Ceecee’s Punishment

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    "Good news, Cecy," Mr. Steel said as he placed the box of panties he was holding on the floor in front of her. "I've just returned from that Girls Gone Wild party your ex-husband likes to hold every year. You know, to celebrate the anniversary of you permanent separation. Now, I must admit he wasn't all that happy to see me at first--I think he still regrets selling you to me--but when I explained the reason for my visit, well... " He held the first pair of panties up to her face, forcing her to get a good long whif. "Let's just say he convinced every single girl at the party to give me her panties before she left."
    "Mmphhmm," Cecy moaned into her large blue ballgag.
    "That's right! Very good, Cecy," Mr. Steel said as he tossed the first panty to the side. "That one isn't yours. However, you didn't shake your head, the way you were supposed to and it's very important that you follow the rules of this game. So I'm going to punish you by putting these clamps on your nipples." When he was done tightening the clamps and amusing himself by jiggling the chain that connected them, he pulled out another pair of panties and placed it in front of her nose again. "Now, the rules say you have a full minute to sniff this panty... and then you get to decide whether you think it belongs to someone else, or whether it's your own pair. Simply nod three times if you think it belongs to you; or shake your head back and forth five times if you think it belongs to someone else. But be careful, if you miscount (or fail to move your head far enough) I'll be forced to punish you by tickling your feet for ninety seconds for each over or under.
    "Iwh onh wanh uhw."
    "Sorry my love, but this really isn't about what you want, is it. And I'm quite certain that not guessing isn't an option, because for that I'll just keep tickling you until you do guess. Now... if you guess the panty is your own and you're wrong, you'll receive ten birthday spanks."
    "Nawh," Cecy moaned, "Ehh nawh mwhh irthhaw."
    "Well now... just because it's not your birthday is no reason not to have a birthday party for you. And every birthday party needs its own birthday game, so listen up because I'm not going to tell you the rules again... and this could be a very long game, if you don't know how to play... Ha! Come to think of it, I expect it will be a fairly long game even if you do know how to play, Anyway… if you guess the panty belongs to someone else, and you're right, you get a single spank, but if you're wrong, you'll receive two swats for every year old you are. And I'll expect you to count them out with a nod for each. If you miss one, that swat won't count. And finally, if you guess that the panty is your own and you're right, you win and the game ends. And as your reward, you'll get the honor of wearing it for the rest of the night.
    "Now... I think it's been about one minute, so let’s begin by making your first guess..."

    Colored by Trystl; original b/w art by JStreel


    “Well, Ceecee,” Mr. Steel said, as he was untying the ropes that bound her hair and legs. “I’m afraid I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you’ve won the game; you found the pair of panties that belongs to you—not that you actually get to wear underwear that often, so it should have been pretty easy for you. (Even if I did kind of bury yours at the bottom a bit, he he!”

    When the ropes had been removed, he unfolded her legs and slipped the pair of panties that were hers up the length of her legs before placing her limbs together, and using the same ropes to retie them in four places: at the ankles, above and below the knees and at the upper thigh.

    “Anyway, that’s the bad news,” he said, “because I must say that I’m really disappointed with you, Ceecee. I put in a lot of time and effort to play this little birthday game with you, and… well I really don’t feel like you were putting your full heart into it. It’s hurtful, really. ”

    “Ihtm nwaht mwy hault.”

    “Now, now, Ceecee,” he said as he began to unwrap the ropes that circled her breast and made up the chest and arm harness that had been securing her upper body while she was hogtied. “You really mustn’t shirk responsibility for your short comings. You’re not a child to be pampered any more. So for that I’m going to leave the chain on your nipples while you sleep. I want you to contemplate what you’ve done wrong and how you can improve. And I’ll expect you to do much better during tomorrow’s game.”

    “twommuhowms ghmmh!”

    “Yes, yes, Ceecee! Of course I’m going to let you play again tomorrow. But for now, I suspect that you need to get a little rest so you can recuperate.” Her chest was completely free of ropes now, but with her legs tied, she knew that trying to fight against his greater strength would be completely futile, so she simply lay still as he put her wrists together behind her back and tied them with another rope, twisting the strands several times and looping the ropes between her hands to create a short bar of rope connecting her limbs. Despite the complex rope work, it all took less than a minute to do.

    “This is the tricky part,” he said as folded her legs up and slid his own legs underneath her knees. Then he leaned forward, pushing her feet down towards her ass with the front of his chest as he grabbed hold of the ropes on her wrists. He tugged her arms up and back, slipping the bar of rope between her wrists over her toes before binding the wrist and ankle ropes together.

    “There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” He said as he began to remove the black leather head harness that was holding a blue ball gag in her mouth.

    When he popped the gag out of her mouth, Ceecee wasn’t sure whether it would be wiser to try working the stiffness out of her jaw muscles or trying to get a few words of pleading in. The later option would undoubtedly be unsuccessful and might even lead to some sort of further punishment, so she opted to remain quiet as she worked her mouth.

    “Almost done, Ceecee,” he said as he began bunching her hair together in his fist. “Just one more minor touch, before I can put you to bed.

    “Lucky girl, you; getting to sleep in. I’ll be up most of the night attending another one of those Wild Girl’s parties, so I can refresh my supply of freshly fucked, women’s panties. Earlier this week, when I went to the first party, I asked them to see if they couldn’t bring me something particularly pungent the next time. So this new batch might have a little more fragrance than the first… Really Ceece, you wouldn’t believe what these women expect me to do, in exchange for handing over a pair of well soiled panties. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but the first person to call it a Wild Girls party was a fucking genius. And I mean the fucking part literally.

    “Unfortunately,” he said as he pulled her head back by the hair so that he could loop the pair of panties over her forehead. “Despite all your leisure time, I suspect you won’t be having quite as much fun as I will tonight.” Once the panty was in place—stretched between her head and crotch—he moved to the front of her body so he could adjust it a little, pulling the bottom hem down so that it was even with her chin. “There! All comfy?”

    “Nwomuh!” Ceecee groaned, tugging against her ankle ropes with her arms, in a futile attempt to relieve some of the pressure on her back.

    “Well, enjoy it while it lasts,” Mr. Steel said, as he looped a handkerchief around her head and pulled it tight into the crevice of her mouth before tying it at the back. “I suspect this is as good as it’s going to get for you tonight. Hopefully, sleeping in this position all night will give you the motivation you need to try a little harder during tomorrow’s game.”

    “Huck mew,” Ceecee said, just a little indignantly.

    “Oh, you’re right,” Mr. Steel said with a grin. “I almost forgot.” He took a short piece of string out of his pocket and looped it a few times around both of her big toes, before tying them tightly together. “Yes, you were definitely right, Ceecee. This is definitely so much better.”

    Colored by Trystl; original b/w art by JStreel

    As he stood, he kicked the chain dangling from her nipples. Then he reached down and plucked the taunt line of her panties where it ran from head to crotch.

    “Any more last words of wisdom you want to share before I leave you?” he asked, strumming her panties again.

    Ceecee didn’t even dare to use her voice, she just shook her head as best she could and left the damage at that.