Episode 2 Larra's Mayan Adventure - Chapter 13 Schroeder's Trap

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    The Adventures of Larra Court
    Episode 2
    Larra’s Mayan Adventure
    By L’Espion [email protected]
    Chapter 13 Schroeder’s Trap

    Schroeder had hardly climbed off Amy before the next man took his place. This man was huge, and almost as well endowed as Schroeder. He turned Amy over so that she now lay face up on the dais. Amy’s firm breasts provided an inviting target and the man bent his head and took one of her erect nipples in his mouth and sucked hard, drawing the blood to the surface of her teat. Amy squirmed in discomfort, trying to force him from her, but his great weight pinned her to the stone. Then unbuttoning his pants, the German pulled out his erect phallus and thrust it into her. Still sore from the rough treatment she had received from Faraje and Schroeder, Amy let out a mighty shriek. She continued screaming as the powerful man drove deeper and deeper into her. Her only good fortune was that the man ejaculated after only about a minute and withdrew. Unfortunately, he was immediately replaced by another in a long line of Germans who were queued up waiting their turn. Amy screamed again. It was going to be a long and painful experience.

    WHOOMP! A powerful explosion occurred directly in front of Amy. Then there was another and another. In all there were more than a half dozen explosions in quick succession. These were followed by a fusillade of gunfire. All around her men were screaming and falling. Amy slid off the dais and tried to shelter herself as best she could.

    On the roof of the palace Larra and Katie had been galvanized into action by the sight of Amy’s ordeal. Larra had not intended to act so soon, but she threw caution to the winds when she beheld Amy’s plight. Noticing that the helpless woman that the Germans were ravishing was screened by their bodies, Larra had gambled that if she used the hand grenades she had taken, Amy would be spared their effect.

    The Germans were caught completely off guard. So intent had they been on the spectacle of Amy’s rape that they did not even react to the carnage that was taking place around them for several seconds. And when they did react, they dashed off in all directions, offering no organized resistance. It was every man for himself as the terrified men ran for the shelter of the palace doorways.

    Larra and Katie had followed up their grenade attack with the small arms they carried. Katie fired round after round at the fleeing Germans, while Larra blazed away with her submachine gun, switching to her .45 when she ran out of magazines. By that time, there were very few living targets left. About thirty Germans lay dead and dying in the courtyard. A number had fled through the main entrance. Many more had sought refuge in the many doorways of the palace. A few were now beginning to fire back.

    Larra and Katie ducked down as the bullets whizzed past them. “See if you can pinpoint where the gunfire is coming from,” Larra said. “And I will try to eliminate them.”

    Katie did as she was instructed, while Larra ran along the top of the palace keeping away from the inner courtyard to avoid being a target. Katie assumed a prone position and sniped back at the enemy. She had the advantage of higher ground and so was able to keep the enemy pinned down quite effectively. Larra used Katie as a guide, heading for the areas of the palace that she was shooting at. Perching overtop of the doorways where the Germans were hiding, she dropped grenades into the doorways. The screams of injured men told her that her attack had been successful.

    Tying her rope to an ornament on top of the roof, Larra swung down into the courtyard. She still had four grenades left, and she ran along the open doorways of the palace, tossing a grenade into each one. After using her last grenade, she ducked into the room. Inside were the bodies of two Germans that her last grenade had killed. She scavenged a rifle and three grenades from the dead Germans, and continued her rampage. Three more grenades cleared the last of the Germans from the palace. “This is almost too easy,” she muttered. Cautiously, she stepped away from the shelter of the palace wall. She had to get out to Amy and that meant exposing herself to danger, but it was a risk she had to take. On the roof, Katie rose to her feet and kept her covered.

    Larra reached Amy’s huddled figure without incident. Many of the Germans she passed were wounded, but none of them tried to oppose her. She knelt by her friend’s side and lifted her head. Amy stirred. It appeared that she was in complete shock. “Not surprising,” Larra thought, “after what she’s been through.” She did not stop to consider that she had been through the same ordeal herself. She knew that Amy was not quite as tough as she was and did not expect it of her.

    Taking her arm, she led Amy into the shelter of one of the palace rooms. The battered young woman could hardly walk. Katie joined them. She had swung down on the same rope Larra had used. “There are still Germans scattered about the city,” Katie said, “But most of them appeared to be headed back the way they came. However, I saw Schroeder and a few of his men climbing up the great temple.”

    “He must still be looking for the crystal skull,” Larrasaid . “I’ll have to go after him.”

    “Just you?” said Katie. “What about me?”

    “Amy needs you,” Larra replied. “You stay here and look after her. See if you can find the key to those handcuffs. I’ll deal with Schroeder.”

    Katie nodded her assent. When it came to matters of importance Larra was the boss. Larra went to the doorway. “Keep your eye on the wounded Germans. Some of them might try to get up to something.”

    Katie nodded again, and Larra moved out into the courtyard. She took a few seconds to scrounge up some ammunition clips for her submachine gun and then headed out the main door of the palace.

    Katie had been right. What Germans were left in the city seemed to have taken off. Before her loomed the bulk of the city’s great central pyramid. Larra estimated that it stood at least 200 feet high. Climbing up the hundreds of steps to the top would leave her exposed to anyone at the top. Even now anyone on the temple platform would be able to pick her off quite easily if he simply bothered to look over the edge. Larra kept her eye on the top of the pyramid, watching for any hint of opposition. Slowly, she circled the pyramid, and found what she hoped Schroeder had overlooked.

    It was a small doorway concealed in an alcove at the base of the pyramid. Larra entered the doorway and found herself at the bottom of a long flight of stairs. Now, the question was, did the stairs provide an alternate route to the top? Larra took her torch from her pack and turned it on. As she started up the stairs, she thought of the conversation she and Katie had had, about whether it should be called a torch or a flashlight. She smiled and continued her climb.

    It was very dank inside the pyramid. Apparently there was no way for the air to circulate inside the structure. Larra counted the steps as she climbed. About 400 steps should take her to the top, provided the stairway went that far. The high levels of humidity inside the temple soon had Larra sweating profusely. Soon her clothes were completely soaked. She drank liberally from her canteen. Becoming dehydrated in this situation would be fatal. Larra had counted 300 steps when she suddenly came to a large room. The light of her torch picked out an altar in the center of the room. She raised the light higher and was almost blinded by a glaring reflection. Quickly she lowered her torch, and then shielding her eyes slowly raised it again. There on the center of the altar was a crystal skull; very much like the two that Himmler had shown her, but slightly larger.

    She approached the amazing object cautiously. Carefully she ran her hand over its ghostly smoothness. It was both frightening and fascinating. It was the most terrible and most beautiful artifact that she had ever seen. The skull exuded a deadly malevolence that was almost hypnotic, and she held her breath as she caressed it. She was so caught up in the ecstasy of her discovery that she failed to detect the stealthy sound of someone creeping down the upper staircase.

    A blinding light suddenly shone in her eyes. At the same time a voice she had come to dread spoke quietly. “Please do not make me shoot you, Fraulein, we have had too much pleasure together.”

    Larra froze. It was Schroeder again, and she had let him get the drop on her. Blinded by the light of his torch, she was an easy target. Any sudden move and he would gun her down. “I see,” said Schroeder, “that you have finally done what we asked. You have found the crystal skull. Unfortunately, since you broke the contract, you will not be rewarded as we had intended. However, there is one more service that I think you can do for me.”

    Larra shuddered; she knew exactly what the man meant. Although still almost blinded by the light that Schroeder held, she was able to determine that there were two other men with him. It seemed unlikely that she would be able to take them all with the light of Schroeder’s torch shining in her eyes.

    With a flash of inspiration, she knew what she must do. Her hands were still on the skull. Without a word she raised the gleaming object over her head. “Do you really want this, Herr Schroeder? I would be careful if I were you, I might just drop it.”

    “You silly bitch,” replied Schroeder. “It is quartz crystal. One of the hardest substances known. It will not break if you drop it.”

    “Perhaps not,” Larra replied, “but can you afford to take that chance? I expect the Reichsfuhrer will not be happy if you bring back a skull that is in less than perfect condition.”

    As she spoke, Larra moved steadily away from the three Germans, back toward the staircase she had climbed.

    “Stop moving,” Schroeder warned. “I will shoot.”

    “If you do you might hit the skull,” Larra said, continuing her slow movement.

    Schroeder moved to intercept her. It gave Larra the opportunity she had been waiting for. She still remembered vividly the effect the skull had had on her and Amy when they had visited Himmler’s headquarters. She was still holding her torch in her hand, along with the skull. Pulling the skull close to her body, she held the torch below it and shone the light into the base of the skull. The effect was startlingly similar to what had happened when Himmler had opened the curtains in his office. Light blazed from the eyes of the skull, but it was light that was amplified many times by the peculiar qualities the skull possessed. The light was intensely blinding, and it shone fully on Schroeder and his henchmen. Without thinking, all three men shielded their eyes from the brilliant glare. In that brief instant, Larra dropped her torch, drew her .45 and fired. Although she could not see her targets clearly in the glaring light of Schroeder’s torch, the screams of agony that burst from the throats of Schroeder’s men told her that her bullets had struck home. But there was no scream from Schroeder.

    Cradling the skull, Larra dove to the right and rolled into the darkness. Schroeder’s torch shone its beam across the floor, but Schroeder was not holding it anymore. The torch was lying on the floor, and Schroeder was gone.

    As the echoes of her gunfire died away, Larra could hear the frantic scrambling as Schroeder clambered up the stairway that led to the top of the pyramid. Somehow, he had escaped again. “Son-of-a-bitch has more lives than a cat,” she muttered.

    Retrieving her torch, she dashed to the bottom of the stairway. Was Schroeder still running or was he waiting to ambush her? She decided to proceed with caution. First, she returned the skull to the altar, and then she turned off her torch. In pitch darkness she moved with great caution up the stairs.

    When she took her time, Larra could move without making a sound, and she took her time now. The staircase shifted back and forth, zigzagging up the inside of the pyramid. Every turn in the stairway was a place for a possible ambush. But each time, there was no one there. Eventually, she caught a glimmer of light from the top of the stairway. She was close to the top of the pyramid. Silently, she edged up the final stairway. She was completely vulnerable to an ambush. A grenade tossed down the stairs would find her unable to avoid it. The stairway ended at floor level, and cautiously, she poked her head out. There was no sign of anyone and she climbed the last few steps.

    She found herself in a large room on top of the pyramid. In front of her four large stone pillars framed the area outside of the room. On either side of her the walls were draped in large cotton wallhangings, decorated with bright drawings of heroic episodes in the history of the city. Beyond the pillars was the sacrificial and ceremonial area of the temple. A grim blood splattered chac mool was right in the center of the platform. There was no sign of Schroeder. Had he abandoned the pyramid and descended the outside stairs?

    Crouching, she moved to the edge of the pillars, standing just under the overhang of the roof. In the distance thunder rumbled. A storm was brewing. The thunder rumbled again, and at that instant something moved behind her and to her left. One of the wallhangings was falling about her! In a few seconds it had completely enveloped her body. Schroeder had hidden behind the wallhanging, and as she passed had attacked her from behind. The sound of the thunder had masked his attack.

    The weight of his body bore her to the ground. Her .45 from flew from her hand and skittered across the stone floor. Tangled in the wallhanging, she was unable to use her martial arts skills. It was like being enmeshed in a net, and Schroeder made sure that she did not get her hands or arms free of its entrapping folds. It became a contest of pure strength, and Schroeder held the advantage in that department.

    Schroeder wrapped his arms about the struggling female explorer, pinning her arms to her sides and compressing her breasts against her body. Using his considerable strength, he attempted to squeeze her into submission by forcing the air out of her lungs. She gasped under the immense pressure, aware that if he succeeded she would pass out from lack of oxygen.

    Schroeder squeezed as hard as he could, putting every once of his strength into the effort. For Larra it was like being in an immense vise that was slowly but inexorably closing on her. Using all of her strength, she resisted the intense pressure, forcing herself to breathe slowly and steadily, preventing Schroeder from crushing her ribcage.

    Schroeder changed tactics. Shifting his body, he wrapped his legs around Larra’s enshrouded body and released his arms. Now she was subjected to even greater crushing pressure. She felt sure her ribs were going to crack. Gasping with pain, she fought to remain conscious as her vision clouded. Then she felt something that sent a thrill of intense fear through her. Schroeder had removed his braces and was stretching them around her torso. Desperately, she increased her struggles. She had to find a way to break free or it would be too late, and she would be helpless to resist whatever else Schroeder had planned.

    Her breath came in huge gasps, as she fought to break free. Sweat poured off her body, soaking her clothes as if she had been caught in the rain that was now pelting down outside. But try as she might, she could not escape Schroeder’s powerful embrace. The braces were pulled tight about her arms, cinching them in place. She then felt the pressure of Schroeder’s legs release, as he shifted position again to take advantage of her now worsening situation.

    Still covered by the wallhanging, Larra was pushed face down onto the floor and Schroeder climbed on top of her. With her arms pinned to her sides, she was helpless to stop him. Then she felt his hands on her boot, as he bent her leg toward him. With a rush of déjà vu she felt her boot being unlaced. Schroeder was following his previous plan. She knew she had only a few seconds to break free or she would be too trussed up to escape. And then he would be free to do anything he wanted. One taste of that had been more than enough for Larra.

    She attempted to pull her foot away from his grasp, but he held it in a viselike grip. Her boot came off and Schroeder pulled the lace from it. A few seconds later she felt him looping the lace about her ankles. She kicked her legs frantically, but he drew the bootlace tight, pulling her feet together. Now her arms were pinned and her legs were immobilized. Schroeder removed her other boot, and then slid the wallhanging from her lower body, so that he could reach her arms. Seizing her right wrist he tied it tight with the other bootlace, and then lashed it to her left wrist, tying her hands behind her back. She was now utterly helpless, and entirely at Schroeder’s mercy.

    She felt the braces encircling her arms being removed. With her hands tied, Schroeder no longer need them. Then the wallhanging was pulled off and she was able to see her attacker for the first time.

    Schroeder stood over her, gloating at his conquest. “For a woman of such great intelligence, Fraulein Court, you have a tendency to fall into the simplest of traps. It is almost as if you wanted to be captured.” He knelt beside her and tilted her chin up toward him so that she was forced to look directly at him. “Such a beautiful face,” he said. “Too bad you are of mongrel ancestry. You would make great breeding stock.”

    Exhausted and demoralized, she did not answer. He realized that Schroeder’s taunting was intended to elicit a response from her, and she would not give him that satisfaction.

    With scarcely any effort Schroeder picked Larra up and carried her over to the bloodstained Chac Mool. It would be a perfect platform for his enjoyment of his captive. Returning to the inside of the temple, Schroeder pulled down several more wallhangings. Folding these up, he draped them across the Chac Mool. Then he lay Larra upon the sacrificial altar. He grinned hugely. She would be a different type of sacrifice.

    “The last time, Larra,” Schroeder said, as her began to unbutton her shirt, “I did not take enough time to really enjoy your charms. I seem to have more time now.”

    Outwardly, Larra showed no response, but inside she quaked. Her first encounter with the brutal German had been quite long enough.

    “I hope that you do not object to my use of your first name, Larra, but I feel that we know each other quite well by now.” As he finished speaking, Schroeder undid the last button on Larra’s shirt. With deliberate slowness, Schroeder pulled her shirt open, exposing Larra’s high firm breasts, now concealed only by her sweat-soaked bra. Her perfect pink nipples showed clearly through the damp fabric. Her bosom heaved involuntarily in fear. “Very nice, very nice,” commented Schroeder.

    Schroeder’s knife appeared in his hand. Gently he scraped its razor edge across the upper part of Larra's right breast. Almost paralyzed with fear, she held her breath, knowing that there was no act that was beyond this cruel brute. Schroeder laughed at her discomfiture. “Do not worry, Larra, I would not damage anything so beautiful, at least not until I am finished with it.” And then with a quick movement, intended to further frighten his captive he sliced through the fabric of her shirt, cutting it away first from her shoulders, and then from her arms, leaving just a tattered rag that he threw to one side. Then, tantalizingly, he drew the point of the knife over her brassiere, keeping up just enough pressure to cause the sharp point to slice through the thin material. Bravely, she did not flinch as the cold steel scratched the surface of her body. It touched her hard enough to trace a thin line over her velvet skin, but not hard enough to actually draw any blood.

    Schroeder put the knife away. He then placed his hands on her bare shoulders, and swept them slowly over her collarbones. Reaching her breasts, he slid his fingers under each of the cups of her bra, letting his hands play over her nipples. He gave each of Larra’s ripe breasts a gentle squeeze and then seizing each cup of the bra, tore the flimsy fabric apart exposing her stunning breasts to the open air. It required but a second more to snap each of the bra straps and toss the garment onto the temple floor beside the shirt.

    Schroeder put his mouth to each nipple, sucking them erect in turn. “Ah,” he exclaimed, “it is so sad that you did not see things my way back in Berlin. How much more fulfilling our relationship have been if only you had been more cooperative.”

    Larra still did not reply, only her agitated breathing showed that she was in any way affected by what Schroeder was doing. “You are very quiet, Larra,” he said, “but I expect that you are about be become noisier.” Schroeder retrieved two fragments of Larra’s shirt. “We would not want our little party to be disturbed would we?” he said as he stuffed one of the pieces of her sweat-soaked shirt into her mouth.

    She retched as the gag was inserted into her mouth, but Schroeder used the other piece of shirt to bind it firmly in place. “I regret that the gag will make it impossible for us to kiss when we make love, Schroeder taunted, “but I don’t think you are in a kissing mood are you?”

    Schroeder was now fussing with her belt. In a few seconds it was undone, and he proceeded to unbutton her pants. Her ankles were still bound, but Schroeder took out his knife again and slashed through the laces. Turning her over so that she could not kick him easily, Schroeder pulled her pants off. Now only her filmy panties afforded her any privacy. Warily watching out for a back kick, Schroeder pulled her last remaining garment from her.

    Schroeder gave Larra’s bruised bottom a pat. “I see you still bear the marks of our last encounter,” he commented. “Perhaps I can refresh them for you after we have made love.” He rolled Larra onto her back again, and forced her legs apart. She tried a surprise kick, but he was expecting it and caught her ankle. Then he stepped between her splayed legs, effectively moving inside her kicking range.

    She almost wept in despair. She was now totally open to Schroeder’s attentions. The pain and humiliation of their last encounter was still fresh in her mind, and now he had her at his mercy once again, and Schroeder was not a man to show any mercy. She steeled herself for the ordeal to come.

    Schroeder truly was in no hurry. Slowly, almost tantalizingly, he began to caress every part of her body. He started with her quivering breasts, sucking and massaging them into a state of excitement. In spite of her peril, she flushed deep red as her body unconsciously responded to Schroeder’s stimulation. She found it extremely embarrassing as her nipples became engorged and her breasts began to firm under the encouragement of his hands and tongue. It took all of her self-control to keep her back from arching in response to Schroeder’s relentless stimulation.

    Despite her self-restraint, Schroeder seemed well aware of what he was doing to Larra and kept up a constant derisive running commentary. “I see you like that, don’t you, Larra? You are becoming aroused, in spite of yourself aren’t you, my sweet? Soon you will be begging me for more.”

    She was a long way from begging Schroeder for anything, except perhaps mercy. But she knew that would be a lost cause, even if she hadn’t been gagged and unable to speak.

    Schroeder cupped her mound of Venus. For a few seconds he gently rubbed the sensitive area. She had to use all of her will power to keep form moving her pelvis under his hand. “Ah, almost got you there didn’t I?” Schroeder gloated. “Soon you will be ready for me.” He inserted his middle finger into her vagina, forcing apart her labia. “Let’s see how wet you are,” he said, as he probed deeper, pushing his finer all the way past his second knuckle. “Mmm!” he exclaimed, “still tight as a nun! But a little moister than last time. I think you are coming around.”

    She willed herself to lie perfectly still. It was her only way of defying him. She had to deny him the satisfaction of seeing that he was stimulating or hurting her in any way. But it was becoming increasingly more difficult to deny him that pleasure.

    Schroeder reached behind Larra’s thighs. “I think you need a little more moisture,” he said. Encircling her thighs with his powerful arms, he lifted her lower body from the altar. The action forced Larra’s genitals into a position in front of Schroeder’s mouth. His tongue flicked between the lips of her vagina and then rose to tickle her clitoris. Larra’s heavy breathing intensified. This was sheer torture! How long could she hold out against such an outrageous assault on her private parts? If she lay still and let him continue, he would lubricate her vagina and stimulate her clitoris until some response was forced from her. If she struggled to escape, she would give him the satisfaction of knowing that his torture was succeeding, and he would continue to do it anyway.

    “Mmmpphh!” A low moan of protest escaped Larra’s gagged mouth. She was immediately mortified at her reaction, knowing that Schroeder would take it the wrong way.

    “Ja, Fraulein!” exulted Schroeder. “I think you are almost ready. But I will just prepare you some more.” So saying, Schroeder continued to perform cunnilingus on the defenseless female. After a few minutes, Schroeder lowered Larra’s derriere to the altar once again, but continued to probe her vagina with his tongue. He kept one hand wrapped around Larra’s thigh, but dropped the other hand to his trousers and stealthily unbuttoned his fly. Within moments, he had released his huge and throbbing sex organ.

    Larra tensed her body. She could sense that something was coming and a deep dread filled the pit of her stomach. Despite the post-rain coolness of the air, her body was perspiring freely, sweat running in rivulets from her body.

    Schroeder raised his head from her vulva, and mounted the defenseless woman. Larra began to pant, her chest heaving violently. Willing herself to lie quietly, so as to give Schroeder the least amount of satisfaction, Larra readied herself for what she knew would be a frightening experience.

    With Schroeder’s weight fully upon her, she could not see his huge phallus, but she soon felt it pressing against her labia. She gritted her teeth, as he began to penetrate her.

    “You are so wonderfully tight, Larra,” said Schroeder, as he pushed into her. Already he could feel the natural tightness of Larra’s vagina slowing his progress, despite his preparation of her. It was a sensation that aroused him almost beyond belief. “What a magnificent woman you are,” he exulted. “I could happily fuck you forever.”

    She tightened her vagina, attempting to lock him out. That tactic had succeeded for a short time during the Schroeder’s first violation of her body. Feeling Larra’s vaginal sheath constrict even more than it already was, Schroeder immediately realized what she had done. “I see you are attempting to prolong my pleasure,” he said, “and I have no olive oil this time. So I will just have to try harder. It is fortunate that I am not in any hurry at this time.”

    So saying, Schroeder thrust into her with renewed vigor. Each repeat thrust resulted in another millimeter of penetration. She held out as long as she could, but the mounting pain in her vagina was becoming too much for her to bear in silence. Schroeder was now five inches into her, and was forcing her stubborn vagina apart.

    Tears began to flow freely from Larra’s eyes. She was in terrible agony, but still she held out. Six inches, and Larra began to writhe. Pinned hopelessly by Schroeder’s huge organ, she still sought to escape. Seven inches and She could endure it no more. “Mmmpphhj!” she cried through the gag. “Mmmmppppphhh!!” She began to thrash from side to side, causing her swollen breasts to swing in time to her struggles.

    “That’s it, Fraulein, that’s it!” Schroeder shouted. And he lunged against her, penetrating to the full extent of his huge member as Larra’s defenses collapsed.

    “Mmmmppppphhh!!” Larra attempted a scream that would have been heard over the entire city had she not been gagged. “Mmmpppphhhh! Mmmmpppphhhh!” She cried out again and again, as Schroeder raped her. She was almost crazed with the agony of the assault, but Schroeder was not finished. He intended to prolong the pain and pleasure for as long as he could.

    It took Schroeder a good hour to finish Larra. Blood oozed from her ravaged vagina. She had been brutally raped once again. Triumphantly, Schroeder withdrew from the weeping woman. He removed the gag so that he could listen to her sobs. “You have ruined my plans, bitch,” he said with great enmity, “but I have extracted some measure of revenge. Give me an hour and we will continue our session.”

    Moving under the overhang, Schroeder pulled one of the wallhangings about himself, and seemed to doze off. Larra was left to herself. Schroeder seemed to have forgotten that her legs were no longer tied. For a few minutes, she could do no more than continue to shed tears, but slowly, Larra’s natural resilience asserted itself. She got herself under control and attempted to stand up. She almost screamed with the pain that surged through her vagina. Schroeder had raped her raw. She could barely walk. The horrible realization set in that she was too weak to escape. All that she could do was await Schroeder’s next assault.
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