Birds of Prey Episode 2 Belling the Cat - Epilogue

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    Episode 2 Belling the Cat

    Story by L’Espion illustrated by the remarkable RenderPretender

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    “Nnngh!” Olga whimpered. She had awakened in a place she remembered well. It was the foul dungeon deep beneath the Galerie des Arts where she, Rozanov, and Zeiss had tortured and raped the cat-woman.

    “About time,” a voice said. “I thought you were going to sleep forever.”

    It was a voice Olga remembered well. She had heard it raised in anger and then screaming in pain and humiliation as she, Rozanov, and Zeiss had worked over the cat-woman. She struggled to rise and found that her wrists had been manacled behind her back, but she managed to get to her knees and found herself facing Philo Zeiss. He was in the same position as she was, on his knees with his wrists secured behind his back. His face was twisted in rage and fear.

    “Now that you’re both awake we can get down to business,” Catwoman said as she stepped into view. She was in full costume again, but the half-mask of her cowl could not hide the cruel twist of her lips. “First let’s get you into a proper position.” She pulled on the chain hoist, forcing Olga’s arms upward into a painful strapado position and then did the same to Zeiss. It left both of them on their knees with their bodies arched forward.

    “Please,” Olga begged. “Let me go. I go avay and nefer challenge you again. It vas Rozanov and Zeiss who put me up to everting.”

    “You lying Russian cow,” Zeiss growled. “You enjoyed it as much as I did. In fact I think you enjoyed it more.”

    “Now, now,” Catwoman chided. “I can’t have you arguing with one another. You’ll want to save your breath for screaming and begging.” She paused and stood, hands on hips, studying her two captives. “Where to start? Oh, of course.” She produced a pair of scissors and moved toward Olga.

    “Oh no,” Olga whimpered as her five thousand dollar Carolina Herrera dress was neatly cut away from her body. In a few moments she was completely nude. But despite that her body was dotted with beads of sweat.

    Catwoman put down the scissors and opened the toolbox Olga remembered all too well. She watched in growing fear as Catwoman took out the propane torch and the two large fishhooks. “I can’t find the needles I’m afraid, Catwoman said, “but these will do.”

    “You can’t put doz tings on me,” Olga protested. “You are heroine. You don’t so such tings.”

    “Let’s just say that I had a rather depraved childhood,” Catwoman replied, “and I’m reverting to type.” She flicked on the torch and held the first fishhook in the flame. “Don’t worry,” she added, “I sure you’ll enjoy these as much as I did.” Two minutes later Olga’s screams indicated complete agreement.

    Epilogue Part 2

    Olga moaned into her gag. She and Zeiss had made so much noise that Catwoman had finally given up and gagged them both. Her nipples throbbed in agony where the two red-hot fishhooks had been thrust through them. But that was not her only source of pain. Catwoman had been very thorough and very patient. After inserting the fishhooks and adding a couple of weights for painful good measure, she had then found the erotic stimulant Hellfern had developed that Olga had injected her with. She was quick to make use of it, injecting both her and Zeiss despite their protests and threats and then she had gone to work with the dildos.

    Olga had screamed mightily as the large studded dildo was worked into her. Despite the effects of the aphrodisiac its enormous size and her natural tightness made working it into her difficult. But Catwoman had persevered and then had selected the smaller dildo for her anus.

    The double penetration had Olga squealing in pain and passion and that had been when the gag went on. Then Zeiss had been attended to in an identical manner. Surprisingly, despite his bluster he had made every bit as much fuss as Olga. He now knelt across from her, sweat streaming down his body while emitting whimpers of pain mixed with groans of desire.

    Olga had to admit that he might be in a bit more pain than she was. His nipples had not been pierced, but Catwoman had tied a thong about his genitalia and attached a heavy weight to it. Despite his best efforts Zeiss had not managed to lower his body enough to take the weight off and it deemed to Olga that his manly package was being stretched to lengths it was not intended to reach.

    Someone’s got to come and save us, she thought. She could expect no help from Catwoman. After listening to the whimpers and suppressed screams of her victims she had checked the chains to make sure they were secure and had then departed. She’d been gone a long time now and although the effects of the aphrodisiac drug seemed to be wearing off, both she and Zeiss were still in a lot of pain.

    A noise from the direction of the elevator had her staring toward it. Had help arrived at last? Perhaps Catwoman was back to show mercy. Perhaps it was a member of the gang who had survived the slaughter. She gazed in desperate hope toward the elevator as the doors opened.

    “Golly willickers! Whata we got here?” There was a solid thump as a baseball bat thumped into the palm of the latest arrival.