Lora’s African Adventure - Epilogue

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    Lora’s African Adventure

    Story by L’Espion

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    Sweat streamed down Lora’s face and body, as the silken lash struck her for the ninth time. The delicate cords could not really hurt her but they stung just the same, leaving red welts across her satin skin. But more than that, each blow of the whip increased her state of arousal until she was panting with desire. She couldn’t move from where she was, her wrists having been bound with silken cords and secured to a hook in the ceiling so that she stood with her arms raised over her head, exposed to whatever her assailant wanted to do to her. Nor could she cry out; the large ball gag strapped to her mouth preventing her from doing any more than moaning in an attempt to communicate her desire to the man wielding the whip. He delivered a tenth blow to her back and then shifted his position so that he could target her breasts and belly. His arm went back and the whip cracked across her breasts. A muffled cry of pain revealed that he had found a much more vulnerable target, and he laughed in glee.

    “I see I have found your most sensitive area, Untersturmführer. Let’s see how much pain you can stand.” He struck with the whip again, and again, finally stopping when he had reached a number that equaled the strokes he had given across her back. The beating left Lora shaking with pain and frustrated passion. But she also felt incredible pride and satisfaction at her assailant’s use of her new title.

    Untersturmführer. It was a position she could never have imagined holding just a few months ago. Now she was that and more and despite the situation she was in she could not prevent her mind from flashing back to the last two weeks of her African adventure.

    The raft she had been on had carried her unconscious to the mouth of the river. There she had apparently been picked up by a family of black fishermen who had just happened to see her while they were heading out onto the lake. They had taken her to their village, where she had been given food and shelter and had her ragged clothing replaced by native garments. After that she had been taken to the nearest white settlement, a missionary outpost farther up the lake. The Anglican missionaries there had rewarded the villagers for their trouble, and after that it was a matter of waiting for the lake steamer to pick her up and transport her to Ujiji where she was able to hire a plane to fly her to Dar es Salaam. She was able to do this all on the strength of her word that the German Reich would repay everyone for their efforts.

    Fortunately, that turned out to be the case. Her arrival in Dar es Salaam created something of a sensation; especially as she had been reported dead by Herr Klein who had arrived and departed two months earlier. She had been warmly received by the German Consul, a reaction that became even more enthusiastic when she revealed that she had acquired the mystical artifact she had been sent to find. A telegram to Berlin resulted in an immediate order to return to Germany as quickly as possible.

    And that had brought her to the officer of the Reichsführer, where she had placed the ring in Himmler’s hand. What he had done with it she had no idea, but he was immensely pleased. “Fräulein vonGehöft,” he said. “You have advanced the cause of the Thousand Year Reich immeasurably, and succeeded where your superior officer failed, despite undergoing brutal torture at the hands of African savages.”

    Lora flushed with shame at his words and the leopard brand on her right breast throbbed at the memory. She wondered how Himmler had learned of her degradation, but then remembered that she had been thoroughly examined by an S.S. doctor upon her return. Almost certainly he had read the report.

    “I am pleased to be able to tell you that your heroic actions have prompted me to immediately induct you into the Schutzstaffel with the rank of SS-Untersturmführer.

    This time Lora’s legs did buckle and would have fallen had the SS bodyguard who had accompanied her not caught her. “I do not deserve so great an honour, Herr Reichsführer,” she gasped.

    “You do in my opinion; that and more. The Führer has asked that you attend a private gathering he is holding this evening.”

    And that was how she had met the Führer and several other high ranking members of the Reich. It was also how she had ended up being invited back to SS headquarters in the middle of the night where the Reichsführer had invited her to allow him to deliver his thanks in a much more personal fashion.

    He was doing that now, and doing it in a fashion that was most painful, but at the same time incredibly arousing. She was now so thoroughly stimulated that the lips of her vulva were as moist as those of her mouth.

    Himmler had set down the whip. “You are a true Nordic woman, Fräulein. Beautiful, yet capable of enduring great pain in the service of the Fatherland.” He ran his fingers over her shoulders and then followed the collarbone until his fingers found the smooth curve of her right breast. Slowly he traced a path through the beads of perspiration until he reached the Leopard scar burned into her flesh.

    “I know that you find shame in this, Fräulein, but there is no shame, only honour in suffering pain in order to further the interests of the Reich. And that is partly why I brought you here tonight and ordered you to submit to my will.” His forefinger moved over the leopard scar, his touch sending chills through her. “This is not a mark of shame, but a mark of triumph; of honour, and I intend to reward your efforts on my behalf in a very personal way.”

    It took him very little time to make good on that promise. Her released her arms from the hook in the ceiling, but kept them tied. Moving her across the room he bent her forward over the back of a heavy leather chair and took her right where she was. He had removed the gag, allowing her to breath more freely and make the appropriate noises as he took her. She did not disappoint him. She had never expected so great an honour as to be used the Reichsführer himself. It was perhaps a little disappointing that he was nowhere near as large as Abasi or Tuma, but who could expect a man as cultured and civilized as the Reichsführer to have the animalistic attributes of black savages? Still it would have been nice if the Reichsführer was just a little bit larger.

    Perhaps he might do as Abasi had done the last time and take me up the.... No! What am I thinking? No one but a black Untermensch would consider performing so disgusting and barbaric an act. She moaned at the thought just as her first orgasm swept over her.

    “Like that do you?” Himmler grunted as he shoved himself to the full extent of his modest shaft. “I don’t think I have ever had a woman so responsive. You are a true credit to the Nordic race.” He clamped his fingers harder on her shuddering breasts and pinched her nipples.

    Lora knew she should have replied to such high praise, but she was too busy crying out as she climaxed again. “A true Nordic indeed,” Himmler gasped as he too spent himself and stepped back from her.

    Over so soon? She was not close to being satisfied and once again an image of Abasi’s huge shaft flashed through her mind, but she quickly forced it down. “Herr Reichsführer,” she panted, “I never expected such an honour. Not after everything else you have bestowed upon me.”

    Since her return to Germany Lora had been swept up in one round after the other of special ceremonies, including being presented to the Führer himself. She had nearly fainted in his august presence, but had managed to remain at attention while he pinned the Goldenes Parteiabzeichen to her blouse. But the real honour had been when the Führer had gently patted her cheek and murmured, “Well done, Fräulein. That moment had been almost too much and she had almost burst into tears. Fortunately, the Führer had turned to another guest, giving her time to recover.

    “Your willingness to please me will be noted and rewarded,” Himmler said as he untied her wrists. “From now on you will be my personal aide in the search for artifacts. In fact I have a mission in mind for you that is a perfect fit for the skills you have demonstrated. Just now, however, I have other matters to attend to, but you will be informed in the next few days. Sturmmann Gottlieb will drive you home.”

    That was another change. She no longer lived with her parents. Instead a flat had been provided for her close to SS headquarters and she had been driven to her meeting with Himmler by a car sent for her. Sturmmann Gottlieb had been the driver.

    Lora realized somewhat to her surprise and dismay that she was being dismissed. But of course, that was hardly surprising. The Reichsführer no doubt had other important business to attend to. She felt a little silly giving the Heil Hitler salute while dressed in nothing but her stockings, but she did it nonetheless, hiding her disappointment at being dismissed so soon, and the fact that she was still highly aroused. Hurriedly pulling her on clothes on she stepped out of the office.

    Mein Gott! I’m so aroused I could almost make love to a horse. Stepping out of the office into the corridor her eyes fell on the hulking form of Sturmmann Gottlieb. Sheisse! He’s even bigger than Abasi. I wonder....

    Sturmmann, she ordered, “come with me, mach schnell!

    She practically ran to the car, Gottlieb following in her wake. It took only minutes for Gottlieb to drive her to the building that contained her flat, but by the time she reached it she was almost moaning in frustration. Rushing to her flat, she burst open the door and left parts of her uniform in a trail from the door to the bed. Turning to face her escort she frowned in annoyance to see him still standing in the doorway.

    Fräulein...., I mean, Untersturmführer vonGehöft, should we be doing this?

    Lora returned to the doorway and grabbed the hulking SS guard by his tie. She looked up into his face. “Welcome to the New Order, Sturmmann. Now do your duty.”

    A slow grin spread over Gottlieb’s broad face. “Jawohl, meine Untersturmführer. Jawohl.” He kicked the door closed, scooped her up and carried her to the bed.

    It really is a New Order, Lora thought. And then for the next few hours she was much too busy to think of anything.