Lora’s African Adventure - Chapter 7 Abasi's Revenge

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    Lora’s African Adventure

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    Chapter 7 Abasi’s Revenge

    Lora was too stunned to do more than stared in disbelief. How could Abasi be here after the tangled trail she had taken?

    “You see,” Abasi said to the other warriors, “I told you she would find her way here. The woman is a witch and must be punished.”

    For a further moment Lora simply gaped at Abasi and the five warriors he had with him, but she snapped out of her trance as soon as one of them stepped toward her. She still had her sidearm, a factor that Abasi had seemingly forgotten. Or perhaps he never imagined that she would dare to resist six African warriors. Whatever the reason Lora had no intention of being taken prisoner again.

    “Die you filthy Schwarzem,”she screamed. She fired the first shot as she spoke, hitting the nearest black warrior in the chest. He screamed once and then toppled down the bank into the river. The shot completely halted the rest of the warriors, or would have if Lora’s second shot had not misfired. Perhaps the cartridge had been dampened by Lora’s plunge into the river two days previous, or perhaps it was simply a dud. Whatever the reason it failed to fire, forcing her to pull back the slide to eject the dud cartridge. It took only a moment, but in that short time one of the warriors closed the gap. He thrust with his spear, intending to drive the point though her chest, but Lora’s fencer-trained reflexes took over. She twisted her body while at the same time taking a half step to the side of the narrow raft. With the weight of two people on it the raft tipped precariously, but it was stable enough not to flip over. Fighting for her balance, she still managed to snap off another shot. The bullet struck the warrior in his right shoulder and he dropped his spear with a cry of pain. It gave Lora the time to fire again and this time he went down, his knees buckling as he fell full length on the raft.

    The time it had taken to deal with her second attacker had given two of the others enough time to rush the raft. From less than four meters distance one of them threw his spear, but Lora had caught the motion of his arm, she ducked just as he released the shaft and it passed harmlessly over her head. She hurried off another shot, but somehow missed, and by that time the other warrior had reached the raft, forcing her attention to him. He swung his spear, using it more like a club with the probable intention of disarming her. The blow struck her on the shoulder just as she came out of her crouch. For an instant her arm went completely numb, but she had the presence of mind to transfer her pistol to her left hand. She fired as soon as her finger closed over the trigger. Incredibly, even at point blank range she somehow missed the target, but her second shot struck the warrior dead center. He staggered, but did not fall. Instead he lurched toward her, raising his spear for a second strike. She fired twice more in quick succession each bullet striking him in the chest and he crashed down on the raft.

    The impact did what the weight of the first warrior had not done. It tipped the raft, sliding Lora into the crocodile-infested river. She hit bottom feet first in less than a meter of water. By this time the warrior who had hurled his spear had reached the raft. He had pulled a small axe from his loincloth, and ignoring the raft, waded into the water to deal with her. She shot once more and even with her left hand managed to put a bullet into his chest. He staggered forward and she pulled the trigger again, but nothing happened and she realized in dismay and sheer terror that the P38’s slide was fully back, indicating that she had fired her last round. Almost panic-stricken she fumbled for another magazine. She had to use her right arm which was still numb from the blow to her shoulder. As she struggled to reload the warrior raised his axe and then his eyes rolled up into his head and he splashed face-down into the river. The bullet in his chest had killed him, but he had lasted almost long enough to reach her.

    With her left hand she manipulated the P38, ejecting the empty magazine and letting it fall into the river. She finally found the extra magazine, but it was already too late. Abasi splashed into the water she drove the butt of his spear into her midriff. Where he had been up until now she had no idea. Probably he has stayed out of the action, counting her shots until he knew the P38 was empty and then had launched himself into the fray. In any case, his blow knocked the wind out of her. She doubled over, barely able to stand and gasping for air. The not-quite-loaded pistol dropped into the river.

    Following up his attack Abasi grabbed Lora by her hair and slammed her down onto the raft. He pinned her there and forced her arms behind her back. With the help of the remaining warrior he bound her wrists so tightly that she moaned in pain. “Now I have you, white witch,” he crowed. “For what you have done you must be punished in the most painful manner. First though I must retrieve what you took.”

    He unbuckled her belt, and searched through the pouches, quickly finding the Ring of Solomon. “This is mine now,” he said as he placed it on his finger. “In a way you did me a service, white witch. In killing my father you made way for me to become leader of the tribe and when I return with your head and skin it will confirm my right to the kingship.”

    He laughed. “Did you know that most members of the tribe believe that you are some sort of devil? It is the only way they can explain the fact that a women killed their king and burned down half the village before disappearing without a trace. Fortunately, I don’t believe that rubbish, but it helps if my people do.”

    Abasi rattled on, but Lora wasn’t really paying much attention to much of what he said. She was too caught up by the first part of soliloquy: “...your head and your skin.” It was so horrifying she could hardly contemplate what it meant. Her knees buckled in fear as she was dragged to her feet.

    “Please,” she begged. “Let me go. If it is true that I helped you become king then you owe me my freedom.”

    Abasi stared at her for a few seconds seemingly at a loss for words. “You really do not understand do you, white witch? You are an arrogant white whore, too stupid to realize what you have done. You have killed the King of the Leopard Tribe; my father. That is a crime that must be punished, and punished in the most painful fashion. I shall remove your skin bit by bit, taking care to ensure that most of it comes off in one piece. And then when you are through screaming I will cut off your head and mount it on a stick with the skin hanging from it. In that manner I will return to my people carrying evidence of my success in killing the witch who murdered their king.”

    “No,” Lora whimpered. She was now so terrified that she was almost sick. “Please, I will do anything. I can get you guns, ammunition; weapons that will make you powerful.”

    “I am not a fool,” Abasi sneered. “You were not even the leader of the expedition that brought you here. You can do nothing for me except give what every woman can. And I intend to take that before I take your skin.”

    He and the other warrior each took one of Lora’s arms and dragged her up the bank. They took her only a short distance to what had obviously been the camp of the five warriors who accompanied him. “We will tie her there,” Abasi said, pointing to a space between two saplings.

    They untied her wrists, and they throbbed with pain as the blood flowed back into her hands, but they quickly tied her again, each man taking an arm and lashing her hands to one of the saplings.

    “Tuma,” he ordered. “Dispose of the bodies. They were brave warriors, but we have no time to give them a proper burial.” Tuma grunted an acknowledgement and headed down toward the river bank while Abasi returned his attention to her. He once again removed her clothing, leaving her standing naked before her captor. “You have such a perfect body,” Abasi commented. “It is almost a shame that you must die. But I will at least enjoy it once more before I kill you. He ran his fingers over her breasts and thumbed the nipples. “So firm, and so white,” he continued, moving his fingers lower until her was touching her petals. He inserted his finger until it was well within her. “And still so tight.”

    Lora’s skin was not nearly as white as she had been when Abasi had first taken her prisoner. Her body was now well-tanned, but it was still pale in comparison to his. However, she was still as tight as he had claimed, and she winced as he moved his finger within her. Slowly he moved it back and forth, and to her shame she felt herself responding in spite of her terror.

    “You are so easy to arouse,” Abasi sneered. “It is too bad you are barren. If you were not I might almost forgive you your sins.”

    “But I’m not,” Lora gasped. “In her fear she was willing to endure what would have been unimaginable to her just a few months ago. “I will bear your child. Please spare me.”

    “You are such a liar,” Abasi responded. He slapped her face, almost knocking her unconscious with the force of the blow. “You have done nothing but lie to me. And now you have killed my father and burned my village.”

    Lora shook her head. “Please, I am not lying. It was Ashra. She gave me a....”

    Abasi slapped her again. “And now you include Ashra in your lies. I will have no more of it.”

    Taking out his knife he slashed the skirt Lora had tied around her shoulders to keep off the sun. He quickly tore it into strips, stuffed a larger piece into her mouth, and then used the strips to bind the crude gag in place.

    No, you don’t understand! I’m not barren. It was those leaves Ashra gave me. But of course he could no longer hear anything but her terrified grunts as his interest turned to another area.

    He removed his loincloth, revealing the powerful erection that Lora remembered all too well. “Now a little pleasure for the last time before you are punished.”

    He quickly removed her boots and trousers and then lifting her from the ground, he forced himself between her legs and thrust into her. It was all done so quickly that she had no time to prepare for it and it was almost as bad as the first time. Abasi made no effort to be gentle, driving his mighty sword deep into her sheath and then pounding into her mercilessly. It seemed to take him a long time before he climaxed and every moment of it was brutally painful. After he was finished she stood panting, barely able to get enough air into her lungs due to the gag, her body dripping perspiration. Had it not been for the ropes binding her to the trees she would have dropped to her knees. But her ordeal was just beginning.

    Tuma had returned from his disposing of the bodies. Lora expected that he had gotten rid of them by the simple expedient of dumping them into the river. Abasi motioned toward her. “Take her, my friend. She is no longer my wife. Use her as your like.”

    The taciturn Tuma grinned and nodded his pleasure. He stripped off his loincloth to reveal a rising phallus that did not quite match Abasi’s but was impressive nonetheless. He quickly took Abasi’s place, lifting her legs and driving into her.

    The second violation proved almost as painful as the first in spite of Tuma’s somewhat smaller member, and Lora grunted and whimpered as he enjoyed her. He moved his body more slowly than Abasi had, drawing out his pleasure and Lora’s ordeal. He took long enough for Abasi to fully recover. “Let’s see how you like two spears at once,” Abasi announced.

    He moved behind her and maneuvered his body so that his shaft could find her anal button. No, not there! Lora thought. It’s not possible.

    Tuma thrust deep inside her and then stood motionless, his fingers spreading Lora’s buttocks to make his Abasi’s entry easier. Abasi used his finger to widen the tiny opening, an action that made Lora gasp, then he pushed his thick member into her.

    It took considerable grunting before the glans of Abasi’s penis was able to force its way into her. And considerable screaming and crying from Lora before it was achieved. But her cries were swallowed by the gag and finally he slid into her, stretching her anus as he penetrated her. It was pain beyond anything Lora had endured until now, with the exception of the leopard brand that adorned her breast. She screamed as loudly as she could, but nothing stopped the two warriors from ravishing her into a state of exhaustion. When they were finished she could barely stand.

    “You are not too tired I hope,” Abasi said as he moved to face her once more. “There are only a few hours of daylight left and I want to being the skinning process in good light. But first here is a little something that will allow you to appreciate what is going to happen to you once your skin is removed. He moved over to a large mound on one side of the campsite. Lora had noticed it when she had been tied to the tree, but had not paid much attention to it. Now she watched, wondering what further torment Abasi had planned.

    He poked a short stick into the mound and then stepped away from it quickly. On the end of the stick several red and black insects postured aggressively. Skillfully he plucked one of them from the stick and held it up for Lora to see. A very large ant wriggled in his fingers desperately trying to get its ice-tong pincers into him. Lora knew at once what he intended and she tried desperately to pull away from the ropes that held her. On first arriving in the African outback she had been pointedly warned by Steiger to stay away from the ants and he had demonstrated the danger by tossing a live rat onto one of the anthills. Lora did not like rats, but she was horrified at what happened to the poor creature as hundreds of ants swarmed over it and in short order stripped its skin from its body, and then devoured the twitching carcass.

    Ach mein Gott! Is that how he is going to skin me? Her knees buckled again and she almost urinated in fear. But Abasi had another use for the large ants. He held the struggling creature between thumb and forefinger and moved it toward her. Lora tried to move away, but he squeezed her breast and touched the ant to her nipple. There was a moment of vicious pain as the large pincers punched through her flesh, meeting in the middle of her nipple, and then the pain settled down to a dull throbbing.

    Abasi performed the same procedure on her other nipple, leaving her doubly pierced and then stepped back. Both ants were still alive, but they made no effort to bite her again. Instead they held on in fierce determination become a pair of painful insect ornaments.

    “This is how you will end, Lakweit. I will strip the skin from your body and then leave your bleeding carcass for the ants to finish. You will still be alive, of course, as they devour you. It should be a most painful and interesting end and I will enjoy your screams as your life finally ends. Now it is time to begin.”

    No! No! No! Lora screamed into her gag. It cannot end like this. I am destined for greater things. I must live to serve the Fatherland.

    But there was nothing she could do as Abasi took out a small sharp knife. Abasi had seen him use the knife before when the Klein or Steiger had shot some game and left it to Abasi to skin and prepare. At the time she had marveled at how skilled he was with the knife, removing the skin from a carcass in a matter of a few minutes. Now he was about to apply that same skill to her, although she suspected that he would take much longer to remove her skin than he had done with an animal.

    Abasi grinned as he moved toward her. “Now, Lakweit, you will experience greater pain than you have ever known. I will leave you gagged until I have finished only then with I remove it so that I can enjoy the full pleasure of your screams from a little farther away.”

    Lora was already screaming, her body convulsing in fear as she tugged at the ropes that held her. But there was nothing she could do as Abasi raised his knife to make the first cut.