Let's Break The Ice!

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  1. Khobotov New Member

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    Greetings everybody

    I normally draw sfw stuff, but from time to time I draw something nsfw and I hope to share these pictures here
    to get some feedback to improve my drawings.

  2. Rock8 New Member

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    Hi all. I'm not an artist of any kind, I just followed someone's hint from dA - Thank you! :)

    But since I'm here...

    Things I like:
    Girls & Women of all races, anthro-furries and monster-girls included
    Boys & Men, again of all races, see above ... (but less then the females)
    Every-being in between, again, see above
    Cute and sexy art
    Softcore and sensual acts & plays
    Internal cumshots (X-ray views)
    Tea (coffee much less so)
    Ice Cream
    Whipped cream

    Things I dislike:
    Heavy bondage (I can stand light bondage but it's not among my favorite things)
    Scat (Watersports would be OK)
    Characters getting seriously hurt
    Everything bloody (getting scratched in the heat of the action is OK but nothing serious*)
    Vore of all kinds, even if it's not bloody.

    Because the things I don't like seem to be quite well-represented here** : Is there some technical way to not see these (like filters like they have at Hentai-Foundry) or do I just have to be careful?

    *: like loosing a finger or anything more important

    **: I've already seen some before I created my account... to each their own, I don't judge, it's just that I'd like to avoid (seeing) that. Yeah, I'm a bit sensitive...

    Edit: I'm RockBarnes at dA (nothing to see there, just a few fractals and SFW photos) and RockB everywhere else after I discovered that there is a musician named Rock Barnes with whom I have nothing to do.
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  3. bikdingle Amatuer [__________]

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    Welcome to Erolair. We need people to appreciate art as much or more so than those who make art.
  4. Kevlar31 Disaster of biblical proportions! [__________] ✩ Gallery Moderator ✩

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    Rock8, I don't know of any way that you can filter things here - I've never tried but if @Punkae is around she might know if there is a way. Unfortunately, searching through the NSFW folder gives you everything - the other issue is that not everyone uses Tags (I know I forget sometimes) so filter wouldn't be a complete success. I must admit that I am not completely at ease with all of the art here but we have to be inclusive to everyone otherwise it wouldn't be a sanctuary for those whose art is excluded from places like DeviantArt and Tumblr.
  5. Rock8 New Member

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    Thank you :)

    Thank you, I guess it depends on how the search is implemented. I'd be satisfied if I could specify tags to exclude when searching, even if that doesn't work for 100% of the results. Maybe there are other options.

    Fully agreed!
  6. Kevlar31 Disaster of biblical proportions! [__________] ✩ Gallery Moderator ✩

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    I will endeavor to find out if you can exclude with tags and let you know!
  7. areg5 New Member

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    Hi everyone. I'm areg5. I was making age regression comics that I was distributing on Deviantart for 7 years. Last month they banned my account indefinitely. I've been posting a free daily comic on my Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/Areg5 . Also listed on my home page on Patreon are links to download my free library, which is quite extensive. As far as rewards for Patrons, the most popular is the $10 Daily Comic reward. This gives you access to the Patreon Daily Comic, which is a second Daily available only to Patrons. It is basically the most current project I am working on. When the comic is completed, you will then have access to the completed work. You will also have access to all of my animations, the $3 and $6 premium comics, and the $8 which is the 4-part The Clothes Make the Woman, the Clothes Make the girl. Once I figure out this site a bit better, I can start posting the free comics here. too.

    Nice to meet you, and I hope to see you on Patreon!

  8. bikdingle Amatuer [__________]

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    Welcome to Erolair!
  9. areg5 New Member

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    Thanks. Is there a way to post comics here in .pdf format?
  10. bikdingle Amatuer [__________]

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    I don't know. Hopefully someone who does will come along with an answer.
  11. novax Erolair Partner Partner [__________]

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    @areg5 As far as I know, it's not possible at the moment.