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    Erolair isn't just another site where people post art; it's a community, a family. The foundation of this website is based off of a group of friends who gathered together to make something that, although smaller than so many big name sites, offers something unique. We are compassionate, and unlike a lot of the other places with staff who don't really care about the user base or an owner who takes a boatload of ad revenue and doesn't care about the actual people who use the site, we have a wonderful group of people who genuinely just want a nice place to hang out over here.

    If you are looking to get help with something you're working on, a friendly critique, a red pen, etc., feel free to post a thread in this forum, and let people know what you'd like for help! I would like to ask that people are considerate and kind. Anyone found shitposting or flaming with "you're garbage, uninstall PhotoShop" or anything like that will have their comments deleted. This is a place for friendly criticism and compassionate, real help only. I won't stop people from writing up detailed sensible critiques, but it would be nice if you give the people what they are specifically looking for if they have something in mind (i.e., "Can anyone tell me if the colors look okay on this?" and responding with a massive list of critiques that were not asked for).

    If you are not sure in the help you are offering (maybe you're a beginner artist too), feel free to give your input, but maybe say that it's questionable just for clarity's sake.

    Much love to all of you, and happy arting! :meowlove:

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    I will be very interested in this post for the future, but right now I just want to say thank you for being who you are and being welcoming and inclusive toward everyone on the site. Also thank you for featuring my work. I appreciate it!
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    That is really sweet of you - thank you so much! And you are most welcome! You deserved it! ^^

    And feel free to make a thread in this forum anytime you like, for pretty much any medium of artwork! There are a lot of us who can and are willing to help others. :meowlove:
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    I absolutely will. Admittedly, im still getting a handle on how to use the site but I think im going to like it here. You all are stuck with me :D
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    We're so happy to have you! If you have any questions or need help with the site itself, please let me know! I made it, after all! :meow:
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    Thanks for the poke.
    The reason I have been idle for the past months is that I haven't made any new art.
    And the reason I haven't made new art is that I am battling with the plot of the new story.
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    To any 3D artist using dForce, how the hell do I get clothing off a character's clothes to drop off them (dforce clothing of course)? What I mean by this is how do I get a clothing item to fall to the floor and sit around their feet?