Midnight laws.

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    Midnight laws.

    Chapter 1
    “A three, minus the one point for the burnt Sunday diner, that makes it snake eyes lover boy and cage time for you.” Karen grinned at her lover roll as her hand slid down the bed an on to Phil's manhood.
    “Not so fast, what do you get my little love cat?” Phil smiled as she stroked him gently.
    She rolled the dices, “5, inflatable dilo, you lucky girl” Phil grinned at the idea.
    “Double or nothing, let me roll again.” Karen demanded tightening her grip on his cock.
    “Why do you get to roll twice for toy’s?” Phil asked.
    “Because you're such a wild stud that i have to keep you locked up. - she planted a kiss on Phill's cheek with a grin-
    An you know i’m a greedy girl that likes to have her fill. Beside you have work today?” Karen giggled.
    “Don’t remind me, twelve hours of keeping the streets safe.
    Ok you roll, lets see what you get.
    A Double six’s.. well it's a free choice but remember it’s your turn on the shopping rota, so don’t get too tied up....”

    Lynda pour her first coffee of the night as Phil's car pulled up the the station.
    They got out, Phil in gym clothes and Karen wore her usual outfit, a pair of tight black leather trousers, with knee high black leather boots, a puffy white silk shirt and black leather waistcoat.
    Today she’d tied a purple cravat into a bow and oped for a studded leather belt with skull belt buckle.
    Her Knee high black leather boots with there 3 inch heels made her as tall as Phil when she forwards leaned into kiss him goodbye.

    Lynda hated to admit it but she was jealous, Karen always looked so damned good, in her tight leather, showing every curve and so much like a statue in those heels.
    She waved back at the them as Karen drove away.

    It was 7:30 PM as two lovers each picked up a pair of handcuffs, one for work, the other for pleasure.

    Karen smiled to herself, online shopping was so easy, groceries here at 10 tomorrow, that meant she had an evening to her self, just as planned.

    She slowly plated her brown curly hair that ran half way down her back.
    The latex stockings came first, the smooth rubber gliding around her toes, after them the matching elbow gloves, and then the piece de resistance, Karen wiggled her way into the catsuit, the neck entry made it harder to get on or off but it was *so* much sleeker…

    Sitting she laced up the thigh high boots and tightened there straps, locking all six of them in place with small padlocks.

    Then pulled on her corset, an under bust model with a trio of straps, she pulled them tight and locked them with more padlocks.

    She pulled her arse cheeks wide and slipped cold steel ball of anal hook home, into the rear latex sheath, letting the chain hang there from the cold steel ball.
    With cheeks clenched around the steel ball she bent over and reached for the dildo.
    Slowly she guided the ribbed silicon dildio into her self, wiggling as the ribs pasted her lips and aroused her one by one as it slid in side her.

    Next were the ankle cuffs, it was a struggle to bend over far enough for them with the dildo in side her and she had to stand for the next item, a steel spreader bar, one that she clipped to cuffs, forcing her legs out wide as she clinched the dildo.
    After that she could kneel, as she pulled the rubber hood into place, with it small rubber blindfold clipped into place over her eyes, she put on the gasmask, tightly so she started to breath the rubbery air from the twin re-breather bags.

    She fixed them there with a high leather posture collar, locked in place, she fingered it’s thick steel rings, and hoped her master was back to use them soon.
    Next it was the last step, the one she had to make blindfolded, it was tricky but she finally clipped the wrist cuffs together in place on the chain and let go of the key.

    Now she was encased, covered from head to toe in latex.
    The elastic string pulled the key into place, her way out ---when-- if she needed it, tonight she’d wait until Phill returned to find her, this was going to be too much fun to waste Karen thought.
    Then she slowly she lowered herself onto her knees and the large vibrator between her legs, the dildo gently rising home deeper inside, as anal hook was pulled tight by her hands, it almost perfect for a night alone and then vibrator slowly started to rubble…

    -------------------8:15 PM and a woman life is about to change forever.

    Officer Phil was bored, really bored, doing spot checks on vehicle condition was dull, it always was.
    And too day was extra dull somehow.

    “Calling patrol vehicle. I have a code 10-90, silent alarm activated at the First bank.”

    “Officer Phil responding…” he flick on the sirens and light and his foot hit the floor, finally some action.

    Phil rounded the corner with the engine roaring, to see that a man in ski mask was stood in the middle of the road and holding a rifle.
    He ducked instantly, as the bullets slammed in window of Phil’s car.
    He pulled and hand brake and drifted the car around.
    Crawling out in the shelter of the door , he reached for his duty sidearm, it was gone, somewhere.
    His backup .32 would have to do, as a could of buck shot ripped the seat apart he dart to the car truck.
    He just had time to grab the load rifle when the burning pain of the first round stuck him in the rear.
    Turning as he fell, he tried to leg the rifle until a hail of bullet smashed into him….


    Karen had no sense of time, for her there was just mercilessly machine forcing her thru waves of pleasure.
    She like it, the endless relentless cycle of ecstasy, orgasming to a machine will.
    But she was getting a little worried, Phil should've been home hours ago.. But she wasn't sure maybe she was overthinking it.
    After all she as blindfold, she could hear only her self and the machines, one hour could feel like a dozen...
    Then she heard the porch alarm, he was back, and soon to find what she been up to without him, she smiled at the thought, he would have punisher her some how..

    Then the house door alarm roared into life.
    Phil would never of failed to put the code it, Karen panicked, there were burglars!

    She didn’t have see to know that her shotgun was locked up in the cellar.
    With her heart racing she reached behind her for the key But her hand hit them and knocked them flying.

    She heard the cellar door’s keypad bleep, there coming this way! to her!.
    Karen swore to herself, as she knocked the key again, knowing that she could free herself, if only she could reach the keys.

    With a long buzz the door lock opened, and as the footsteps got closer as her hands missed handing key once more.

    As the heavy footsteps echoed on cellar stairs, she knew that she was trapped, the game was up.
    The woman walk down the stairs following the hand rail into what she could only call a bondage cellar, the floor was cover with rubber sheets, walls with quilted black leather panels and dim red light from above.
    She ignored the multitude of strange steel, rubber and leather items hanging from the rear wall, her eyes where draw to rubber clad woman in front of her.

    “Well this is an interesting sight but you need to come with me NOW Karen” Lynda commanded.
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    Chapter 2

    And what a sight she was, sat on her knees, with legs spread out wide by the steel bar, hands bound behind her back in leather cuffs.
    The hook deep inside her ass pulled her back as the large dildo inside her moved to the cruel buzz of the vibrator.

    For a moment she was anonymous, her face masked and voice muffled by the gasmask and twin rebreather bags.

    “Look you hold still, i’ll unlock you, there’s no time to waste.” the voice was female but firm and strict, one used to obedience.

    She savored that last bit anonymity as the visitor reached for the keys.

    With a click the visitor unlocked her legs and reached up to unbuckle her wrists.
    Karen pulled off her gas mask and unstrapped the hood’s blindfold, she blinked at the sight of Officer Lynda.

    “Where’s Phill?” She tried to ask but the hood muffled it to a “Umm ummg gu”.
    “The Hospital, Get up you're coming with me NOW.”

    Karen needed no more word, this was important and serious.

    In under a minute she was inside a police car, as Lynda raced a long the road in to the city.
    “Uh about your well personal activities...
    You uh see a lot of things in this job an---” Lynda's words where cut short by her honking horn as a car slowed in front of them to make a turn.
    She flicked on the sirens and drove around it in the oncoming lane.

    “As i was saying and well it’s your own business and i…”

    Karen was still dressed in her latex as the police car skidded to a halt outside the front doors of the hospital.
    Lynda flashed her badge in the nurses face, “Where Officer Philip?” she asked.
    “The gun shot guy? North wing floor 2”

    Karen had trouble as she tried to run, the latex squealed as she ran for elevator, the rings of her collar and cuffs jangled, the tight corset made her fight for every breath.
    Her ballet boots heels clattering, as the heels threatened to skidded with every step, as the dildo bounced around inside her wildly.
    Despite them all she slipped inside closing doors, her heels skidding to a stop.

    She was panting as she held the elevator doors open for Lynda.
    Lynda pulled off her coat “Here wear this, cover up a little.” she said, as Karen pulled the sleeves on
    They reached the ward, at a run, Karen with the coat unzipped.
    But the room was empty and the door barred by a stern looking matron

    “No you can’t. He in theater right now.” came the woman's words before either of them had opened their mouths.

    Karen waited in the hallway for over an hour then another, until finally somewhere inside a mass of bleeping machines and tubes, Phil was wheeled out of theater.
    His eyes were dull, an his chest heaved to the mechanical rasp of the ventilator.

    For Karen it was to much to take, she ran from the room out into the small garden area.
    “Why! Why him! I’ll kill whoever did this! The ****** !” She screamed at the heavens as she hammered her fists on a waste bin.
    Lynda slowly entered the garden and put her arm around the screaming rubber clad brunette.
    “Karen it’ll be ok trust me, you just sit down.. rest.. Phill he need you to be strong now.
    Come on you can do for him.
    We have to be there for him, come on breath Karen”

    “I can’t... i can’t deal with this, see him like this hooked up to all the machines.
    Karen sighed as she slumped down.

    “Lynda can you take me home.” Karen fort back her tears as she spoke.

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    Chapter 3
    Karen awake feeling sore, in the darkness.
    And for a moment Karen ignored he last night, maybe she'd dreamed up the whole thing
    But as she opened her eye to bed-sheets and the sun picking in past the blinds.
    It was there bedroom, was.. and now hers alone, a cold and empty place.
    As she rolled out of bed, the dildo made its presence felt inside her, her body creaked with the layers of latex reminding her.
    She was still dressed in her latex suit covered from the neck down in tight shiny black latex, with the collars and cuffs still locking her into the boots and corset.

    A Part of Karen wanted to give up, pull on the hood, strap back on the gas mask and runaway, become a rubber slave and forget about it and the pain.
    "Phill he need's you to be strong now. Come on you can do for him. We have to be there for him." the words came back to her.
    No she wound not give up, not when he needed her now.

    Slowly she walked down the stairs, the dildo shifting inside her with every step as she headed to the cellar, her heels clicked on steps.

    “Looking for something?” Lynda voice called out from the kitchen as keys rattled.
    Gingerly Karen poked her head around the corner, Lynda looked tired, a pile of coffee cups in front of her and the keys in her hand.

    “I saw it all last night remember?
    Please sit down Karen, we need to talk-” Lynda started.

    “Give me the keys, Lynda this isn’t funny” Karen raised her voice, standing in the hallway wishing she had a riding crop or whip in her hands.

    “Later, we need to talk first.” Lynda was firm and sounded serious.
    Karen winched as she sat down with the dildo inside her.

    “Have a good night’s rest did you?" Karen ignored the joke.

    "Now i want you to be perfectly honest with you,
    Phill was my partner too.
    We where are close in our own way, i used to joke that i was his second wife.
    And now i want you to swear that what i say next will never be repeated, Ever To Anyone.
    Can i trust you? Never to anyone, not even Phill.” she was both firm and serious now.

    “Uh this is important, really important. “Karen asked an Lynda nodded and dragged a finger across her neck.
    “Ok i swear, i’ll never repeat it to anyone.” Karen fixed Lynda in the eyes was she spoke.

    “I’m going to kill them, all of them, the gang that did that to him.
    Karen will you help me kill them?” Karen gulped at the idea, she spoke madness, but it was attractive madness.
    “Woh you really did mean it is important.” Karen was stunned by the idea, it was murder plane and simple but a greater part of her wanted it, revenge.

    “I need a yes or a no, either your with me in this all the way or we never spoke of this at all.” Lynda eyes where locked on her unwavering and hard.

    “Just the guilty, no maybes or they deserved it. Only the ones that hurt Phil. " Karen asked as the drive, No the need for revenge decided her choice.
    No one else.” Lynda nodded
    “Then Yes, Im with you. Revenge together.” Karen shaked Lynda’s hand to seal the deal.
    Karen went to get changed, she slowly slipped out of the layers of rubber, feeling colder and duller with everyone she removed.
    As the thick dildo left her, she was left naked, it felt wrong, her body was empty, dull.
    She had an unspoken deal with Phil, and Karen was going to hold herself to it.
    Wait until got he came back to her.

    She reached into her wardrobe and pulled out a new collar.
    It was like the other one, made of black leather but it was smaller, with eight steel O-rings, the side rings had linking pairs of steel ball chains that hung like pearl necklaces.

    She fixed a silver heart shaped lock into the two front rings and locked it in place.
    She put the key down, that was part of her get well gift and started to dress.

    Bright colors where out, the star and light was gone from her life, so dimd that she felt that she was almost in a state of mourning.

    But first she had to meet the rest of the deal, her latex panties, they had been a present from Phil on his last work trip, as she ran her bare hand along the internal dildo feeling its length and girth, Karen remembered fondly how much fun that conference weekend had been.
    Stepping into them, she plursed to ready herself in anticipation.
    “From now on i'm having a toy 24/7, only he change that.” Karen made a promise to herself as she pushed the shaft home with a smile.

    Next was a pair of black latex stockings, she worked them on over her bare skin, welcoming back the feel of tight latex on her skin.
    The buckles where redundant but she liked to use them anyway.

    Over them came her skirt of black leather, it had a height waist with pleats and a gentle flare.
    She ignored the first belt she came to, its enamel buckle with a large triskele was a little too on the nose, she thought.
    “Not that i’m in the closet after last night anyway..”

    The next one had a large stylized winged heart as a buckle, that would do.
    She tucked a dark purple shirt in to her trousers.
    Over that came her waist clincher belt, it was too short to be a real corset but the double buckles made it more then a kidney belt.
    Its black leather encircled her waist tightly, Karen liked that, the feeling and the look it gave her, the sharp wasp like waist hiding her chocolate cake habit.
    Today she need it to be tight, she had to be the best, the sexyist she could be.

    The 3 inch heels on her thigh high boots would help with that as well.

    She was slower working the gloves with there soft black latex and large elizabethan ruffled cuffs.
    Next she pondered over her jewelry case, before she settle on two pairs silver earrings.
    Then she opened the small velvet box, it held a signet ring with a gold triskele, it had been Phils indecent proposal to her.

    She slipped it on over the tight, glossy rubber gloves, it was the nearest thing they had to wedding rings.

    “Karen your well uh.. wearing something more um.. comfortable.” Lynda was a little disturbed by Karen new outfit.
    “What? life's too short for vanilla Lynda.” Karen winked at her.
    “See this is much more comfortable” Karen ran her hand up her leg, letting the tight rubber squeak.
    “...well it’s your house, an you can dress as you like..” Lynda admitted, unsure what to say.

    “ Oh i’ve seen it in your eyes, the way to look at me in rubber.
    Lynda You want it too, don’t you?” Karen cupped her gloved hand on Lynda cheek as she spoke softly.

    “Yes!-” Lynda blurted out the words.
    “No, What do you mean?? like you!?
    That’s not me all the weird sex stuff.” Lynda was startled by herself, her eyes started to scan the room, trying to avoid meeting Karen’s.

    Karen stepped back a little.
    “You where real quick to say yes.. You want it don’t you?
    Just admit it, you're curious about it aren’t you?” Karen smiled at her, trying to gently push Lynda into opening up..
    “What?” Lynda asked trying to be shocked about it with blushing cheeks.
    “Oh you know, maybe your just a little bit kinky too?" Karen licked her lips.
    "So then why not try it? You want to try it, really don't you?" Karen

    “Well maybe.. Just a little bit..." Lynda nervously twiddled her fingers. Lynda
    "See that wasn't so hard was it. Does it scare you? That really you might like it?" Karen

    "Look Phil talked about it in his sleep during some of the stakeouts, that’s all.” Lynda

    "He did! Well what did he say? You have to tell me all about them when i get back." Karen was interested now.

    The hospital had luckily for Karen had a change of staff, her escapades would what until later to do the rounds.
    There was a guard at the door, he just nodded and let Karen in, it was a long dull wait, nurses came in and out to check the readings of a dozen machines linked up to Phill.

    Erik the chief of police was the first person other then the nurses that Karen saw.
    He looked as always like a across between a fat Colonel Sanders and Hulk Hogan.
    Somehow it averaged out into a wall of lard and muscle, white suit and goatee, his hair long gone to hide under the hat.

    “Ah Karen your already here.
    I’m truly sorry, this couldn't of happened to a better man, has the doctor been by yet?
    Karen shook her head “No not yet”
    “Well i'm sure he’ll be along soon.
    Now first Kareni what you to know that you have my full backing and support, if there anything i or the department can do for you, just ask, you have my number.
    Any thing, even if you just want to talk.
    I know you weren't married in law but gud dam it if i have to wup the lot of them like a dawg i will, your his wife ain't nothing changing that.

    Also Phil left this letter in my safe keeping, just in case anything happened to him.”
    Erik placed a get well card and box of chocolates on the bedside table.
    Before he passed the envelope to Karen.
    “Thank you” she replayed as Lynda entered the room

    “Lynda good to see you.
    Right, First you are assigned to be Karen's bodyguard, the medics over at Saint Julian hospital tell me that one of them got hit in the exchange last night.
    And while it remote i don't want them to come looking for revenge and find an easy target.

    “Yes sir."
    “Lynda, also Philip left this in my care for you if anything was to happen to him.”
    He passed her a sealed letter.

    Most of the doctors words washed over Karen, only bits of it stuck, minor tendon damage, sternal fracture, punctured lung and total knee replacement.
    He did pass her a folder of x-rays to help.
    "He's past the worst of it, and his outcome is looking very good, but he's needs a major surgery to replace whats left of his left knee.
    We do them all the time, usually on people alot older too, and usually there's a 5 to 6 day post-operative hospitalization from that, but for him it will have be a good two weeks before we can safely let him out.
    He's going to have to remain sedated for a while longer, he suffered a minor concussion and it's practice to let any swelling dissipate first.
    It was late, dark when Lynda drove Karen back home.
    "So do you want to tell me what the letter said?" Karen asked.

    "Not much really, Too look after you. Keep you safe.
    You know you're luck to have him." Lynda

    "I know." Karen, her voice nearly brakeing with fear.

    "Well what did yours say? i told you so you tell me." Lynda asked

    "Not much, that i was to try to find someone else to satisfy me a little.

    "Oh if only i had someone like that in my life, but all the good men are take, hell some of them are locked up...
    but a woman, i need what a good woman."

    "Yo-your a lesbian Lynda? "Karen asked.
    "Well, If i say that most men don't do it for me, then yes.
    It not that a hate men or something, it' the rest of the relationship stuff i can't stand, too many bad ones in my past." Lynda looked at Karen,
    "So what? what ever floats for boat, after all who an i to judge what gets you going?” Karen smiled.

    "This is going to be odd, but Karen please will you be that somebody for me? i can't fight it any more, the way you look, that sweet smile, you drive me crazy.
    You have needs too, your a woman, lets both try to satisfy each other.
    Besides this way i can really look after you." Lynda's words where tense.

    "I'd never thought of you, well like this before at all, it changes things.. in a good way." Karen smiled at her.
    Karen was encased in black rubber from the neck down, only her ruby lips and soft brown hair stood out from the blackness.
    A gloved hand started to unbutton Lynda’s shirt, the latex shining as she let her belt fall to the floor.
    “Once you go kinky you’ll never go back.”Karen grinned as Lynda smiled.
    “Then take this dirty slut, use me mistress.” Lynda

    “Oh no i’m going to take my sweet time corrupting, you my little slut.. Make you beg for more.”
    Karen’s smooth latex covered fingers worked across Lynda’s bare breasts as she grinned.
    A rubber finger slipped off her pantyhose and stroked trimmed pubs, Lynda started to wounder what was next.
    She had little time to do so before a dlido was pressed into her hands.
    The thick black shaft was a foot long. “It’s so large will it all fit?” she asked seeking reassurance.
    “Oh it will, but you need a handle it better, here hold it like this," Karen’s rubber clad hand gasped tight around her own.
    “Now slowly..” Karen pressed the tip in to her lips.
    As it started entered her, she felt Karen stand up.
    “Oh let be get mine ready as well.”
    It was the way Karen spread her legs, and opened herself that revealed it.
    A small rubber ball hung from tube between her legs.
    She reached up, then with a rubber squelching, Karen pulled something long and black her body.
    A long inflatable dildo, it glisten and dripped as Karen held it.
    She worked her lips around it, tongue gliding around rubber shaft.

    “ and in time with me.” Karen smiled as she place a second dildo in her right hand, wrapping her fingers around Lynda’s.
    Karen's grip was tight around both hands as she moved them both, sliding the shafts into them.
    Lynda started to moan as it went in, then Karen pushed it in deeper, her hands started moveing to a rhythm of thrusts, beating a tune, that rose quicker and harder with every passing moment.
    Lynda moaned louder, as an orgasm built inside her.

    “No not yet!” Karen told her as she shrieked from the pleasure.
    Lynda couldn't her self stop, it was too much, too hard of her to fight it, she had to cum.
    And Karen didn’t stop, but instead she quickened the place and slide the dildo's in deeper, letting her finger slide up it,she started driveing them onto another joint orgasm, first of many that night of pleasure...

    Finally Karen stopped, a panting mass of black rubber, her body spent.
    Lynda could only moan as Karen’s gloved hands caressed her breasts and crotch slowly.
    A rubber thumb toying was with her clitoris as a finger wiggled inside her.
    The finger flexed inside her and Lynda squirted, drenching Karen.
    Shaking Lynda collapsed as Karen pull her finger out, the rubber dripping wet from Lynda, she licked it slowly savoring it.

    “Oh that was mean of me, you should get to taste yourself.” Karen grinned as she slid two finger back inside Lynda,
    she yelped as the knuckles spread her and gasped when Karen kissed her bare nipple.

    Lynda's eyes were glazed as her lips parted around the warm rubber, she obediently started to suckle them...
    “Oh oh oh yes...tha... that was something” Lynda moaned as Karen scooped up her spent form
    “Oh you are really wasted, maybe that was a little to hard for your first time..
    Come on to bed with you..”
    “Yes mistress...” Lynda planted a kiss on Karen’s cheek.

    Lynda slept that night like a baby, curled around the rubber covered form of her new lover.
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    Chapter 4
    In the morning Lynda awoke felling spent.
    But it was gone, she was bare and unbound.
    Empty and in need of it, she took a leather belt from the wardrobe, she wore it like a tie letting hang down.
    remembered the collar, how it's tight leather felt on her neck, marking her, completing her, making her in to a slave, a slut, a fuck toy.
    She smile in the minor at her self, the black leather around her neck, of setting her platinum blond curls.
    It fixed her problem she was Karen's now, she her mistress, now and forever.

    Topless she walked into dinning room to find that Karen was for now gone but there was a note on a envelope.

    “Lynda if i’m to be your mistress then you should know that there’s a dress code in this house.
    You’ll find everything you need in the envelope.
    I’ll be back late to night.
    Love, your mistress. Karen”
    Lynda opened the envelope, a part of her knew that was her accepting a deal.
    in side was small pile of gift cards, gift cards for her new rubber clothes….

    On-line shopping was easy, Lynda’s simple bought what she fancied the look of.
    She chose the “Classic” black latex cat suit, the gloves where a recommended as to the boots listed as also worn, she really like the boots.

    The site ran some kind of multi buy reward, the checkout told her she had some money off a collar.
    And after that her eyes meet the harness, tight red leather strapped around the models pale skin, Lynda wanted that too…
    The thigh harness simply completed it, and then really she just had to get the matching wrist and ankle cuffs…

    Karen was under no illusions, she had agreed to take a deadly path with Lynda.
    That meant she need get more than just her dads old duck hunting gun, much more.

    It was a simple trade, money for guns, a deal that harked back to America's past.
    With no criminal record to her name, there was nothing stopping her from buying a pair of AR pattern rifles in 5.56mm, short barreled ones with laser sights.
    The 4 pistols, two where small .32 semi automatics “The bullet that killed the Fuhrer, ideal for concealed carry. ” the man said.
    The others a pair of 9mm semi automatics, they where even less of a struggle to find, two square black lumps of polymer called a glock 17.
    And then she spotted her personal piece de resistance, a Franchi SPAS-12, Karen knew it better as the gun Arnie used on the gun shop owner in terminator, she wanted it.
    It was big, black, heavy and strong with an imposing look, a dual-mode shotgun semi-automatic or pump-action operation at the push of a button, with an 8 round tube magazine, the man told her, she had to have it...
    Lynda was lonely and bored, as she entered the cellar, and headed to the toy shelf, she had no clue what half of the things on it where.
    But it called to her, that long black dildo, she wanted it back inside her, holding it she looked around, hoping for a place to sit.
    The vibrator was just next to it, she she grabbed it anyway...
    It was a steel chair, nicely fitted with padded black rubber cushions, she ignored the cuffs and sat on it, her feet idly curling around the steel legs as she fixed the dildo to machines shaft.
    The cold tip of dildo entered her lips, it's cold made her shiver, the bulk of it stenched her as she pushed the button, sending it deeper, feeling the rubber slowly stretching her as it filled her.

    The vibrator's buzzing and machines thrusts made her wish that she had something to move her ass with it, make the dildo's work her whole body, let No make it satisfy her.
    Her eye's scanned the room, could that pear shaped butt plug push her over the edge?
    Or would it take that machine, the box with buttons and a cock.
    Maybe she needed something more that pump?, or something up her ass, that steel plug.
    She pushed the small plug home and her body let go, juices started to leak out as she yelped with joy, as the machine thrust in deeper.
    She was horny, her lips dipping now as she bent over to tighten the straps around her legs, one strap was left looped around for the vibrator, and tighten to hold it firm.
    Her body squirmed she turned the machine up, it's thrusts rose in pace, as the vibrator started to work her harder.
    She was fixed firmly in place as she felt the plug inside her, she knew that she was trapped, the vibrator was locked in place, the machine relentless and merciless, she'd orgasm and then it would force her on to another one....

    Karen got back to an empty house, well mostly empty, Lynda car was still in the driveway.
    She headed down stairs and found the door open, an what as far Karen could tell was Lynda but she resembled more an experiment she'd once heard off, a monkey wired up so that a button activated it pleasure centers in the brain.
    Lynda was a groaning mess, strapped to the chair as a fucking machine made her semiconscious body spasm with orgasm
    It was clear to her Lynda had to be disciplined, thought some self control or punished until she would submit to her control.
    The spent moaning mess of Lynda was to her useless, she need Lynda to be the SWAT officer for the next step, she could be broken later...

    Karen shut of the machine and left the room, Lynda felt odd, to left alone, when Karen should be punishing her.
    instead she was left empty and partly bound to the chair.
    Karen returned with a collar hanging by the chain in her hand.

    "Your not that different from me, we're both sluts, slave to machines, things that fuck us.
    It's just I have a master, some one to control me.
    Some one to paint on the normality.". Karen's latex gloves fingered the collar
    "You need someone too, some one be... a mistress.
    And you definitely need some more discipline." Karen rubbed her leg, the tight rubber squeaking on the leather pants as she did.

    "I won't force you, but you know it deep down, you want it, to be some controlled, to let someone else rule, to let your lust run free and be the slut you truly are.
    Take it, be what you want to be." Lynda nodded as Karen spoke.

    She felt Karen put it in her hands.
    "...i-" Lynda started.
    "I what? Am strong independent woman? That means you need a change, a time to truly surrender for a while.
    Not in to it? well you'll never know until you try.
    Be what you what to be Lynda.
    Admit that you want it" Karen stoked her bare beasts.
    A Part of Lynda wanted to say no, but the rest of her said yes! do it!, she pulled it around her neck and pull her dildo free, emptying self ready for Karen, her mistress.
    "I want this, mistress." Lynda fastened her collar tight and passed the leash to Karen.