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    I had a dream last night, first one that made sense in 4 years[ I knew that med was no good] anyway, here it is.....


    He picked up from her work. No time to change, they took his car, leaving hers in the back lot.

    They arrived at his “special place”, an out of the way building he stayed at.

    Arriving at an inside door, he said, “I have something for you”.

    Then opened the door, beckoning her in.

    Once inside, she found a short hallway, with a turn at the end. She moved down the hall,she looked back but he was gone, he closed the door behind her, leaving her alone, or so she thought.

    At the end of the hallway she turned to face a room, a room full of men, all naked from the waist down.

    She counted at least fifteen, and several grabbed her, and, despite her struggles, pulled her, screaming

    into the room. Hearing her screams, he locked the door, and went to finish his plans.

    She was overpowered and strapped to a stand bolted to the floor, that forced her to a kneeling position,

    just right for what was going to happen later..

    Strong hands ripped her vest and uniform shirt open, revealing her lacy black bra, which was destroyed, showing her beautiful breasts. A bit gag was forced into her mouth and cranked open.

    The rules were simple:

    1. Only one opening was available – her mouth – anything goes there.

    2. Her other openings were off limits.

    3. HAVE FUN!

    The men were all shapes and races, including several who were “well built” .

    They decided they would go one at a time, and choose lots, for who goes first....

    The first couple of men were average, and she had no problems, they just used her mouth, but the several were “well built”and one even brought a vibrator [against the rules],strapped it to a thigh,

    pointed the head at her “sweet spot” and switched it on. Soon waves of pleasure swept over her,

    but it was short lived, he was an expert at “deep throat” and he pushed his way down her throat,

    finally dumping his load down her throat, causing her to choke and gag.

    Meanwhile, he returned to the dark lot and drove away in her car, then dumped it at a chop shop,

    where it would be reduced to parts and pieces in hours.

    Returning, he found that all the men had “exhausted” themselves,and left, and a very used blond was alone now, still tightly cuffed to the stand.

    He rolled some machinery into the room and set it up, a double dildo machine and a machine that

    attached to the stand that would garrote her. He plugged them in, and turned them on.

    After a wile,she got sore[no lube] and began to scream. A horse scream witch only made him hotter

    the thrust from the converted reciprocating saw caused her boobs to bounce.

    Afterword, he tired of this “toy” and touched a switch...a bar swung over her head, made contact

    with her neck, and slowly crushed her windpipe, didn't stop until it broke her neck....

    Her body was disposed of by one of his buddy's...