Episode 4 Larra and the Lost World - Chapter 5 Captured

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    The Adventures of Larra Court

    Episode 4
    Larra and the Lost World
    Chapter 5 Captured

    Larra’s fingers slipped from her precarious handhold. She began to drop, then suddenly she felt her outstretched arm being seized from above. She looked up to see her wrist being grasped by a muscular forearm. Attached to that forearm was the shoulder and head of the fiercest face she had ever seen.

    Slowly, she was pulled toward the top of the cliff by the savage-looking warrior. Larra was looking directly into his face, the skin of which was covered in blue tattoos. A large gold ring penetrated the septum of his nose and two large gold earplugs pierced each earlobe. He smiled, revealing teeth that had been filed to a point. His skull had been shaved bald and tattooed like his face. Even more amazing, considering that they were in the middle of Africa, was that the man was Caucasian.

    Larra was being drawn up the face of the cliff, her breasts brushing against the stone. She realized that in her fall and then her rescue, her shirt had been torn open, revealing a bit more of her bosom than she would have liked, but she was in no position to repair the damage.

    The white savage had now pulled her almost to the top of the cliff. Now a second man appeared, almost identical in appearance to the first. He reached down and seized her useless left arm. Using their combined strength they were able to easily raise her to the top of the cliff. To Larra’s surprise they did not pull her all the way up, but left her lower body hanging over the edge. Then the first savage twisted her good arm behind her back. The second warrior did the same with the left arm. She realized with a shock that her seeming rescuers were actually her captors.

    The first warrior had produced a length of coarse grass rope. Quickly and adeptly he lashed her wrists together. Then he took a second length of rope and bound her upper arms securely, looping the rope around her torso, just below her breasts. Larra was helpless to resist. She could not use her legs as they dangled over the cliff edge and she was powerless to fight off the two stalwart men with only one good arm.

    They finished tying her and pulled her to the top of the cliff, setting her on her feet. Larra saw that there were actually seven savages. The other five were arranged in a semicircle, studying her. None of them looked particularly friendly. They were all decorated with tattoos similar to those of the two men who had tied her up. She also saw that most of the savages wore necklaces composed of human finger bones. One of them actually wore a mummified hand around his neck. Interestingly, not one of them wore anything other than ornaments. They were completely naked.

    A noose with a slipknot was now tied about her neck. Almost instinctively Larra reacted. Although these men had saved her life, what they were now doing could hardly be considered friendly. Her hands might be tied, but her feet were deadly weapons.

    Her right foot traveled in a long arc, smashing against the jaw of the man who had first grabbed her arm. The impact knocked him sprawling in the dirt. Then, without a pause the same leg struck again, driving into the solar plexus of the second man. He doubled up in pain, his breath driven from his body.

    Larra now faced the five other savages. Shock and surprise showed on all of their faces, but within seconds they were closing in on her. Apparently her demonstration against the first two men had not convinced them that she should be left alone.

    She had very little room to maneuver. The yawning chasm was only a few feet behind her and the savages were closing in from all sides. However, her martial arts skills more than compensated for her seemingly hopeless position. Her right leg kicked out with lightening thrusts. Faster than the eye could follow she struck three times, sending her three closest opponents groveling into the dust. The other two hastily backed out of the range of her powerful legs.

    Determined to finish the fight before they could recover, Larra moved after them. A twanging sound rang in her ears at the same time as the arrow arrived. It struck her right shoulder, just to the right of her breast. The shock of the injury caused Larra to stumble to her knees. Through the haze of pain that swam before her eyes she saw the savage that she had first assaulted fitting another arrow to his bow. Unmindful of her injury she tried to get to her feet, but now the two remaining savages closed in on her. She was only halfway up when they reached her and pushed her back down to the ground. She fell forward onto the arrow shaft, driving it further into her shoulder.

    “AAAHHH!” An exclamation of acute pain bust from her lips. She was in such agony from her wound that she was only dimly cognizant of the fact that her ankles were being hobbled with a short length of rope to prevent her feet from moving more than a couple of feet. Then she was brutally jerked back to her feet. Without further ado, one of the savages jerked on the rope around her neck and led her down the canyon. No attempt was made to remove the arrow from her bleeding shoulder. In a fog of pain Larra was dragged behind her captor, forced to stumble along as best she could. The other six savages, fell in behind.

    Almost sobbing from the pain of her injury, Larra was marched briskly down the canyon. Blood coursed steadily from her wound, running down over her breast and staining her shirt. The presence of the arrow in the wound seemed to limit its bleeding, otherwise loss of blood would have caused her to faint within a short time. But she was in a state of severe shock and would have collapsed if the savage leading her had not yanked harshly on the rope each time she slowed. As it was, she stumbled and fell to her knees numerous times. Each time she fell, it was more difficult than the last to get up. Finally, as her consciousness was on the verge of leaving her they stopped. Dimly, Larra was aware of being in some sort of village of mud huts. Then she was thrust into an open wicker cage and the door was lashed shut behind her. She dropped to her knees and then fell back on the dirt floor as her awareness left her and she passed out.
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