Episode 5 Larra and the Quest of the Ludendorff Chapter 3 Gestapo

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 5
    The Quest of the Ludendorff
    Chapter 3 Gestapo

    Larra and Steiner departed by train from Paris only two days after they arrived. Their plan was not to travel directly to Germany; that would have been too dangerous. By now Larra was well known to the Gestapo and it was very unlikely that she would have been able to cross the border without being discovered. Instead their plan was to travel first to Switzerland and then use that country’s mountainous terrain to cross into Germany. They carried forged papers that they hoped would enable them to mingle with the population without being detected. For both Larra and Steiner the mission was incredibly dangerous. Larra had foiled the Nazis on more than one occasion and Steiner was regarded as the worst sort of traitor. If captured, they could expect brutal torture and probable death. The Gestapo was not known for giving up those it took prisoner.

    Their mission was both dangerous and difficult. Agents in Germany had reported that the Nazis were about to launch another of their seemingly endless expeditions in search of some ancient artifact that would help them to dominate the world. It was their job to find out what they were up to and determine if it presented a real threat. Since they had only the most obscure of clues to guide them, it was going to be a real challenge.

    They traveled first class on the train, the better to avoid having to mix with the general population. That way they could also eat and sleep in their compartments. To further avoid suspicion, and for the sake of propriety, Larra and Steiner also took separate compartments. They would avoid one another during the journey, not meeting again until the train reached the German border.

    The first part of the two-day journey went well. Larra and Steiner kept to their compartments as the train rolled through the scenic French countryside. There was a stop at the Swiss border, where their forged passports were checked, but they seemed to arouse little suspicion among the Swiss customs agents.

    Larra had made some attempt to change her appearance a little. She wore her hair up rather in the long braid that usually hung down her back and she dressed conservatively in a full-length high-buttoned dress and jacket. On her head she wore a wide-brimmed hat that when pulled down helped to hide her magnificent features. This “disguise” seemed to work well. For the most part, Larra passed unnoticed, even despite her remarkable beauty. As long as she kept out of sight as much as possible she avoided attracting too much attention.

    The train crossed the Swiss border early in the evening. Larra and Steiner had chosen this timetable to avoid being seen as they approached the German border. Larra watched darkness descend outside the train as she was served dinner in her compartment. The on-board cuisine was quite good, at least in first class. Tonight it was pheasant under glass. Although she normally refrained from the consumption of alcohol when on a mission, this night she drank a half glass of pleasant French wine. She ate heartily and then after supper, returned to her reading. Larra always had a book with her, usually connected with the study of antiquities. This time she had several travel guides on Bavaria and other parts of Germany. If she was to sneak into the country, it might be best if she knew something of its geography and culture.

    Larra yawned. Tonight she was having a little trouble getting into her reading.

    “I must be getting bored with the inactivity,” she thought. “Perhaps I should have an early night. I might be missing some sleep in the days ahead.”

    She got to her feet, intending to cross to the washroom in order to prepare for bed. She swayed unsteadily, and almost fell. Placing her hand on the back of her seat, she steadied herself.

    I’ve been drugged! she thought. I’ve got to warn Steiner!

    Larra took a faltering step toward the door of the compartment. A wave of dizziness swept through her and she grabbed desperately at the overhead luggage rack for support.

    I’ve got to make it to Steiner, she thought. Got to get help. Her eyes phased out of focus. The compartment blurred as the effects of the drug really took hold. “Shouldn’t have had the wine,” she muttered. “Not wise to drink when on a mission.” Her head whirling, she fell helplessly toward the seat, passing into complete unconsciousness as she did so.

    Larra was only in a state of complete oblivion for a few minutes. She had not drunk enough to put her out for much longer. However, she was out long enough to find herself in quite changed circumstances when she awoke. She was lying face down on the seat in her compartment, her nose pressed into the space between the seat cushion and the back of the seat. With a slight moan she tried to get up, but found that her hands had been tightly bound behind her.

    “Christ,” came an exclamation in German, “she is waking up already! I thought you put a double dose of that drug in her wine.”

    “I did, she must not have drunk all of it.”

    Larra turned her head, bringing the speakers into view. It was the two men who had raped and tortured her in her own house! She thought she had recognized their voices.

    The man called Claus noticed her movement. “Put a gag on her before she starts making a fuss, I’ll tie her feet.”

    Still groggy, Larra was unable to resist as the second man, Karl, stuffed one of her own handkerchiefs into her mouth and tied it in place with another while Claus looped a rope about her well-formed ankles.

    Having finished securing her, Clause rolled her over. “I see that you survived our visit,” he said in English. “What we did to you would have finished off most women, but you don’t look much the worse for wear. We are here because the information you supplied us with proved to be totally useless. Our superiors were not amused, so this time we have been ordered to take you to Germany where you can be questioned again if your information should be unreliable. It was so very good of you to make our job easier by travelling most of the way by yourself. I am somewhat curious as to what brought you this way, but I expect I will have lots of time to find out.”

    Claus paused in his long speech, giving Karl a chance to speak. “Perhaps ve should qvestion her now. Ve haff a vhile to go before ve reach the border.”

    Claus switched to German, apparently unaware of Larra’s familiarity with the language. “Good idea, Karl. It will help to pass the time and it was so much fun last time.”

    Karl grinned. Moving around in front of Larra, he began to unbutton her dress. The flimsy material was stretched tightly across Larra’s bosom due to the fact that her wrists were bound behind her, and her breasts jutted forward most invitingly.

    “Mmmmm,” Larra protested. She strained at the ropes that bound her, dreading a repeat of what she had experienced before at the hands of the two Nazis. The action served to arch her back a little; a response that both the Germans found exceedingly erotic.

    Claus looked into Larra’s blazing violent eyes. “I see you are looking forward to entertaining us once more. Perhaps since we are getting to know one another I should make introduction. I am Claus Kruger and this it Karl Stenhaus. We are members of the Geheime Staats Polizei and have orders to take you directly to Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. However, he did not specify that you had to be brought to him intact. We have several hours before we reach Germany and enjoying your body once more will make the time pass much more quickly. Perhaps too quickly,” he added with an evil smirk.

    By this time Karl had undone the buttons on Larra’s dress all the way to her navel. Pushed apart by the weight of her breasts, the dress material separated as each button snapped loose, revealing the beautifully rounded contours of her breasts.

    “My God, you are so incredibly beautiful,” said Claus. “I thought so last time, but I don’t mind despoiling beautiful things if it serves my purpose.”

    Claus now took charge of the disrobing. Taking the cups of Larra’s brassiere in both hands, he ripped the flimsy undergarment in half, allowing Larra’s breasts to spill out. “Unbelievable,” he said. “I could hardly believe these last time. They are truly extraordinary.”

    He took one of Larra’s exquisite pink nipples between his fingers and twisted it, attempting to stimulate it into arousal.

    “Mmmmppphh!” Larra protested. Once more she found herself in a position where she was at the mercy of brutal and ruthless sexual predators. How could she allow herself to be taken so easily? It was so humiliating!

    “Ugh!” Larra grunted. Claus had clamped his hand tightly over her left breast, squeezing it hard enough to force the soft flesh between his grasping fingers. In the meantime, Karl had busied himself by removing her shoes and had reached under her dress and pulled down her garter belt and stockings.

    Clause continued to work on Larra’s left breast for several minutes, mashing and kneading the pliant flesh. He was soon joined by Karl, who took over the job of working over her right tit. Neither of the two Nazis was particularly gentle, bruising the tender glands with crushing pressure.

    “MMMMMPPHH!” Larra moaned loudly beneath her gag. She was absolutely mortified at how easily she had succumbed to the simplest of ploys. Helpless in the hands of the two sadistic Nazis, she had no hope of rescue, despite the fact that Steiner was only one passenger car away. They had agreed not to meet until the train reached the German border and that was still hours away.

    By now most of Larra’s dress had been torn away, leaving only her sheer panties as her remaining garment. Her heaving body was soaked in perspiration as she struggled ineffectually against the ropes that held her. If she had not been gagged, she would have been panting like a dog from the exertion of trying to escape from the depredations of the two brutal Gestapo agents. Her bosom heaved with the effort of trying to escape, arousing her tormentors and driving them to brutalize her breasts even more.

    Claus engulfed her areola in his mouth and bit down hard, piercing her skin. Then he shook his head like a terrier worrying a dead rat. Beneath her gag, Larra’s muffled screams attested to the pain he was causing her.

    Claus removed his mouth from Larra’s bleeding breast. Moving his hand beneath the waistband of her panties he inserted his middle finger between the folds of her labia and thrust it as far into her vagina as possible.

    “Still quite tight my dear Larra,” exclaimed Claus. “That is surprising considering the workout we gave it only a few days ago. But we will see if we can enlarge it a little more.”

    “Mmmmpphh!” Larra protested this further outrage, knowing that almost certainly the Gestapo agent intended to rape her again, and rape was an experience that she never got used to, no matter how often it happened.

    Claus pulled her panties down her legs to her bound ankles. Now her body was completely revealed, in all of its nude glory. It remained only for him to spread her legs and enjoy the treasure that lay between her thighs.

    Claus could not resist gloating over his prize. “I am almost disappointed in you Larra. I have captured you twice now, and both times so easily. Is this the legendary Larra Court who killed so many brave Germans? I am beginning to think I have made a mistake. Perhaps you have taken the credit for actions carried out by others.”

    Larra could not reply. She could only struggle futilely as Claus untied her ankles, and slipped her panties over her feet. He was careful however, to hold onto her legs, despite his seeming contempt for her. It appeared that he still had some regard for her renowned fighting abilities.

    Claus held both of Larra’s ankles firmly in his hands. Pulling on them, he straightened her legs, stretching out her body. By this time, Karl had moved behind her, to better support her for the rape.

    Claus gazed with undisguised lust and admiration on Larra’s exquisite body. Was there a more beautiful woman on the face of the earth? Her body was superbly contoured, combining both strength and beauty. There was not an ounce of unnecessary fat anywhere on her incredible physique, but it was curved in all of the right places.

    In his admiration, Claus let his grip relax a little. Perhaps it was just a momentary lapse in concentration or perhaps he thought that Larra was truly beaten. After all, she had offered him little resistance in either of his encounters with her, but this time it proved to be a fatal error.

    Despite her desperate plight, and the fact that she had been struggling to escape for almost half and hour, Larra was far from finished. Her years of training had given her great stamina, and she reacted to Claus’s carelessness almost instantly.

    With a sudden powerful motion she yanked her legs from Claus’s grasp, helped by the fact that her ankles were slippery with sweat. Withdrawing her legs until her knees touched her breasts, she rebounded like a steel spring, thrusting the balls of her feet into the center of Claus’s chest. She struck with such force, that the tremendous impact actually drove her feet almost to his backbone. The power of the blow killed Claus almost immediately and drove his body across the compartment with such force that he was hurled right through the glass window of the compartment and out of the train.

    The action had happened so quickly that Karl had not moved from his position behind Larra. In stunned incredulity he watched the lifeless body of his superior officer hurtle through the window of the compartment in a shower of glass and disappear into the night. Before Karl could collect his wits, Larra turned her attention to him. He was still holding her from behind, his hands clamped over her breasts. The position left his head bent slightly forward and exposed him to a devastating strike. Larra brought her feet back from her attack on Claus like a cobra recoiling for another strike. Her feet arced backward and over her head, smashing into Karl’s face with immense force.

    “AAAHH!” Karl reeled backward, both of his cheekbones shattered. He bounced off the wall of the compartment and staggered forward, his hands clutching at his broken face.

    Larra bounced off the seat, and whirled to face her badly injured opponent. Her right foot hammered into Karl’s solar plexus, finishing him. The beaten German collapsed in an unconscious heap.

    It did not take Larra long to get out of her bonds. Once she was no longer held down, she was able to flex her muscles, stretching the ropes enough that she could slip her hands free after only a few minutes’ work. Now she had a little unfinished business with her German “guest.”