Girls' Own Peril Part 2 Chapter 2 Just the Faxe Ma’am

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    Girls Own Peril

    Story by L’Espion [email protected]


    Cast of Characters

    Lady Penelope Grey (Penny) - On her 21st birthday Lady Penelope was gifted a million pounds by her grandfather. “That girl is worth a dozen of the fops that are my grandsons,” Lord Eddington, Earl of Grafton, is reported to have stated. Highly intelligent, adventurous, and mechanically inclined, Lady Penelope personifies the new woman of the 1930s. Like many of her class she is a gifted horsewoman although she has eschewed traditional equestrian activities in favour of her latest pursuit, that of flying. Another of the traditional occupations she is definitely not interested in is that of marriage to one of her class. Dark-haired and beautiful as well as wealthy, she would normally be much sought after as a matrimonial partner, but she has shown no interest in being tied down to a husband. This has made her something of a social pariah, something that might have mattered if she gave a damn about what others thought of her.

    Lady Joan Bottomsly-Topp - Blonde-haired Lady Joan much prefers to be known as Topsy for somewhat obvious reasons. Like her long-time friend Penny, she is quite unconventional in her views and is somewhat more daring in her relationships with the opposite sex. However, she is also very much a modern women and has shied away from any permanent relationships, jealously guarding her freedom. Much to the dismay of her parents she refuses to settle down and has attached herself to Penny, more than willing to share in her friend’s adventures. A small annuity paid to her from her late father’s estate enables her to live the life she chooses.

    Lady Felicity Farnsborough - The sixth child of a minor member of the nobility red-haired Lady Felicity has been forced to earn a living in order to make her way. Fortunately, her chosen occupation of journalism fits in very well with that of her two best friends, Penny and Topsy. Although employed by Penny to document her adventures she is much more of a friend than an employee. Of the three she is the most athletic and was captain of her school’s hockey and cricket teams.

    General background - The three young women met in school when they were sent away to Switzerland by their families to learn how to be cultured young women; an attribute that was intended to make them more marriageable. However, it did not quite work out that way. School forged a lasting bond between the three girls; one that continued into adulthood and became even stronger once they came of age.

    For the first adventure of the three chums read the first Girls’ Own Peril story

    Chapter 2 Just the Faxe Ma’am

    The three women looked at one another, their faces ashen. “We were drugged,” Penny said. “I don’t sleep that soundly.”

    “The hell with sleeping soundly,” Topsy growled. “Some blighter came in here and took off our clothes while we were sleeping.”

    “So what do we do?” Felicity asked. “We’re naked. Do we march into the cabin and demand our clothes be returned?”

    At that moment the door to the room opened and Lebruin stepped in. Right behind him was Doyle. “Ah, I see you ‘ave wakened,” he said.

    All three women retreated to the lower bunks, pulling up the covers in front of them. Doyle laughed. “Modest are ye? Yer fergettin’ that we’ve already seen everything.”

    “Why have you done this? What do you want?” Penny demanded, huddling behind the blanket she was sharing with Felicity.

    “Dollars,” Lebruin answered. “You rich Eenglish ladies will fetch beaucoup ransom.”

    “Then why take our clothes?” Penny asked apprehensively. “We’ll freeze without them.”

    “Simple, darlin’, yer not likely to go anywhere if yer naked. Makes it easier for Pierre and me to keep an eye on ye. “I know what yer thinkin’, but we’d already be doin’ that if we had a mind to. Behave yerselves and yer safe from us.”

    “But what if we have to go…, you know.”

    “To the bog? Then yer free to go. You’ll just have to make it quick.”

    “You can’t possible get away with this,” Penny said. “People know where we’ve gone. And anyway how are you going to arrange for the ransom money?”

    “Lebruin laughed. “You English are so arrogant. You theenk we stupeed? Message was sent to British consulate the day we took off. And you flew where I tell you. No one but me and Doyle know where dis place is.”

    “Actually, there is one other,” Doyle corrected. “Me brother in Montreal will collect the money. He’s a bush pilot and will fly up here, when he’s got the ransom.”

    “H… how much did you ask for?” Felicity asked.

    “One hundred thousand fer all three of ye,” Doyle grinned. “A pretty penny, but nothing her ladyship can’t manage.”

    “His “her ladyship” reference was directed at Penny, who was by far the wealthiest of the three women. One hundred thousand would hardly make a dent in her sizable fortune, but she wasn’t going to tell her kidnappers that.

    “You can’t possible think that your plan will work,” Penny said. “It has too many elements. Something is bound to go wrong.”

    “Ye better hope fer yer sakes that the plan works,” Doyle snarled. “If it doesn’t then we’re goin’ to find some other use fer ye.”

    At that threat all three women fell silent. They had experienced extreme brutality at the hands of the Japanese and had no wish to repeat that horror.

    “I see that got through to ye,” Doyle said. “Now just remember that and we’ll get on fine. In the meantime I’ll get ye some breakfast.”

    The door closed and Penny looked at her companions. “I’m sorry, chums. This is entirely my fault. If I hadn’t….”

    “The hell it is,” Topsy angrily interrupted. “Don’t blame yourself for the actions of those two blackguards.”

    “She’s right,” Felicity added. “It’s not your fault that Lebruin and Doyle are criminals. You had no way of knowing. The question is what are we going to do about the dashed pickle we’re in?

    “We could climb out the window,” Penny suggested.

    “And do what?” Topsy asked. “We’d freeze to death in no time.”

    “If we can make it to the plane I can fly us out of here. We don’t have enough fuel to get back to Montreal, but we could fly along the shore and look for another hunting lodge or perhaps make it to Fort Rupert if I go easy on the gas.”

    “That’s an idea,” enthused Felicity. “We can take the bedclothes with us until we get to the plane. They will provide some sort of protection.”

    “They’re going to know we’ve gone,” Topsy said. “But maybe we can make them think we’ve still here. Give me a hand with this bunk.” She shed the blanket she had been hiding under and grabbed the end of the bunk. With the help of the other two they maneuvered one end over to the door and jammed the other end against the other bunk, effectively blocking the door.

    The noise of their action was heard in the other room as Doyle’s voice sounded through the door. “What the hell are ye doin’ in there?” A moment later he tried to push the door open. “What in blazes,” he yelled. “Unlock this door.”

    “You’re not coming in here,” Topsy shouted back. “And you can keep your breakfast, we’d rather starve.”

    “Stupide Anglos,” Lebruin yelled. A moment later his heavy body slammed into the door.

    “Let’s go,” Penny said. “It won’t hold forever.” She headed for the window and opened the shutters. In a moment she was through followed by Felicity. Topsy tossed out the blankets and clambered after them and then the three women headed for the plane, ignoring as best they could the freezing cold on their bare legs.

    It was barely a hundred yards to the landing strip, but running on the cold rocky ground was painful and despite their peril they took their time. Penny got there first and pulled open the door, but she was barely inside when she froze. “Oh no!”

    “What is it?” Topsy asked. “And hurry up, I’m freezing.”

    “This,” Penny answered, holding up a tangle of wires.

    “What is it?” Topsy asked. “Is it bad?”

    “They’ve pulled off the distributor wires. I can put them back, but it will take …,”

    A yell from the cabin alerted them to the fact that their flight had been discovered. Looking toward the cabin they could see Lebruin running toward them. “Bastard,” Penny muttered. Reaching back inside the plane she came up with a large spanner.

    “You can’t fight him with that,” Felicity protested.

    “Maybe you’re right,” Penny answered. As Lebruin neared the plane she pulled back her arm and let fly. It struck the unsuspecting Lebruin in the head just as he arrived. With a loud cry he went down, clutching his head. However, at that point Doyle appeared outside the cabin doorway, and he was carrying a rifle.

    “Run,” Penny shouted.


    Without thinking all three women headed for the bush. Not a one of them had any idea where they were headed, only that they had to get away. Within moments they were struggling through the trees and shrubs, snagging the blankets they wore on every piece of vegetation. It didn’t take long before Penny dropped hers, followed by Felicity and then Topsy. Terrified they fled through the snow, finally coming to a halt behind a large boulder.

    “What are we going to do?” Felicity whimpered. “I’m freezing cold.”

    Their only choice seemed to be to give themselves up, but for the moment they were paralysed with fear. “Then a taunting voice spoke up from close by. “Come out, come out, wherever ye are. Ye know I can track ye through the snow. Come out or ye’ll freeze yer sweet little hineys off.”

    “W… we’ve got no choice,” Topsy said, her teeth chattering.

    “I can see ye, redhead.” Doyle called. “Come from behind that tree or I start shootin’ off pieces of yer body.”

    “No,” Felicity said. “I’m not giving up. She ducked out from behind the tree and headed deeper into the woods, but she had hardly gone three steps before she came to a sudden halt. “B…, bb…, bear!” she gasped.

    Topsy and Penny stared in her direction. From the darkness of the woods an even darker form emerged. With a roar it charged toward them. With screams of terror they turned and ran only to see Doyle pointing a rifle in their direction. “No, don’t shoot!” Penny yelled.

    There was a sharp crack and the rifle jerked and then Doyle lowered it with a nod of satisfaction. While the three women stood stupefied with fear he walked past them. “Looks like ye three Sasanachs ‘er good fer somethin’. This bear’ll make a nice rug.” He turned back, “But I’ll deal with ye three first. Get back to the cabin.” He waved the rifle at them. “Get runnin’ afore I start shootin’ off body parts.”

    They ran, ignoring the hard ground that bruised their feet. They were met at the door by Lebruin. “You cause us problem. Need to be taught lesson.”

    “I…, I’m s… so cc… cold,” Topsy stammered.

    “Turns out we have the perfect way to warm ye up,” Doyle said as he followed them into the cabin. “Tie ‘em up, Pierre.”

    Lebruin produced a length of rope and quickly tied Topsy’s and Felicity’s hands behind their backs. To make doubly sure that they did not get up to any more mischief he then tied them to one another by looping a length of rope about their elbows and tying them back to back. As he finished he gave Topsy’s left breast a painful squeeze. “We get around to you later, but first we take her ladyship.”

    Neither woman bothered to point out that they were also “ladyships,” but Topsy protested her treatment. “You can’t treat us like this. We’re not animals.”

    “Yer lucky we don’t do worse,” Doyle countered. “I’ve wondered what it would be like to feck a high and mighty Brit. Now I’m gonna find out.”

    As he spoke he was lashing Penny to the table by tying each of her wrists to a corner and then pulling her body off the top so that her feet touched the floor. “Stop, you bastards,” she begged. “We’ve done nothing to deserve this.”

    “You Anglos have fucked both our countries,” Lebruin retorted. “Now we’re going to fuck you.”

    Doyle had dropped his trousers to the floor, revealing a full erection. Penny tried to bring up her legs to stop him, but he caught her knees and easily forced her legs apart. “Noo,” she moaned. And then Doyle thrust into her. “Ahhh, no! Stop! Stop! Uhhn! Uhhn! Uhnn!”

    Needless to say Doyle ignored her cries and slammed her hard, penetrating her deeply and hammering her buttocks against the edge of the table. He drove into her again and again, presenting a horrific scene for the helpless Felicity and Topsy who could only watch as their chum was brutally raped. The spectacle was made all the more horrible by the fact that they would probably soon share Penny’s fate.

    They were not wrong in their expectations. Doyle enjoyed his English conquest thoroughly, until he finally climaxed. But Penny’s ordeal was far from over. Lebruin took Doyle’s place and thrust into her so hard that she screamed in pain. “Bit too big for you, cherie?” Lebruin sneered. “Well get used to it. You’re going to get plenty more.”

    “Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” Penny grunted. “Aaggh!” The latter cry came when Lebruin heaved himself forward and bit her breasts. Horrified, Felicity and Topsy tugged at their bonds, but they were too well tied to break away. Meanwhile Doyle was eyeing them speculatively.

    “It’ll soon be yer turn,” he said. “My pecker is throbbin’ already.”

    He didn’t have long to wait. Lebruin finally finished and looked at Doyle. “Which one next?” he asked.

    “I fancy the redhead meself,” Doyle answered. “Get her ladyship off the table and we’ll take her next.”

    Trembling with fear, Felicity watched as Penny was untied. Exhausted, Penny almost fell as she stood up, but her captors showed little sympathy. “It’s gettin’ cold in here,” Doyle said. “Bring in some firewood.”

    “I…, I’ll freeze,” Penny protested.

    “Soft bitch,” Doyle sneered. He walked over to a trunk, opened it, and threw some clothing toward her. “Wear these. They’ll do.”

    Penny picked up the ragged pair of shorts and red shirt. They were almost her size and she wondered where Doyle had gotten them. She found her boots near the door and laced them on. Limping a little from her ordeal she went outside. A light snow was falling and the cold air bit into her. She shivered. What was she going to do? Felicity would soon share her fate, and then Topsy.

    The woodpile was lined up along the side of the cabin. Next to it was a chopping block and an axe along with a woven rope firewood carrier. “I’ve got to do something,” she muttered. And then an idea came together. Suddenly the pain and exhaustion of her ordeal were forgotten.

    She picked up the firewood holder and headed for a patch of moss. Quickly loading up the carrier she moved back to the woodpile. Placing the carrier on top, she went to one end and with a bit of effort managed to climb on top. Then she picked up the carrier and placed it on the roof. The firewood was just high enough that with a bit of scrambling she was able to clamber onto the roof. From there she made her way to the chimney. It took he but a moment to stuff the moss into it and then she slid back across the roof to the woodpile and down to the ground.

    Heading for the chopping block she picked up the axe. It was a heavy double-headed tool and as she hefted it she wondered if she could follow through on her plan. Her misadventure with the Japanese had taught her how to shoot people, but using an axe as a weapon was an altogether different kettle of fish. I’ve got to do this, she thought. Failure would certainly result in brutal retaliation or even death, but not doing it might mean the same. Lebruin and Doyle were brutes. A little murder would hardly be beyond either of them. She moved to one side of the doorway and waited.

    “What the feck is goin’ on?” Doyle shouted as he burst through the doorway. “I’m gonna kill that b….” His words were cut short as Penny swung the axe. Whether by instinct or pure dumb luck he lunged back, slamming into Lebruin and Penny’s swing grazed his forehead. Tripped up by Doyle, Lebruin stumbled forward and both men sprawled into the yard, Lebruin dropping the huge hunting knife he had been carrying. It gave Penny a second chance and this time she made proper contact, slamming the axe into Lebruin’s shoulder. With sharp cry he rolled away, clutching at his wound.

    “God dammit!” Doyle swore. He lunged to his feet before Penny had time for a third swing and tackled her around the middle, slamming her into the ground. “Ya cunt,” Doyle screamed as he raised his fist.

    Unable to use the axe, Penny waited for the blow to fall, but at the same time tried to squirm away. At the last split second she spotted Doyle’s belt knife and jerked it from its sheath. She jabbed hard and felt the blade strike bone. Doyle screamed, his blow landing hard enough to snap Penny’s head back. He jerked back, pulling the knife from Penny’s hand, but allowing her to roll away from him. Somehow her hand found the axe again. Just a yard away the injured Lebruin was reaching for his knife. She swung the axe with all of her strength and struck him on the side of the head. He dropped to the ground, either dead or unconscious and she whirled back to Doyle.

    “No, please,” Doyle begged, raising his hands. Penny drove the axe right between his eyes.

    Gasping for breath, she squatted right where she was. Everything had happened so quickly that the world seemed like a blur. Two men lay dead or injured on either side of her. For a moment she felt sick and then a cry from inside the cabin snapped her back to the present. She got to her feet and dashed to the cabin. Inside she could barely see, but the cries of her companions guided her. Fortunately, she had picked up the knife Lebruin had dropped and she used it to cut the ropes binding Felicity and Topsy. Then she led them outside.

    It took a while for Felicity and Topsy to stop coughing and for their eyes to stop tearing up, but eventually they were able to look at the carnage just outside the door. Neither woman asked any questions. The bloodied axe, and Penny’s bruised and disheveled state told the story. Meanwhile Penny had made her way back to the roof and had unplugged the chimney. She managed to make it back to the ground before the reaction to what she had done set it.

    She began shaking uncontrollably and had to sit down before she fell. This time it was her companions who came to her aid. “The blighters had it coming,” Topsy said as she put her arms around Penny’s shoulders.

    On the other side, Felicity also hugged her. “You saved us, Penny. There’s no telling what those bludgers would have done if you hadn’t acted. Penny didn’t answer, but their presence and comforting words, plus the fact that there were still things to be done, finally had her getting to her feet.

    “Let’s see if we can find our clothes,” she said as she headed back into the cabin.

    “Yes,” Topsy agreed. “And let’s build up the fire.” Neither she nor Felicity had bothered to look for any clothing and they were both shivering.

    Inside the cabin they found their clothing in a cellar accessed by a trap door. They also found quite a few other things, including enough women’s clothing to ,let them know that they had not been Doyle’s and Lebruin’s only victims. In fact it appeared that there may have been as many as six or seven. “It looks like these two were repeat kidnappers, and perhaps murderers,” Penny observed. “We’ll have to notify the police and hope they can sort it out.”

    “What do we do with the bodies?” Felicity asked.

    “Much as I hate to handle them,” Penny said. “We’ll have to put them in the cabin or the wild animals will find them. Once we leave the cabin will cool off enough to preserve them and after that it is a matter for the police.”

    It was a disagreeable task, but after they had dressed and eaten they dragged to bodies to the cabin and left them in the middle of the living area. Then they headed down to the landing strip and while Penny repaired the plane, Topsy and Felicity rolled a drum of aviation fuel over to the plane and took turns pumping fuel into it.

    “If it is all the same to you,” Penny said. “I’m sleeping in the plane. I can’t go back into that cabin. And as soon as it is light tomorrow I’m flying out of here.”

    It was a plan agreeable to Felicity and Topsy. They got some blankets from the cabin and bedded down in the plane. The next morning they flew back to Montreal.


    “Well, I’m glad that is over with,” Penny said as she strolled from the inquiry into their misadventure. It had been determined that Doyle and Lebruin had been responsible for a number of kidnapping under various names, and at least two murders. Using the evidence provided by the three women the police had tracked down Doyle’s brother and in an effort to save his own skin he had confessed everything. Penny and the other two women had been cleared of any suspicion. In fact they were all lauded as heroines and constantly hounded by the press. Now, as they left the courthouse by a back entrance they were headed for the aerodrome. Their long and adventurous around the world flight had left them longing for home and the privacy of their own lodgings.

    “Why don’t you both stay with me for a while?” Penny suggested. “I’ve got a small estate in Scotland and the press won’t be able to find us there.”

    “Any fishing or shooting?” Topsy asked.

    “Loads,” Penny replied.

    “Then I’m in.”

    “Me too,” Felicity said. “And while I’m up there I can write about our adventures. Using pseudonyms, of course. Flying around the world is enough scandal I think.”

    “Very well,” Topsy grinned. “You can refer to me as Emily Canterwell, lady adventurer.”

    Penny smiled. “And I’ll be….”
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