.

    Then he turned and spread her ass cheeks. She again tried to buck him off. She screamed uselessly in to the tape as he began to grease her.

    Of all the tortures she'd been put thru in the past days, she wasn't about to suffer this one without a fight. Her fingers dug into the sheets as she rocked sideways. Suddenly he dropped the pipe spreader and it squirted out of the far too well greased entrance. He bent to pick it up and that's when she made her move. He fell to the floor on his back and she was up, and off the bed, and spreading her legs against his overall covered thighs and squeezing them.

    His glasses were askew, just one lens covering an eye. His hands were trying to push her off him, when they should have been clutching her swaying breasts, moving closer over his face. He watched one rigid nipple move down onto the lens and deftly cut out the center bifocal.

    Now it was his turn to buck and she landed back on the bed. He stood up, and although her spread legs led to the heaven he had always dreamt of, he simply wagged a finger at her. "You're some sort of a witch."

    He turned and ran to the front door, opening and stepping out and almost knocking over a police inspector.

    "Just the man I've been looking for." Putting his hand around the maintenance man. "There's been a terrible murder across town, several actually, and I found a recent oil spill in the alley nearby and followed it to just around the corner. I wonder if you would take a look to see if maybe the car belongs to one of the people here in the building."

    The maintenance man nodded, swallowing hard, holding his glasses in one hand, grease dripping from the other."

    "Were you finished in that apartment?"

    "There, oh sure, you bet, just adjusting a fan. Let me lock the door."

    And the two went down the front elevator.

    And in the bedroom our valiant naked thief lay back delighted and frustrated. Time to move to another city she thought. But first, she had a problem. While her nipples could cut glass she needed something else to cut the damn tape off her head and arms. Oh, that tape would tear out hair most likely. That would hurt.

    Will she escape this horrid town of perverts? Will she meet a man she could love? And when the police have left the crime scene for the day, will she be able to sneak back in and finish the robbery?

    This and more thrilling moments in Episode Six. "Cleaning Up"
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    Hahahah! I love it! Another great episode!