Larra and the Quest of the Luddendroff Chapter 6 Larra's Predicament

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 5
    The Quest of the Ludendorff
    Chapter 6 Larra’s Predicament
    Larra slipped slowly toward the end of the rope, the force of the air blowing her almost straight back so that her body was almost parallel to the fuselage of the Zeppelin. A few more feet and she would run out of rope. She was saved only at the last second by a knot she had tied near the end of the line. She was then able to anchor herself, by wrapping her legs about the cord. Slowly, inch by inch she managed to move back up the rope, closer and closer to the fuselage of the huge airship. Eventually she reached the fabric of the ship. Holding on with one hand and drawing her sheath knife, Larra cut a small hole in the side of the ship, one just large enough for her to crawl through. Panting from exertion, she pulled herself inside the outer hull of the huge ship.

    “Well,” she muttered, “I’m in. Now what? I’ve got food for three days and no water. And I have no access to toilets or any other facility. I should try to bring this ship down as soon as possible.”

    But how was she to do that? The Ludendorff was enormous. The only practical way of disabling it would be to cut open the gigantic gas cells filled with hydrogen that gave the ship its lift and that would take some time, provided she could get away with it without being discovered.

    Larra crawled through the interior rigging of the ship’s cavernous interior. She did not expect to encounter anyone in this section of the ship. It was unheated and the higher the Ludendorff climbed the colder it would get. Fortunately, she had her mountaineering jacket on. It would protect her from everything except really extreme temperatures.

    The gas cells were housed in a long gallery that ran the length of the airship. There were twenty of them in two rows of ten. Larra took out her knife again. It was time to get started. At that moment she caught a sudden movement out of the corner of her eye. Several hundred feet down the gallery were two members of the crew. They were coming directly toward her. Larra was sure that she had been seen, but the ship was so huge that they could probably not tell who she was at that distance.

    Slowly, so as not to attract attention she moved away from them, and then ducked down a side corridor between the gas cells. It was likely that if she had been seen they would think that she was part of the crew. All she had to do was stay away from them.

    As Larra had hoped, the two crew members passed right by her hiding place. They seemed to be checking out the state of the gas cells, probably making sure that they were not leaking. She kept hidden until they had finished their inspection and then crept from her hiding place. She peered down the gallery. There was no one in sight. Breathing a sigh of relief, she once again drew her knife. The sooner she let the gas out of the Ludendorff the better.

    Larra knew that there was no danger of the giant craft crashing. All that would happen if she succeeded in cutting enough holes in the hydrogen cells was that the ship would lose lift. That would cause it to slowly lose altitude until it was forced to land. The gas cells could be repaired, but it would take several days. Once on the ground Larra could try a more permanent way to sabotage the Nazi dirigible. The simplest was to destroy it would simple be to ignite the highly inflammable hydrogen gas. But that would also be very dangerous. It wouldn’t do to get caught in the conflagration of a burning dirigible.

    She drove her knife into the closest cell. With an audible hiss the hydrogen began to leak out. Then she went to the next cell and repeated the operation. “Just seventeen more to go,” she murmured. And then something heavy struck her on the back of her head and everything went black.

    When Larra awoke she was sitting in a rather comfortable chair, but she wasn’t in a very comfortable position. Her head hurt and she was securely fastened to a chair made of leather and tubular steel, which was bolted to the deck of the Zeppelin. Larra’s jacket and pack had been removed, and her wrists were handcuffed to each arm of the chair. Her leather hiking boots had also been removed and each of her ankles was similarly shackled to each leg of the chair. Sitting across from her was a meticulously attired German officer.

    “Well,” he said in German, “you are awake at last. I hope you were not hurt too badly. My engineer told me that he hit you quite hard.”

    Larra did not answer, so the German officer continued. “You did not have any papers on you, so we can only guess at your identity, but I think I know who you are. You are Larra Court, the famous adventurer, and you were trying to sabotage my ship. I am somewhat curious as to how you managed to get on board the Ludendorff, but I suspect we will learn everything in time.”

    Larra remained silent. The German officer was simply trying to elicit some free information from her and she had no intention of cooperating. Another man came forward. He was dressed in civilian clothes, and Larra smelled Gestapo.

    “She is a quiet one, Hauptmann Kranmer, but let me question her privately for awhile and I will have the truth out of her.”

    “No, Herr Diels, I will not allow the torture of prisoners. I am sure Miss Court will tell us what we want to know in time.”

    “This woman is a sworn enemy of the Reich,” replied Diels. “She has been responsible for the deaths of dozens of German soldiers and has foiled Reichsfuhrer Himmler on several occasions. We do not have time to persuade her to talk; we must force the information out of her.”

    “Nevertheless,” insisted Kranmer, “while I am captain of this ship there will be no acts of brutality.” He moved a little closer to Larra.

    “You will be happy to learn, Miss Court, that we were able to repair the damage to the hydrogen cells before we lost too much lift. You inconvenienced us, but we are still underway. As a matter of fact, we should reach our destination in about three more days. However, your knowledge of the geography of central Africa would be invaluable to us. Can I prevail upon you to help us out?”

    “You seem like a man of honor, Herr Hauptman,” replied Larra, “But I cannot help you complete your mission any more than you can help me complete mine.”

    “I thought as much,” said Kranmer. “We will leave you for a few hours and see if you change your mind. I should warn you, however, that you will get no food or water until you cooperate.”

    So that was it! Kranmer would not torture her, but he would allow her to starve and dehydrate until she became delirious enough to tell him what he wanted to know. In many ways it was a more barbaric and more effective method of extracting information than Diels’ more direct methods would have been. Larra had some success at resisting physical torture, but how well she would stand up to being deprived of food and water she did not know. She already felt thirsty. And a few hours more would make her desperate for water.

    “Chain her up in the aft storage compartment,” ordered Kranmer, “and place a guard on her. We will again ask her to cooperate in a day or so.”

    Two hefty men in Luftwaffe blue stepped forward. Leaving Larra’s feet fettered, they each took one of her arms and unlocked the handcuffs from the arm of the chair. They then recuffed her hands in front of her. Before removing the cuffs holding her legs they first attached a length of chain between her ankles to make sure that she did not try to kick out when the shackles were removed. Then her ankles were released and they hauled her to her feet, keeping a tight hold on her arms. Able to move each foot only half a step at a time, Larra was half-walked, half-dragged to the after section of the gondola. She had no chance to escape.

    One of the junior officers went with the two escorts. When they reached the storage compartment the officer supervised her bondage. “Take her over to the hull,” he ordered.

    Larra noticed that the structural girders were honeycombed with large holes that would be ideal for securing her to the side of the airship. That was exactly what the officer had in mind. He took out another pair of handcuffs, and locked her wrists to one of the girders so that she stood with her arms stretched above her head. Since her jacket had been removed, she was clad only in a form-hugging wool sweater, and a pair of heavy trousers. One of the guards whistled silently as he took in Larra’s impressive silhouette.

    Larra was all too conscious of the picture she presented. She was one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she was chained on display for her captors to ogle as they wished. Her prominent breasts thrust out from her chest most suggestively, the gentle rise and fall of her bosom seeming to invite violation.

    The guard licked his lips, but jumped to attention when the officer spoke to him. “Bosch, you will remain on guard. Make sure that she does not get up to anything.”

    “Yes, Leutnant,” Bosch replied saluting.

    The Leutnant left the room followed by the other escort. Bosch sat down on a packing crate to watch his prisoner.

    A couple of hours went by. Larra was already beginning to feel the strain of standing with her arms over her head. Gravity was draining the blood from her arms. She knew that if she was forced to stand like this much longer she would be in serious difficulty. She recalled from her knowledge of history that victims of crucifixion did not die of the wounds inflicted upon them, but of suffocation caused by the body’s organs settling. Before their deaths, however, they experienced the most terrible pain as their blood pooled in the lower parts of their anatomy. She tried to flex her muscles to keep the circulation going, but knew that it was only a matter of time before she was experiencing severe discomfort.

    Bosch kept his eyes on Larra, as ordered. As the helpless woman strained at her bonds, he found himself aroused by the movements of her exquisite body. There were no women on board the Ludendorff and he knew that if their mission succeeded he could not hope to find any female companionship for several weeks, or maybe even months.

    He glanced at the door. Who would ever know? he thought. This Englishwoman was not likely to inform on him if he had a little fun. He would not try to have sex with her; just feel her up a little.

    Getting to his feet, he took his handkerchief from his pocket and balled it up.

    “What do…oooommmphh!” Larra said, as he stuffed the handkerchief into her mouth. Bosch then removed Larra’s belt from her trousers and strapped it around her head and across her mouth, so that the gag was held in place.

    “Mmmmppphhh!” Larra prostested.

    “Don’t worry, English,” said Bosch. “I’m not going to hurt you, just have a little fun.”

    Larra struggled to free herself from her chains. She had no doubt about what Bosch’s idea of fun would be all about. Sometimes she wished that she was not so damned attractive, her beauty always seemed to invite the worst sort of attention.

    Bosch unbuttoned the front Larra’s trousers and slid them down her legs. Her loins were clad only in a thin pair of delicate white panties that could not hide the dark bush covering her mound of Venus. Running his hand over her firm belly, Bosch pushed his fingers under the waistband of her panties and massaged her pubic area.

    “MMMPPPPHH!” Larra protested as loudly as she could beneath the gag, but it was most unlikely that her muffled cries would penetrate beyond the storage room, not over the ever-present drone of the airship’s engines.

    Slowly Bosch worked his fingers lower, until he reached Larra’s vulva. Using his middle finger he parted her labia and thrust it within her.

    Larra’s breath quickened and she twisted her abdomen away from Bosch’s intruding fingers, but she could not move far enough to avoid the unwelcome invasion of her honey pot.

    The German airman continued to explore her most intimate region, marveling at the tightness of her vagina. “Could it be that she is still a virgin?” he wondered. She was certainly tight enough to be one. He pushed his finger in as far as it would go. No, her hymen was long gone. She was not a virgin. But, he thought, she is certainly the next best thing.

    Bosch doubled up his fingers and pushed two of them into Larra’s tight crevice.

    “MMMPPPHH! came the muffled cry of protest once again. She was so tight that he was hurting her.

    This appealed to Bosch’s somewhat sadistic nature, and he ignored Larra’s protests as he moved his fingers around the entrance to her tight love tunnel.

    Suddenly, he had an idea. “I wonder,” he thought, “how much I could fit inside her without splitting her open?”

    He added a third finger, and swirled it around the lips of her pleasure center. Larra objected again, but this simply drove Bosch on. Pushing all four fingers together, he tried to force his entire hand into her.

    “MMMMPPPPPHHHH! MMMMPPPPPHHHH!” Larra was more than protesting now, she was in real pain.

    Bosch kept up the pressure. Driving all four fingers into Larra’s well of passion, he slowly curled his hands into a fist. Larra writhed in agony, her vaginal opening was stretched to a width of four inches. Her suffering was intense. With deliberate cruelty Bosch thrust his fist deep inside the struggling adventurer, ignoring her muffled cries. For several minutes he fist-raped her, doing his best to elicit as much pain as possible from his helpless victim.

    Larra tried desperately to relieve the pressure. If she could have she would have spread her legs as far apart as possible, but the chains connecting her ankles prevented her from moving them more than a foot apart. As a result, her suffering was greatly enhanced.

    But Bosch now changed his tactics. He wanted to taste more of his victim than just probing her with his hand. Rising to his feet, he lifted her tight sweater over Larra’s head revealing her magnificent upper torso.

    Despite the coolness of the unheated storage compartment, Larra’s body was soaked in perspiration. Rivulets of sweat flowed down her body saturating her thin cotton bra. Her taut nipples were clearly visible through the diaphanous material. Her breasts were so full that only half of them were concealed in any case.

    Bosch yanked the bra from her quivering breasts, and cupped each of the milky white mounds and squeezed hard.

    “MMMPPPPHH!” came Larra’s smothered groan of dismay.

    “My God, these are ripe!” exclaimed Bosch. “I’ve never felt tits like these.” Continuing the painful pressure on each of her swollen glands, he placed his ravenous mouth over her throbbing nipple. He sucked hard, trying to pull as much of her soft flesh into his mouth as possible. Larra moaned again. Then he bit down hard.

    “MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHH! MMMMMPPPPHHHHH!” Larra’s muffled screams aroused him to a fever pitch. Hardly knowing what he was doing, he yanked down his pants and shorts, freeing his swollen manhood. Grabbing her shoulders, he whirled her around, and finished removing what was left of her panties.

    “MMMM! MMMM! MMMM!” Larra knew what was coming, but her muffled protests did not slow the German’s attack. Parting the cheeks of her buttocks, he placed the tip of his engorged phallus against the tiny entrance to her anus. Larra writhed, shifting her hips from side to side in an effort to avoid the brutal anal rape, but Bosch held her fast and thrust his stiff member into her tight backside.

    “MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!” Larra’s scream would have been clearly audible to anyone standing outside the door. Fortunately for Bosch, but unfortunately for her, there was no one near. Despite the lack of lubrication, the airman forced his way into her. It took quite some time, and caused her incredible pain, but he slowly broke down her defenses.

    Larra contorted her body in an effort to escape Bosch’s cruel lance. Her efforts were ineffective. They did, however, slow down the German’s attack. Bosch suddenly realized that he was running out of time. In a little while he would be relieved and he wanted to have his way with the Englishwoman before he was interrupted.

    “This would be so much easier,” he thought, “if this bitch wasn’t hanging from the wall.”

    Made stupid by lust, Bosch pulled out of his victim and took out the set of keys to her shackles. I’ll just get her down from the wall and then fuck her on the floor, he thought, then she won’t be so hard to get at.

    Bosch had, of course, heard rumors of the prowess of the great Larra Court, but he had seen no indication of the superwoman that she was supposed to be. So far he had pretty much done with her as her as he chose and all she had done was scream in pain and rage. And so, he unlocked the shackle that held her arms over her head. It was the last thing he remembered doing.

    Hardly daring to believe her amazing fortune, Larra was not slow to take advantage of it. Whipping about, she brought her manacled wrists down with ferocious force across the bridge of his nose. The impact shattered the bones of his face and hurled his body across the room. He was unconscious before he hit the floor, but Larra followed him. Pitching forward onto her hands, she somersaulted across the compartment, finishing her acrobatic leap by driving her feet into his chest. There was a loud crunching sound as his ribs caved in. Blood spurted from his mouth.

    Finished with Bosch, Larra hopped across the room and retrieved the keys from the floor where they had fallen. A few seconds later she was free of her manacles. Then, quite exhausted, she sat down on a packing crate. She was incredibly sore from her experience, not to mention emotionally drained. For several minutes, she was not able to move a muscle. Then, gathering herself, she got to her feet. Pulling her clothes back on, she assessed her situation. Bosch had been unarmed, so she had no weapons. She was, however, in the main storage compartment of the airship. It was possible that she might find some sort of weapon among the assorted crates and bales that were stored around her.

    At that moment, Larra heard a noise in the corridor outside the door. It was time to change the guard. In a few seconds she would be discovered!