Birds of Prey Episode 2 Belling the Cat - Chapter 8 Into Darkness

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    Story by L’Espion illustrated by the brilliant Furbs3D

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    Chapter 8 Into Darkness

    “Now, Sisters!. We must move now!”

    Vampirella darted into the dark opening in the floor of the crypt. A wide spiral staircase opened before her and she spread her wings and swooped around the central column. Behind her a score of figures dressed in crimson and white followed, taking the steps three and four at a time.

    The staircase ended in a huge vaulted amphitheatre some fifty or sixty yards across and arching upward to a domed ceiling twenty yards above the floor. But it was what was in the chamber that absorbed all of her attention. Surrounding a high altar were four or five dozen black-robed figures chanting in unison. Standing above them, knife in hand, was a tall man dressed in white. Hear me Lord of Darkness. I, Skelos, call on you to enter our world. With the blood of this virgin I call you forth. Skraga dzembla forzca.” The vile words of the spell rolled off his tongue with a sound resembling that of iron on a grinding wheel and at the same time the knife swung down toward the chest of the naked young woman tied to the altar. She screamed just once as the knife plunged to the hilt between her breasts.

    “Too late,” Vampirella cried. Above the altar a dark cloud gathered. Slowly it coalesced becoming darker, sucking the light from the room. “Quickly,” she called as the members of the Scarlet Legion spilled into the chamber. “There might still be time.”

    On the dais next to the altar Skelos swept his arm toward Vampirella and the women who followed her. “Kill them,” he screamed. “The gateway must be allowed to form.”

    Almost as one the robed figures turned and rushed toward the intruders, but they were poorly equipped to handle the Scarlet. Only a few of the robed figures were armed and then only with knives. The Sisters’ machine pistols mowed them down like ripe grain. Vampirella launched herself above the slaughter, leaping toward the coalescing cloud above the altar, her flight taking her within arm’s length of Skelos. “Die, harlot,” he screamed slashing at her with his bloodied blade, but it was he who died as Vampirella almost casually ripped out his throat with a clawed hand. And now she had reached the cloud. Without hesitation she plunged into it and simply disappeared. There was a sudden clap of thunder and the cloud collapsed upon itself, leaving the chamber to the Scarlet Legion and the dozens of worshipers they had just killed.

    For Vampirella the world suddenly ended. She was swept into a black void; soundless and empty. Is this death? She could not speak; nor could she feel any part of her body. Blind and deaf, she felt as if she was tumbling, but there was no touch of air on her skin, and then suddenly she burst into a place that seemed all too familiar.

    Above her was a red sky partially screened by sulphurous clouds and beneath her feet was a rocky landscape utterly devoid of vegetation. I know this place. It was here that I defeated….

    She got no farther as a gigantic shape slowly materialized in front of her. The creature was enormous, standing five times her height. Humanoid in form the creature was covered in a reddish rhinoceros-like skin and its shoulders were topped by a massive reptilian head. It glared at her with deep-set reptilian eyes. “Vampirella,” it bellowed. “You vile slut. You have gotten in my way once too often. You may have closed the portal to the upper realm, but now you are at my mercy and you will pay for your interference a thousand fold.”

    “Your power seems to have greatly diminished since we last met,” Vampirella returned. She had noted that although she was in the Realm of Darkness the grim landscape seemed devoid of the usual denizens that accompanied a greater demon. She had clashed with Dagon before and the last time he had been aided by hundreds of lesser demons. It was only due to good luck and the help of her allies that she had once again managed to defeat him. This time he appeared to be alone; a fact that did not in any way diminish his confidence.

    “It matters not. My power here is more than enough to render you helpless.” He moved toward her with what seemed clearly murderous intent.

    Like most greater demons Dagon’s strength was in his huge size, but that slowed him down and Vampirella had used that weakness to defeat him before. She leaped high above him, intending to use her speed and power of flight to get behind him and sink her fangs and talons into his exposed back. But things did not go quite as planned.

    Her leap carried her high into the air, but her wings did not deploy. Instead she fell foolishly and clumsily back to the stone floor. “You have no powers here, vampire. I rule and you are at my mercy.” He motioned with his hand and gleaming chains of pure gold flew toward her. Awkwardly she tried to avoid them, but they tangled in her feet and then Dagon was upon her. He pinned her effortlessly to the floor pressing her breasts into the hard rock and wrapped the chains about her forearms, securing them behind her back. She arched her body in a desperate attempt to escape, but Dagon pulled her to him and leered down at her naked body. “You are mine now and completely at my mercy. I am going to make you wish you had never laid eyes on me.”

    As he spoke Vampirella was aware of a change in her captor. To her surprise his massive body seemed to be shrinking and then a chill ran through her as she realized his intent. She twisted her magnificent body, attempting to break free, but although Dagon’s size was reduced his strength was not. He held her easily pushing her body down on a stone outcropping and using his weight to hold her there.

    “Such a magnificent body,” her said, gazing down at her. “You will make a fitting consort for the Lord of Darkness.”

    Sweat beaded Vampirella’s silken skin. There was no mistaking the meaning of Dagon’s words or the way his eyes feasted upon her, but she spoke boldly. “Lord of nothing, you mean. You rule a barren landscape; a land bereft of life and bereft of subjects. You are nothing but a shadow of your former self.”

    “That shadow will be more than enough to enjoy the fruits of your body,” the demon sneered, moving his hand to her inner thigh. “Now you will enjoy the full passion of a god.”

    “Enjoy” was hardly the word Vampirella would have used and she fought fiercely to keep Dagon from carrying out his threat, but with her arms pinioned she was powerless as the monstrous demon pried her legs apart, positioned himself between them, and moved to penetrate her with a phallus right out of her worse nightmares. It was fully a foot long, as thick as her forearm, and barbed at the tip.

    Tauntingly Dagon moved slowly to take her, enjoying the sheen of sweat on her body, the quivering of her breasts, and her sheer terror as he prepared to take her writhing body. It was a hopeless situation, but Vampirella continued to fight, knowing that she faced a brutal and never-ending ordeal. Dagon would take her over and over perpetuating her torment for eternity.

    And then something happened; something completely unexpected. Dagon, in his vanity, had bound her with chains of purest gold. Despite the thickness of the links, it was not the material to withstand the desperate struggles of a creature with the strength of Vampirella. With a flex of her arms she broke free of the shackles, and this time Dagon’s throat was within reach of her fangs.

    She bit deep into his throat, her two-inch incisors ripping open his flesh. Dagon gave a gurgling cry as he fell backward, his life force fleeing his body. “You have beaten me,” he rasped, “but your victory will not free you from your torment.” As she watched Dagon’s form shrank into a dark swirling mass, but it didn’t stop there. The world around her began to shrink, the reddish sky collapsing toward the rocky ground and the latter rising toward the spiraling vortex. And then Vampirella felt herself being pulled toward it. With a desperation verging on panic she fought to escape, but with the entire world around her being sucked into the dark whirlpool her efforts were utterly useless. One moment she was in what was left of Dagon’s world and the next everything vanished. There was a sensation of incredible pressure as if she was being squeezed to nothingness, and then a flash of intense pain. She screamed once and then her senses failed,

    “Where the fuck did you come from?”

    Vampirella opened her eyes, blinking in the light. It took a few seconds for her eyes to focus and then they widened in surprise. She was lying on the floor of a small cube-shaped room. The walls were completely featureless and empty of furniture except for a metal toilet, a sink, and a single bed. The latter was occupied by a very attractive and very angry-looking blonde. Her hair

    was arranged in a double ponytail that stuck out each side of her head. But more remarkable than her odd coiffure, her curvaceous body was completely nude. As she watched she got slowly to her feet and stood on the bed with her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips.

    “I asked ya a question, dumbbell. Where the fuck didja come from and what’re you doing in my


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