Damian's Gerudo Predicament

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    This story is based on the following picture http://erolair.com/gallery/photos/damians-gerudo-predicament.9931/


    When it came to being an adventurer, Damian had quite a lot of determination to get done jobs he said he would complete. While this was quite good for most adventurers, when combined with some of his bad luck, he had a hard time keeping up at times. Sure, he had managed to get out of whatever jam he was in when it happened, but after barely scraping by in fights against monsters, getting ambushed by several Yiga Clan members, and even once having to escape from an active Guardian while chasing after a particularly desperate thief, he had to admit that he felt he couldn’t keep up at times. Even then, he had never managed to finish these jobs himself, much to his shame.

    As further proof of his unfortunate luck, this time, he had been chasing a lady thief through the southwestern deserts when, to his aggravation, he learned that the woman had sought refuge in the nearby Gerudo city. He had come there, pleading to them to let him enter so he may try and track her down, as he remembered clearly what she looked like, but was sternly refused entry by the guards. Even after they promised to find her and even bring her to him once she was found, he felt that he needed to perform the capture himself.

    As luck would have it, he managed to find someone who was willing to help him out, providing him with an outfit that the Gerudo Vai, or female, and even helping him to look the part. Sure, he found it a little humiliating having to wear an outfit as exposing as this, but if it got him in, he was willing to endure.

    Arriving at the Gerudo Town entrance, Damian walked up to the bigger, stronger looking Gerudo women, feeling uneasy, before finally saying in his well-rehearsed woman voice, "Sav'saaba. My name is Damiana. I have come here on business."

    The two guards, though not familiar with him, raised their eyebrows and looked a bit closer, making the disguised young man understandably uneasy. Eventually, one responded, "Sav'saaba. You are a strange looking vai. You look similar to what I heard of a young voe that came yesterday looked like."

    His heart jumped up his throat as she said this, but his took a calming breath and explained, "I, have a brother that looks just like me. He asked that I come here in his stead." While Damian did have a sister, she was definitely not able to help him, as she was currently working as an assistant of Purah in Hateno Village.

    The two looked at one another, considering whether this seemed possible, but eventually moved out of the way, saying, "Welcome to our village, young vai. Do keep yourself out of trouble."

    He smiled, bowed politely, said, "Sarqso, and sav'orq," and walked into the village, sighing in relief once he was out of earshot of the two guards. Looking around, he was astounded by how lovely the village looked, with its finely made stone structures, a fountain for fresh, clean water, and, of course, the palace before him. He couldn't help but take a look around, seeing some of the shops in town and wishing he was here without having a contract looming over him.

    But, as luck would have it, as he was window shopping, he looked up to see the slippery thief in the market, looking a little too curiously at a set of diamond jewelry. His eyes narrowed upon her as he knew that now was his chance to catch her. Unfortunately, his bad fortune chose this time to rear its ugly head as the thief turned her head, eyes going wide as she recognized him despite the disguise! At first, she looked shocked and even a bit fearful, but then her lip curled into a malicious smirk before she thoroughly screwed him by pointing at him and screaming, “VOE!”

    Damian's heart stopped as she pointed at him, quickly hearing confused screams and shouts from the women around him! Realizing he needed to run, he tried to bolt towards the door outside before he felt big, strong hands snatch his shoulder, effortlessly stopping him in his tracks. "Ahhh! W-wait a second!" he cried out as the hands suddenly started wrapping rope around his upper torso, binding his arms behind his back with a box tie and chest harness. "Please, you can't do this! I'm trying t- mmmmph!? Nhhhh!" He was swiftly interrupted as another guard actually stuffed a scarf in his mouth, securing the soft cloth inside with the application of another scarf as a tight cleave gag! Finally, as he moaned and uselessly thrashed about, the second guard managed to grab his legs and bind them together above his knees and around his ankles.

    Once he was thoroughly restrained, he got thrown over the first guard's shoulder, the second one calling out, "Worry not! This devious voe shall be brought to our queen to face punishment for his crime!" He whimpered as he heard the women cheer, thankful this strange, crossdressing voe had been captured, then looked around as the guard carried him away, managing to see as the thief was slipping away into the crowd. He glared at her hatefully, while she just responded to him with a obnoxiously smug smile and an equally mocking wave "goodbye" as he was carried off.

    Once inside the palace, he was brought into a throne room and dumped unceremoniously on the floor, grunting in discomfort through his gag as he landed. "What is this now!?" a woman gasped. "Why have you brought this...strange and ruthlessly restrained vai to me?" Looking up, he saw a small, but beautiful lady sitting upon a throne with a big, intimidating woman standing next to her, clearly acting as a bodyguard.

    "This is no vai, Chieftain Riju! This is a voe, dressing himself in vai clothing to trick us!" the guard informed her, to which both women looked at one another in shocked silence.

    After recovering, Riju told her guards, "Remove the voe's gag! I wish to speak to him!" The guards were surprised at her request, even seeming a bit hesitant to do so. But after a moment, they relented, and Damian felt the tight cleave gag's knot get loosened. Once that was removed, he felt the guard pull out the now damp scarf that had been stuffed in his mouth, coughing as the balled-up cotton was extracted. Once his coughing calmed down, Riju asked him, "Tell me, strange young voe, why have you dressed in our clothing and entered our city when you should know voe are not allowed here?"

    Taking a second to lick his dry lips from being gagged, he finally spoke, "I apologize for having broken your laws, Chieftain Riju, but I felt that I had to. You see...I have come here chasing a female thief who took refuge in this city."

    A wave of murmurs spread through the guards in the castle, but finally the guard who carried him in spoke up, "Wait, you are that strange voe from yesterday!" Then, looking to the queen, she confirmed, "This voe speaks truthfully, your highness. He came yesterday and insisted that we allow him in so he may capture this thief."

    Smiling, she said, "Thank you, Captain Teake. And have you been able to locate her yet?"

    She just gave a smirk, saying, "Yes, actually. This voe, though familiar looking to me, took only an instant for a strange Hylian vai to recognize as a voe. I believe she must be the thief you search for."

    Nodding in response, Damian said, "That, sounds about right..."

    "Wonderful!" Riju said with a smile. "Have several guards scour the city! I will not have a lowly thief use this city as a nest for her to hide in." Several guards bowed, then marched off to find the thief. Once they were gone, she then asked Damian, "Now, while you did explain yourself, you have failed to explain why you believed it necessary to sneak into our city. Captain Teake promised that she would find the thief, and yet you insisted on entering in spite of that? Did you not believe my guards could do it?"

    Damian was quiet, feeling embarrassed and uneasy, but he eventually explained, "No, Chieftain Riju, that wasn't my belief at all. It's just that...I, have often had help in these adventures, and I was just, tired of feeling weak and useless. I wanted to be able to stand on my own, prove my worth...at least, to myself." He then gave a sad little chuckle, muttering, "So much for that, I suppose..."

    Riju looked on at him with a sympathetic gaze, not sure of how to respond, but finally, she told him, "Well, I understand how you feel, young voe. Feeling that you must prove your worth...however, you have broken our laws. As such, while you have clearly not come here with ill intentions, I cannot simply let you go without some form of punishment." Then, smiling at Captain Teake, she ordered her, "Silence this voe once more, then leave him with Buliara and myself."

    His cheeks flushed and his jaw dropped upon hearing this, and he stammered, "W-wait! Please, I'll cooperate! There's no n-rrrph! Mmmmm..." He pouted as the woman easily regagged him once more, carried him over under her arm, and handed him over to the large woman, presumably Buliara.

    She then gave an amused smirk at the restrained voe, chuckled, "Be glad, voe, that Riju has chosen to be merciful with you," and walked away towards the barracks.

    Riju soon hopped off her throne, telling Damian, "Oh, don't let her scare you, young voe. She wouldn't harm you." Then, she smiled at Buliara, followed by her nodding to the chair. She stayed still and stoic for a second, but eventually she sat down, placing the comparatively tiny Damian in her lap.

    As Damian moaned adorably through his gag, she just smirked at him, saying, "I know most are small compared to Gerudo, but you, voe...I believe most would say that you are, adorable."

    Riju gave a cheerful laugh, saying, "I would agree, Buliara. If it would not be rude, and illegal, I would be tempted to simply keep such a precious voe as my eventual husband." Damian whined in response, looking utterly humiliated and even a bit annoyed at the pair's teasing. But then, without warning, he felt as Riju poked his crotch, that was starting to harden, and said, "Oh my, what is this?"

    Letting out a brief laugh, Buliara said, "Chieftain, that is a voe's penis. It is a genital that, when stimulated or its owner is sexually excited and aroused, will harden and lengthen."

    "Ohhh~," Riju squealed with clear excitement, licking her lips as she rubbed and touched Damian's cock, his gagged moans echoing through the chamber as she made him more aroused. Then, grinning at him, she asked, "Tell me, does this punishment excite you, pretty little voe~?" He gave a whine, shaking his head as he insisted he wasn't excited, in spite of the contrary. This only made her giggle more, teasingly saying, "Mmmm, don't worry, I won't tell anyone, so long as you don't." Both she and Buliara laughed at the joke, Damian still whimpering in pleasure through the tight gag. All he could hope was that it wouldn't take too long for them to capture the thief...and that Buliara didn't later have to teach Riju the concept of an "orgasm".