Birds of Prey Episode 2 Belling the Cat - Chapter 7 Starr Performance

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    Episode 2 Belling the Cat

    Story by L’Espion illustrated by the remarkable RenderPretender

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    Chapter 7 Starr Performance

    Uhhn!” The blow caught her right between her magnificent breasts, staggering her, but somehow she managed to keep her feet. The next blow was just as hard, striking just below her left breast and the next just above her right. She wobbled on legs that would barely support her and fought against the terrible pain of the beating. Her two adversaries had been playing with her for some five minutes now and enjoying every minute of it. They had avoided striking her face, in an effort to spare her exquisite beauty, but they had hit her everywhere else, targeting her taut abdomen, breasts, and shoulders.

    The last blow spun her around so that she had her back turned momentarily to her attackers and the next punch struck her square in the kidneys sending a wave of pain through her and dropping her to her knees.

    Pain! Karen Starr, also known and feared as Power Girl wasn’t used to pain and her repeated pummeling by the two low-lifes she had thought to capture had given her more of it than she had experienced in several dozen previous adventures.

    “Finish her off?” Luciano asked.

    “Naw,” Rosseti answered. “We got her where we want her. The boss wants her conscious. Just tie her up and take her the way she is.”

    “Couple more punches then,” Luciano suggested. “Hold her up.”

    “Right, but don’t mark the face and don’t break anything. Rozanov won’t like that.”

    “Ugh!”The punch knocked the wind out of her, doubling her up, but Rosseti pulled her into a standing position while Luciano hit her twice more, this time targeting each of her breasts.

    “The boss gave orders not to strip her or fuck her so hitting her fun bags is probably as close as I’m going to get,” Luciano commented as Karen folded to a heap on the concrete floor. “Now let’s tie her up.”

    Karen moaned as the ropes tightened around her. God she hurt. But even worse than the pain was the fear that invaded her. What the hell had happened to her? She’d gone from being a superheroine to a punching bag for a couple of low-life thugs. Something had been done to drain her of her strength. What really had her almost trembling was the fear that it might be permanent. Could a superheroine be rendered normal?

    She’d not gone after the waterfront HQ in her usual fashion, which was to simply smash through the roof or wall and take out every thug in sight. This time she had been more cautious, aware of the fact that there were innocent prisoners inside, including her friend Harley. Since the inside of the building was shielded with lead she had decided to simply go through one of the main doors. That had been a mistake and she was aware of it within seconds of booting the metal door halfway across the large storage vault she entered.

    She had been aware of a sudden weakness as she leaped into the room. It was a feeling so unusual that for a moment she had just stood there and then she had turned to flee. But it was already too late. He knees buckled as she turned and then Luciano and Rosseti had come after her. They had pounced on her with glee using their fists with brutal effectiveness.

    “It’s just like the Doc said,” Rosseti crowed. “Put a little bit of kryptonite gas in the ventilation and we don’t need to worry about any superbabe busting in here.” He pulled the ropes even tighter, forcing Karen’s elbows into the middle of her back. Then he jerked the stunned heroine to her feet. “Get walking, cunt; it’s time to meet the boss.”

    Karen had faced far too many thugs to demand that she be released. She was absolutely furious with herself for blundering into such an obvious trap. Almost furious enough to mask her fear. Mikhail Rozanov had a formidable reputation for brutality and the disappearance of Catwoman, Zatanna, and her friend Harley had been strongly linked to his organization. Busy with a number of alien abductions she had not bothered to take action over the disappearance of Catwoman. After all, the bitch probably had it coming. But Zatanna was another matter and when her friend Harley had followed the cat burglar and the magician she had decided to take action.

    Rumors and one of her informants had targeted the waterfront warehouse as the likely place where the missing women could be found. She knew almost at once that the information had been accurate due to the lead foil that lined the walls and roof. It was clearly intended to defeat any metahuman’s effort to see inside, and so she had taken the direct approach. A bit too direct as she had now learned to her sorrow.

    “You see,” Hellfern commented as he watched the helpless Powergirl being paraded into the holding area, “I told you she would be helpless. Now we can do whatever we want with her and I have some very interesting experiments in mind.”

    “I’ve got something else in mind. You can do what you want with her, but I’d like a crack at her first.” The person who voiced that sentient, was tall, blond, and powerfully built, with an athletes physique and the distorted features of a complete psychopath.

    Rozanov looked nervously at the latest addition to his organization, if “addition” was the right word. Victor Zsasz usually did things his own way, but he had shown up unexpectedly, attracted by the criminal grapevine that had whispered rumours of Rozanov’s latest acquisitions. It was not an addition to his organization that he really approved of. First Zeiss, then Karl Hellfern, and now Zsasz. He felt as if he was losing his grip on the organization he had laboured so long to create. “You can both have her,” he said. “But not until I have interviewed her first.” He placed no emphasis on the word “interview,” but it was clear that everyone around him knew what he meant.

    Karen was escorted to the centre of a small room. Above her was a mirrored ceiling, which she guessed was actually several panels of one-way glass. In the middle of the room and secured to the concrete floor by heavy bolts was a simple H-frame. At the top and bottom of the frame were eye-bolts to which could be attached ropes or chains. For her it was chains although she noted that the leather cuffs that that were strapped to her ankles were padded as were those that were used on her wrists. Even though events had shown that she was no match for the two men who had captured her, they took no chances, shackling her ankles to the frame first and then dealing with her arms. It was an utterly humiliating experience for a proud heroine who had never experienced captivity. She waited with the small of her back pressed against the centre bar and her arms and legs spread-eagled.

    It was not a long wait. The door to the room opened and a heavyset bald man entered followed by two others. She knew all of them at once. “Victor Zsasz and Philo Zeiss, what a surprise it is to find you in the company of scum like Mikhail Rozanov.”

    “Quite the mouth she’s got,” Zsasz sneered, “considering she’s chained up like one of Torquemada’s guests.”

    “Don’t worry,” Rozanov glowered, “she’ll be singing a different tune before I am through with her.”

    At that moment Hellfern entered the room. His ruined face fixed on Power Girl with almost rabid attention. On a whim Rozanov had invited him along and now he watched the heroine as her eyes widened slightly. “Yes,” he grinned, “you know who this is and he knows you, in fact the good doctor has expressed quite an interest in you.”

    “She is a wonderful specimen,” Hellfern rasped, one of his hands extended toward her. “She will be most interesting to experiment on.”

    “What the hell is this, Rozanov?” Karen demanded. “Your personal freak show? Who else have you got tucked away in your chamber of horrors? The Joker? The Scarecrow? Two-Face?” I thought Halloween was over.”

    “Arrogant bitch,” Zeiss exclaimed. “But I can think of one way to shut her mouth.”

    “I bet you can’” Rozanov answered, “And you may get your chance, but first there is one thing I have always wanted to do.” He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a stiletto. With a click he extended the four-inch blade. “Finest Italian steel. I wonder what it will do to that costume.”

    Karen was wearing her more traditional Power Girl outfit, which was a skin-tight white body suit that covered her from neck to crotch, minus the most famous part of the costume, which was the large oval just below her collarbone. It served to highlight the magnificent curve of her breasts. Her elbow length blue gloves and matching blue boots had already been removed by the men who had bound her, leaving only her scarlet cape and blue belt as accessories.

    Rozanov moved the point of the glittering blade knife toward her neckline. He touched it to her throat and pressed the point gently into the soft skin beneath her throat, the pressure of the knife causing her to raise her chin slightly. “Are you vulnerable enough for me to draw blood? Could I actually slit that elegant throat?

    “Why don’t you just do it and then we’ll know,” Karen snarled. “Play your sadistic little games with someone you can actually frighten.”

    “Aggressive isn’t she?” Zsasz observed. “Perhaps you should let her play with me for a few minutes.”

    “You will have your time, Zsasz, but not until I say so,” Rozanov said. “First I am going to see what is really under this outfit.” He flicked the blade upward and cut though the golden tie of Power Girl’s cape. “I don’t know why these supers wear those. They don’t serve the least purpose.”

    As the cape fluttered to the floor he moved the blade once more, sliding it under the material at the top of the oval and slid it upward toward her throat. The once nearly-indestructible material parted until he had slit it completely to the top of her high collar.

    “Stop this,” she demanded. “Do you really think you can desecrate a superheroine and get away with it?” She was sweating now, the droplets of perspiration glittering on her pale skin.

    “You’re scared shitless, aren’t you?” Rozanov said. “Something like this has never happened to you before and you’re sweating like a scared rabbit. Well, let me tell you, girl, it’s about to get worse.” He slid the blade of the knife into her cleavage and slowly pulled the blade against the material of her costume.

    “Stop,” Karen demanded, hating the whiney sound that had crept into her voice. Her chest heaved, drawing the eyes of every man in the room as the knife slowly slit the front of her costume from bust-line to her navel and as it did so the staggering splendour of her breasts was revealed.

    “Amazing,” Zeiss said, “they are gravity defying.”

    “They can’t be real,” Rozanov commented. Almost unbelieving he reached out and cupped her breasts, lifting them as if assessing their weight. “
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    mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-language:EN-CA">he exclaimed. “I’ve never felt a pair of tits like that. They are as firm as ripe melons.”
    “Most interesting,” Hellfern’s voice came from behind the other three men. “I wondered if the kryptonite gas would affect her Kryptonian clothing as well as her body and it seems is does. Even better it appears that I determined the amount necessary to incapacitate her. A concentration of only .01% seems to do the job.” He pushed forward toward the helpless heroine. Amazingly both Zsasz and Zeiss jumped away from him as if he was consumed by plague. “There is so much to be learned from her,” he continued, staring at Power Girl’s exposed body. “I note that most of the injuries she received when she was captured appear to be already healing. I would like to compute her body density and conduct a number of other experiments.” He looked at Rozanov. “You must not harm her.”
    “Do not worry, Doctor,” Rozanov replied. In spite of his aversion to Hellfern he had not moved when the misshapen scientist had pushed his way forward. “You will get your chance. Now please leave and let us do our job. Perhaps you can study Catwoman or Harley Quinn in the meantime.”
    “Yesss,” Hellfern hissed. “They are both interesting specimens. The cat-woman is unusually gifted physically and Miss Quinn seems to have some metahuman abilities. I shall have a look at them both.”
    “One at a time if you please,” Rozanov replied. “And only during their rest breaks. They are bringing in far too much money for you to have them any longer.”
    “Foolish,” Hellfern said. “If I can determine what gives them their metahuman abilities the results will be worth far more than you could make from them even if you whored them out for a thousand years. But I will do as you say. Let me have Miss Quinn first.”
    “I’ll order it done as soon as I am through here. Now leave us, Doctor. I’m sure you have equipment to set up.”
    “Yes I do,” Hellfern agreed, rubbing his hands together. “I will see to it immediately.” He shuffled out of the room, much to the relief of everyone in the room, except Power Girl, who had welcomed having Rozanov’s attention diverted from her.
    “Now where were we?” Rozanov asked, once again taking out his stiletto. Ah yes, I remember; the unveiling of a superheroine. Next the belt.” His fingers moved to the gold clasp on the belt and with a click removed it. Then he moved the blade to Power Girl’s navel. He hesitated over the delightful indentation and then moved on once again sliding the blade beneath the fabric. He cut down toward her right thigh, parting the material until it was cut through. Then he did the same with the left side of her costume, leaving her nude except for a tiny white thong that hid almost nothing.
    “Exquisite isn’t she?” Rozanov queried, taking a step back to take in the full glory of the helpless, furious, and somewhat frightened heroine. She was a vision of perfection with a firm athlete’s body, long legs, a flat hard stomach, and of course, the most impressive set of breasts in the superheroine universe. As Rozanov had remarked they were gravity-defying and tipped with prominent raspberry nipples that were simply too hard for Rozanov to resist. He reached out, and rubbed his thumbs over each of them at the same time squeezing the soft, firm flesh of her breasts. To Karen’s chagrin and anger, her body responded, her nipples hardening and visibly swelling under his touch.
    “Damned heroines don’t want us to think so,” Zsasz remarked. “But they’re always horny as hell. When do I get my turn with her?”
    “Keep your cock in your pants,” Rozanov replied. “We haven’t finished the unveiling yet. “Let’s see if what is down below matches what is up above.”
    Power Girl’s blue eyes blazed in fury, but her X-ray vision was gone. She could do nothing as Rozanov slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her thong and with a quick tug ripped the last of her clothing away, revealing the small patch of neatly trimmed blonde hair covering her pudenda. “You son-of-a-bitch,” Karen spat, unable to hold back any longer. She knew that thugs like Rozanov got their jollies from such reactions, but she was unable to control herself at what was being done to her.
    “As you said, Mr. Zsasz, she’s got quite the mouth on her, but that simply makes her all the more amusing. “Let’s see how she likes this.” He cupped her mound of Venus and slipped his large middle finger between the folds of her vulva. “I don’t think she’s a virgin, but she’s going to give someone a very pleasant fuck.”
    Karen could do nothing but grit her teeth as she suffered this further humiliation. She had expected it, but that did not make it any easier as Rozanov continued to explore her body. “God, I’d like to fuck her, but I think I’ll turn her over to you, Zsasz. Consider it your first payment for joining my organization. How would you like to take her?”
    “One-on-one,” Zsasz responded. “Put her in a room with me and let me take her down. I’ll give her a lesson she won’t forget.”
    “That’s what you think,” Karen retorted. But she words had a hollow ring. Although she stood five-foot-eleven and weighed in at a solid one-hundred-and-fifty pounds, she knew that without her powers she was no match for Zsasz, a psychopathic killer who had killed and beaten dozens of adversaries with his bare hands and was both taller and heavier than she was. But that would not stop her from trying.
    “Very well,” Rozanov said. “You can use this room. Untie her and I’ll swing the H-frame out of the way. When you win, you can do what you want with her here.”
    Zsasz grinned and moved to release Karen’s restraints as Rozanov and Zeiss left the room. As promised the H-frame swung up to the ceiling as soon as the last leather cuff was unbuckled. Zsasz had left her right wrist to last and Karen was already moving even as he released the last strap. But she had overlooked the fact that a mortal human body strapped to an H-frame for over an hour cannot instantly revert to superheroine form. A blow that might have crushed Zsasz’s throat turned into a clumsy stumble instead and she ended up flat on the floor.
    “Tricky,” Zsasz commented. “You almost got me. But now I’m going to have me some fun. First though I’m going to get ready.”
    He reached over his head and tugged off his shirt and then kicked off his shoes before unbuckling his belt and letting his trousers drop. His striptease left him dressed only in his briefs and revealed a body covered with dozens of scars; each one signifying a victim. Karen stared in disgust and horror at the array of gruesome tally marks; one for each of the men and women he had murdered. “I think I’ll leave a mark for you too, bitch; even if I’m not allowed to kill you.” He moved toward her, supremely confident of his ability.
    Karen backed away, trying to regain her sense of equilibrium. She knew in her weakened form that she was no match for Zsasz, but she was not going to surrender without giving her best.
    “Attagirl,” Zsasz jeered. “Put up a good fight.”
    The attack when it came, was lightning fast, powered by Zsasz’s more than human abilities, but somehow Karen managed to avoid the blow, ducking beneath it and then dancing away.
    “You’re faster than I thought,” Zsasz said, “but I will run you down. And then I will have some fun with you.”
    He came at her again, this more carefully, cutting off her retreat. Quick as a cat he struck at her with his foot attempting a kick to her thigh and when she moved to avoid that he lunged forward, striking at the space between her breasts. The two moves were so quick that both should have struck home, but she dodged the first and blocked the second and then struck back, her clenched fist slamming into his jaw. The blow spun him around, in fact it might have knocked a lesser man unconscious, but Zsasz absorbed the blow, and continued the spin to face her.
    “Lucky punch. You’re going to pay for that,” but he sounded less confident. And this time when he came toward her he moved more cautiously.
    On the observation deck above the room, Rozanov watched the contest along with Zeiss and Hellfern who had rejoined them. “Khristos, she’s fast,” Rozanov exclaimed.
    “She should be,” Hellfern said. “I lowered the level of kryptonite gas by half. It seems to have revived a bit of her strength and speed and given Mr. Zsasz and bit more competition.”
    Rozanov laughed. “You’re full of surprises, Doctor. I’m going to enjoy this.”
    In the room below neither Power Girl nor Zsasz was enjoying it much. Blood dribbled from Karen’s nose where Zsasz’s fist had punched through her guard and Zsasz was sporting a black eye. In addition, both combatants were marked with a number of bruises on their arms and legs where kicks and punches had gotten through or been blocked.
    “You are something more than expected,” Zsasz gasped. “But that will make my victory even sweeter.”
    Karen did not answer. She was breathing heavily, and noted that in spite of the fact that she had connected with a dozen or so hard kicks and punches Zsasz seemed as fresh as when he started. For her, however, it was a different matter and for someone whose strength was normally inexhaustible, finding herself close to the end of her strength was alarming. I can’t keep this up much longer. I have to take him down now.
    Zsasz stalked toward her. It was clear that in spite of his earlier setbacks that he was confident of victory. Karen just had to find a way to make him more confident.
    It wasn’t all that difficult given Zsasz’s arrogant personality. Karen backed away from him, exaggerating her breathing, even limping a little. Considering the large bruise on her right thigh it wasn’t all that hard to pull off the phoney limp.
    “Got you,” Zsasz said, stalking toward her. “You don’t have my powers of healing, so it was only a matter of time. Now it’s payback t….”
    Karen’s attack caught him in mid-sentence and mid-step. She leaped toward him, her fist making contact with his chin at almost the same instant that her knee came up between his legs, but at the last moment her foot slipped in a pool of sweat and the intended blow drove into the upper part of his thigh instead of crushing his testicles.
    “You super-slut,” Zsasz shouted. He staggered back, clearly hurt, but Karen was unable to follow up her attack, giving him time to recover. “You’ve had your chance,” he growled. “Now I’m going to take what’s mine.”
    He came right at her with a flurry of kicks and punches, and Karen was not able to block them all. She staggered back, barely able to defend herself as Zsasz crowded in, picking off her feeble attempts to retaliate and targeting her body with blow after blow. He finally caught her with a hard right to her temple that dazed her. She fell to her knees and he was on her in an instant, but he did not continue his punishing attack, instead he grappled with her, hooking his forearm beneath her chin and clamping his legs around her waist and thighs. It was a classic sleeper hold and as Karen fought frantically to escape Zsasz slowly increased the pressure, arching her back and cutting off the blood flow to the brain.
    Mustn’t pass out….
    But matters were out of her hands. Her struggles weakened, her vision clouded, and she slowly began to slip away. Then suddenly the pressure was gone. She gasped for breath, hardly daring to believe that she could breathe again, but her relief was short-lived as Zsasz flipped her onto her belly and pulled her arms behind her back.
    “No,” Karen grunted as she strained to escape. But his weight pinned he while he picked up her belt and used it to encircle her arms above the elbows. She gasped with pain as he pulled it tight and forced her elbows together. Then he used pieces of her ruined costume to bind her wrists. He finished by tying her ankles together and then bending her legs in an incapacitating hogtie.
    She was helpless as he lifted her into an awkward kneeling position and then stood in front of her. “You know, he mused, “that is a very appealing position; the world’s mightiest women on her knees in front of me.”
    “You bastard,” Karen replied, meeting his gaze. “You will regret this.”
    “Somehow I doubt that,” Zsasz sneered. “If Rozanov has his way you’ll spend the next few years on your back earning your keep; and if the good Doctor has his way you’ll spend a lot of time strapped to an examination table while he figures out what makes you tick. As for me I’m going to give you an initiation into your future career by fucking your ass off.”
    Zsasz removed his briefs, making his already prominent erection even more obvious. Karen’s eyes widened. She was quite familiar with male anatomy, but she had never actually beheld a naked man as well-endowed as Zsasz. His erect member seemed frighteningly huge.
    “You’ve never had a man before have you, superbabe?” Zsasz asked catching her flicker of emotion. “That’s the way it is with you, super-powered heroines isn’t it? You don’t dare let a man between your legs because you’re afraid you’ll crush his balls to jelly.”
    That was not quite true. As Karen Starr she had dated a number of men and even had a few in her penthouse overnight. But as Zsasz inferred, she had found it necessary to hold back. Faking an orgasm wasn’t difficult giving the ego of most males and they had certainly enjoyed themselves for the few minutes it had taken each of them to climax.
    She had also climaxed herself on numerous occasions. With a male partner she was quick to become aroused and through oral and digital stimulation equally quick to reach orgasm. But she had never experienced a vaginal orgasm with any partner and she did not expect to reach one now. In fact she was terrified as to what Zsasz was about to do to her. Rape was a heroine’s greatest fear, and she had to call on all of her courage not to wilt in the face of Zsasz’s threat.
    “You can do what you want to me,” she seethed, “but you won’t break me, and I swear you will be sorry you ever laid eyes on me.”
    “Once again the useless heroine threats,” Zsasz sneered. “I’m going to do whatever I want to you and there is nothing you can do about it.” As he moved to kneel in front of her she had to exert all of her self-control to keep from flinching as he placed his hands on her breasts. “Rozanov was right, these are fantastic. I’ve never felt anything like them.” He tightened his grip, squeezing the firm flesh between his fingers with bruising force. If he expected a reaction he didn’t get one. Determined not to scream or show any fear, Karen kept her face impassive while Zsasz continued to brutalize her.
    “Very well,” he said angrily. “Let’s see how well you endure this.” He placed his hands on her knees and began to pull her legs apart.
    She resisted with all of her strength, but Zsasz used his knee to help part her thighs and then moved fully between them, his hands moving to her firm backside and pulling her toward him. The action arched her back even more and presented her breasts more fully. With a savage growl Zsasz bent his head and bit hard, his teeth breaking through the skin below and above the areola of her left breast. While she clenched her teeth to keep from screaming he raised his head and savaged her other breast in the same fashion.
    “You piece of filth,” she grunted between gritted teeth.
    “Not as tough as you thought, are you?” Zsasz sneered. He forced her legs farther apart, and arched her even farther backward. Karen struggled futilely as he shifted his hands to her buttocks and then began to penetrate her.
    She resisted with every fibre of her being, attempting to clamp his body with her legs in order to prevent him from taking her, but his phallus parted the lips of her vulva and he drove into her. She was far from ready for the brutal penetration. Every inch hurt and there was nothing she could do to prevent him from burying his shaft deep within her. Zsasz grunted with pleasure. “Tightest cunt I’ve ever had,” he jeered. “Superheroine tight.” He increased the rapidity and length of his thrusts, driving even deeper and forcing her body to react.
    In self-defence her vaginal lubricants began to flow, allowing Zsasz to force almost the full length of his shaft into her with every thrust. Consumed by a sexual frenzy, he quickened his pace, taking her harder and deeper than any of her lovers. And inconceivably, her body began to respond. Deep within her Karen felt the unmistakable heat of animal arousal.
    She tried to fight it, arching her body in a painful attempt to stop what was happening to her, but bit by bit her passion increased, until with an overwhelming surge it burst forth. The sensation was so intense that even her best efforts could not hold back a moan and the sudden and intense contraction of her vaginal muscles gave her away completely.
    “I’ve got you, bitch!” Zsasz exulted. “Now you’re mine.”
    As another orgasm ripped through her body Karen’s only reply was a cry of passion. Zsasz had truly beaten her and she could do nothing but grunt and groan in response as her body shuddered uncontrollably, completely betrayed by her heroine libido. Tears of rage and shame trickled down her cheeks and she bowed her head as Zsasz finally pulled out of her; the perfect picture of a heroine defeated.