Birds of Prey Episode 2 Belling the Cat - Chapter 4 Disenchanting Zatanna

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    Episode 2 Belling the Cat

    Story by L’Espion illustrated by the remarkable RenderPretender

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    Chapter 4 Disenchanting Zatanna

    Sweat trickled down the back of her neck as Zatanna Zatarra responded to still another curtain call. She had already given three encores and this was her third show of the day and she was bordering on exhaustion, but she gave the enthusiastic crowd one more bow before heading for the wings. More than anything she was looking forward to a good soak in the bathroom of her luxurious hotel suite and then a long restful sleep. Fortunately, she had the next day off and she was more than ready for it. Twenty-one straight sold-out shows at the Las Vegas Chump had pretty much had her looking forward to a day of doing nothing before the next round of performances.

    “Great work, Zatanna,” her manager commented as she entered the backstage area and the applause slowly died away.

    “Thanks, Vic,” she answered. “I’m really looking forward to a break. After this engagement is over I think I’ll take a month or so off.”

    “You deserve it,” Vic replied. “We’re going to make a double bonus this time.”

    Zatanna smiled, an event that lit up her face. She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, a factor that certainly helped in her line of work; and the way she was dressed certainly helped as well.

    Her attire consisted of a black velvet jacket; a white shirt with a matching bow tie; and a gold waistcoat cut low to emphasize her impressive bust. Below her waist her costume was cut away in a daring outfit that had more resemblance to high-cut bathing suit than anything else. It served to show off the curve of her hips and highlight the fishnet stocking that flowed down her long legs until they met the tops of her knee-high black boots. Midnight dark hair falling to her shoulder blades and framing a remarkably beautiful face highlighted by a pair of sky-blue eyes completed the picture.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow at one; there are a few changes I want to make to the program and we’ll need to modify the props a little.”

    “Right,” Vic saluted. “See you tomorrow.”

    A thirty-two story elevator trip later and a quick bite to eat from the tray of assorted goodies that the management had sent to her room and she was nestled in a foaming mass of bubbles that reached to her chin. “Ah,” she sighed, “this is pure magic.” She reached for the glass of Moulin-à-Vent just as her cell chimed the first few bars of Handel’s Largo.
    She almost didn’t answer it, but as a member of the Justice League of America she was honour-bound to be on call at all times. She picked it up and frowned. “Unknown Caller.”
    That was odd. No one should have been able to reach her on that phone who was not known to her. “Zatanna,” she said.
    “Zatanna, it’s Barbara.”
    Zatanna sighed. “Bad news I’m guessing?”
    “It’s Selina. She’s bitten off a bit more than she can chew.”

    Zatanna’s relationship with the cat woman had been chequered to say the least. They had been on fairly good terms until Selina had discovered that on the orders of the JLA Zatanna had tampered with her mind, tilting her criminal tendencies away from the wrong side of the law. They had not quite succeeded, but at least Selina now turned most of her activity toward stealing from those who had acquired their wealth in a less than savoury manner.

    “I’m sort of in the middle of something,” Zatanna replied, popping a large bubble. “Can’t you find anyone else?”

    “Zatanna,” Barbara’s voice said urgently. “Philo Zeiss has her and she’s been….”

    “Zeiss?” she interrupted. “I’m on my way.”

    She was out of the tub in a second, dripping suds and water onto the bathroom floor. She did not waste time with the luxurious towelling she had planned. Zeiss’ brutality was legendary and she had deliberately cut Barbara off before she could give the gruesome details of the ordeal Selina had almost certainly suffered. “Yrd em,” she commanded and immediately the water and soap disappeared from her skin. “Sehtolc,” she continued and was immediately clad in one of her alternate performance outfits.

    “Should have been a bit more specific,” she thought. Fishnets and high heels were not exactly ideal for dealing with a gang of ruthless criminals, just as the felt hat and white kid gloves were not proper crime-fighting gear. Her clothing was rounded off with a legless body suit over which she wore a low cut white waistcoat and a black jacket with tails. However, with time of the essence she couldn’t fiddle about adjusting her wardrobe. Besides she had tackled all sorts of threats dressed as she was. It was time to go. “Ekat em ot AnileS Elyk.”

    With a poof of displaced air Zatanna arrived at her destination. She found herself in a dungeon-like room in front of a metal grill behind which was the seemingly comatose body of Selina Kyle. There were a number of things she could have done, but she chose the first thing that came to mind. “Nepo,” she ordered gesturing toward the locked cell door.

    With a loud “spang” the door flew open, bits of the lock flying through the air.

    “Oops,” She muttered, “overdid it a little.” But she did not stop to dwell on the matter. One look at Selina’s bruised body had her moving quickly into the cell. “Bastards,” she growled I’ll make the bastards who did this pay.”

    Selina groaned as Zatanna entered the cell. “Please,” she whimpered. “No more.”

    “Don’t worry,” Zatanna replied. She could barely control her fury that the proud and defiant Catwoman could be reduced to a whimpering, sniveling weakling. She quickly saw, however, that there was good reason for Selina’s faintheartedness. Her back was marked by the stripes of a severe whipping and when she moved a tinkling revealed that her nipples and other parts of her body had been cruelly pierced and ornamented with a number of tiny bells.

    “Bastards,” Zatanna growled. She wasted no more time. “Aniles laeh,” she commanded. “Evomer sgnir.”

    The last command was somewhat difficult, but Zatanna was a virtuoso when it came to pronouncing otherwise unintelligible strings of consonants. There was an instant change in the battered victim, her bruises and welts disappearing. There was also a tinkle as the rings holding the bells fell from her former piercings.

    There was a marked change in Selina as well. Suddenly she was instantly alert, rolling off the cot and moving to her feet in a single motion, before realizing that Zatanna was in the cell with her. “What the hell happened?” she gasped. “Oh god,” she added as her memories came flooding back.

    “Easy,” Zatanna answered. “You’re safe now and we’re going to deal with the S.O.B.s that did this to you. But first; sserd Aniles ni reh Namowtac emutsoc.”

    “Thanks for that,” Selina replied. “Now let’s get those assholes.”

    Unfortunately, the “assholes” had already been alerted to the events that had transpired in the minute or so Zatanna had been in what Rozanov liked to call his “dungeon.”

    Olga had dashed into his office uninvited; the only person on his staff he allowed that privilege and only then if the situation was urgent. “Boss,” she cried, ignoring the secretary on her knees under his desk, “ve gots company in zee donjon. Anozer heroine.” That was enough for Rozanov to call Zeiss and bring up the dungeon on his CC monitor.

    “Shit,” Zeiss murmured. “That’s Zatanna.”

    “That’s bad?” Rozanov asked.

    “Very bad. She’s almost unstoppable.”

    “I vill stop her, boss,” Olga volunteered.

    “No you won’t, but you can try,” Zeiss replied. “Take several men with you.”

    Brandishing an automatic pistol Olga, was out of the room in an instant.

    “Why did you send her if she won’t succeed?” Rozanov complained. “Shouldn’t we be getting the hell out of here?”

    “And where would you go?” Zeiss answered. “Zatanna has incredible powers. If she knows your name she can find you.”

    “But why send Olga?”

    Zeiss smiled like a shark. “A distraction. Zatanna is powerful, but she’s also arrogant. I’m hoping she won’t expect this. He held up a small black device.

    “A grenade?” Rozanov snorted. “Guns can’t stop her but a grenade can?”

    “Not a grenade,” Zeiss answered. “Something better. Now it’s time to get going.” He turned and moved quickly from the room. “If this works you owe me bigtime,” he shouted over his shoulder.

    The sound of heavy footsteps on the stairs and the grinding noise of the iron door being thrown open alerted Zatanna and Selina to the arrival of Olga and her cohorts seconds before they saw them. They faced them, Selina in her catlike crouch and Zatanna disdainfully upright.

    “Snug nrut ot srewolf,” Zatanna chanted. It was one of her favourite spells. She always enjoyed the looks of complete consternation on the faces on her enemies as they suddenly found themselves weaponless.

    It worked just as well this time. The charging hoodlums came to a complete halt, staring at the bouquets of posies in their hands. “Shit,” one of them exclaimed, tossing his flowers away as if they might be poisoned.

    The others were equally demoralized. Deprived of their firepower they were thrown into stunned confusion and several of them headed back the way they had come.

    All except Olga. “I don’t need gun to deal vith you,” she spat. “I rip you apart vith bare hands.”

    Zatanna opened her mouth for another spell, but Selina stopped her. “I want this one,” she growled. “You can’t have all the fun.”

    “I show you fun, poosy-cat,” Olga shouted, lunging forward.


    Selina moved so quickly that to Zatanna she was just a blur. Her outstretched foot caught Olga square in the stomach and it was followed by a flurry of punches that drove the larger woman to her knees. Then Selina used her claws to systematically shred Olga’s black dress, leaving her dressed in rags and bleeding from a score of shallow wounds.

    “That’s enough, Selina,” Zatanna shouted. “You don’t have to kill her.”

    By this time the beaten Olga was down on her hands and knees, completely unable to protect herself. Selina stepped back. “Guess you’re right,” she acknowledged, a little ashamed. “I just forgot myself.”

    The remaining thugs started forward led by the boldest of them. “Come on,” he shouted. “We can’t be beaten by a couple of cunts.”

    “Do what you want with that one,” Zatanna said. “As for the rest: gniniamer sguht ot eht llec.”

    Cries of disbelief sounded from the five henchmen who found themselves suddenly crammed into the cell once occupied by Selena. All except one.

    Finding himself facing an angry Catwoman he slowly retreated. “Cunts is it?” Selina hissed, cutting his retreat with a single bound. “Well, this cunt is going to rip your dick out.”

    “Wait a minute,” the thug quavered, cowering before her. “It was just a joke.”

    “Don’t you know that cats don’t have a sense of humour?” Selina replied. She flexed her claws.

    “Clink!” Something metallic bounced through the door.

    “Grenade!” Selina shouted, dropping to the floor.

    Zatanna did not move, “Dleihs su!” she commanded.

    She expected an explosion, but there wasn’t one. Instead there was a small “pop” and suddenly the room was filled with a suffocating white cloud.

    “Tear gas!” she gasped, and then she and Selina were coughing too hard to say anything more. The gas was brutal, burning her eyes, throat, and lungs, and making it almost impossible to breathe, much less utter a spell. It had the same effect on the cringing henchman and the other criminals trapped in the cell, but they had never been much of a threat in any case. What emerged through the cloud of gas was.

    Philo Zeiss burst into the room, his face covered by a gas mask and went straight for the two heroines. He took out Selina first, mainly because she was closest, catching her on the jaw with a pinpoint punch. She went down like a folding chair and then he went after Zatanna.

    She tried to speak, but all she could do was utter an inarticulate croak and then he was on her, driving his fist into her midsection. She saw it coming and tensed her muscles, but the force of the blow actually lifted her off the floor. She came down doubled up in pain and he finished her off with a quick strike to the back of her neck.

    She came to sometime later with a splitting headache and to circumstances that left her terrified. She couldn’t see anything, and for an instant she through she was blind. Then she realized that a pair of tight-fitting dark lenses had been placed over her eyes. Her eyes still stung a bit from the gas, but she would have been able to see if she had not been deliberately blindfolded.

    But much more had been done to her than placing a pair of dark lenses over her eyes. A large ball gag had been forced into her mouth, filling it so completely that uttering a single word was impossible. The discovery tightened her stomach and had her breaking out into a cold sweat. Without the power of speech she could not utter spells, leaving her little more than a normal woman.

    However, almost worse that her blinding and speechlessness was the fact that she was securely bound to some sort of a metal frame. Her arms were stretched out parallel to the floor and bound at the wrists and elbows to a horizontal metal bar. That bar seemed to be attached at either end to a pair of metal uprights that were bolted to the floor. The effect was to lift her off her feet, placing most of her body weight on her outstretched arms.

    Her ankles were secured as well, being lashed to the bottom of the uprights, effectively spreading her legs. It was a position that was not only uncomfortable, but left her feeling more than a little vulnerable.

    Instinctively, she tried to move, uttering a groan as she did so, but there was not the slightest give in her restraints. She strained again, harder this time, exerting all of her strength but achieved nothing more than she had achieved before. However, she did not give up, straining her body again and again until she was close to exhausted and her sweat-soaked clothing stuck to her body. Her struggles, however, did elicit another form of response.

    “So, you’re awake. You are stronger than I thought. Usually when I take someone out they stay unconscious much longer than that.”

    She knew that voice. Philo Zeiss. She had encountered him on several occasions and the meetings had never been pleasant. The man was a brutal killer and now she was entirely at his mercy. Even worse, he had probably been watching her the entire time she had struggled with her bonds; no doubt enjoying the show.

    “You’re a strong woman,” Zeiss continued. “I like that. It means you will last quite a long time before you finally break. As a reward for dealing with you and the cat-bitch I’ve been given permission to use you for as long as I want, and I’m really looking forward to having some fun with you.”

    Zatanna could not suppress a shudder. She was utterly helpless and in the hands of a psychopathic killer. She could just imagine what he wanted her for.

    Zeiss apparently noted her reaction. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to permanently damage you. You’re much too valuable to waste for me to simply kill you, but I am going to have some fun with you first. And who knows, depending on your nature you might even enjoy some of it.”

    Zatanna’s answer was to strain at her bonds and shout into the ball gag in protest. The device was incredibly uncomfortable. Already her jaw ached from being stretched wide, and drool flowed from the corners of her mouth and dripped onto her clothing.

    The next thing she felt was the touch of a cloth on her chin as Zeiss wiped away the drool. “You’re staining your clothes” he commented. “I’m going to have to do something about that.”

    “Mmpph!” she protested as she felt his fingers at the top button of her waistcoat. The garment doubled as a bustier, supporting and displaying her prominent breasts. He popped the first button open and then the second and she felt the cool air of the dungeon playing over her damp skin. She wriggled her body, no doubt an action that Zeiss found quite entertaining, but she could not budge her restraints. It took the release of just one more button to completely free her breasts.

    “Magnificent,” Zeiss exclaimed. “You hardly need any artificial support at all. These do very well on their own.”

    Zatanna grunted into her gag again as Zeiss’ fingers moved across her breasts. Surprisingly he did not maul them as she expected. Instead he squeezed them gently, caressing her satin skin, and then used his thumbs to circle her areola and stimulate her nipples. To her shame the rose-coloured buds hardened under his touch and quickly became fully erect.

    “Ah,” he exclaimed. “So easily aroused. Perhaps you will not be so hard to tame after all.”

    He continued his examination, opening her waistcoat the rest of the way until it revealed her hard flat belly and the brief bodysuit that held up her mesh stockings. “Beautiful material,” he commented, stroking the cloth that covered her loins, but it will have to go.”

    Zatanna heard the “snick” of a clasp knife opening and then felt the touch of metal against her skin as Zeiss cut through her waistcoat and bodysuit and peeled them away from her body. That left her wearing nothing but her high-heeled shoes, black jacket, net stockings, and oddly enough her bow-tie and hat. The rest of her body was open to the world and available to Zeiss to use any way he wanted.

    He started by exploring what she had to offer, running his hands over her firm flesh in the same way he had inspected her breasts.

    “Exquisite,” he commented. “You have a body that rivals the Catwoman. Strong and firm, yet soft and curved in all the right places.”

    To have herself compared to Selina was incredibly high praise, but under the chilling circumstances it made very little impression on her at all. She knew where this was going and it did not end well. During her illustrious crime-fighting career Zatanna had faced many perils and even been captured on several occasions, but she had never been subjected to the ultimate fate of all heroines who fell into the depraved hands of those who captured them. The thought of what was to come had her absolutely terrified and she could not hold back her reaction, as her breathing quickened and her heartbeat rose in fearful expectation.

    She started, twisting in her restraints as Zeiss ran his fingers over her belly, stopping to insert his finger into her navel before moving lower down. She was now quite exhausted. Her futile efforts to escape, had left her soaked in perspiration, her chest heaving, and her legs trembling. The horizontal position of her arms had drained the blood from her limbs and her shoulders ached abominably. But somehow she found the strength to struggle even harder as Zeiss found her mound of Venus and then slipped his fingers between the lips of her vulva, moving upward until he discovered the tiny nub of her clitoris. She jerked her body as his finger rubbed the tiny bud, but Zeiss preserved, stroking it gently until it began to throb as it slowly engorged. She moaned again, but this time for another reason.

    She clamped her teeth hard on the ball gag trying to ignore what Zeiss was doing to her, but her gradual state of arousal became obvious as a slow flush infused her chest and her breasts hardened, her throbbing nipples standing out like sentries. “I see you are a slut like most heroines, perhaps more so due to your natural exhibitionist tendencies. It is going to be most interesting to see what happens when I force my way into you.”

    “No!” Zatanna cried, but her protest was lost in the gag.

    “Too bad I won’t be able to hear you scream,” Zeiss remarked, “but the gag has to stay for obvious reasons. Short of cutting your vocal cords it is the only way to keep you helpless.”

    Zatanna shuddered again. Zeiss would think nothing of performing “surgery” on her if he deemed it necessary, or perhaps just for fun if the mood took him.

    “Don’t worry princess,” Zeiss added, apparently noting her shiver. All you’re going to lose right now is a little pride, and who knows, you might even enjoy it.”

    Zatanna suddenly experienced a change in the position of her body and realized that Zeiss was lowering the horizontal bar to which her wrists and arms were tied. There might be several reasons for doing this, but under the circumstances only one came to mind, and she was very quickly proved right as Zeiss finished positioning her.

    The lowering of the bar allowed her to bend her knees, but it was hardly an improvement as it simply served to spread her thighs even wider and place her body in a position that was much more accessible to Zeiss. It was only a matter of a few seconds before she could hear the sound of Zeiss removing his clothing. “Oh please don’t do this,” she thought.

    To her surprise she could hear Zeiss moving away from her. Had he changed his mind? Or had something else happened to distract him?

    “Just one more thing,” Zeiss commented, his voice coming from several feet farther away. “I don’t really mind sweaty women, but I like to get them that way myself. You need a bit of freshening up.”

    “Uhhn!” she grunted as the stream of cold water hit her. To her overheated body it was shockingly cold and she writhed at the unexpected torment. Zeiss kept the water on her for several minutes, walking around her in a complete circle to make sure that she was cleaned to his satisfaction. Dripping water and shivering from the cold, she hung miserably from her restraints.

    “Don’t worry, princess,” Zeiss sneered. “I’ll soon warm you up.” A few seconds later he pressed his nude body against hers. Her fear intensified as she realized that he was already fully aroused.

    “Now,” he continued. “Do I take you hard and fast or slow and easy?”

    “Mmpph! Mmpph!” Zatanna jerked desperately at her bonds as Zeiss’ hands found her backside and pulled her toward him.

    “I think hard and fast the first time. Something to get you warmed up.” Fully between her splayed legs, Zeiss had her at his mercy. With a sudden vicious thrust her drove into her.

    Even though she was ready for it, Zatanna cried out, and then bit down on the ball gag to keep from disgracing herself. “Where’s your magic now, cunt?” Zeiss taunted. “Without it you’re just another helpless slut begging to be fucked.” He thrust deeper into her, eliciting another muffled grunt of pain from his helpless victim. To Zatanna, who had never experienced such violence, Zeiss felt enormous. His phallus invaded her, violated her, brutalized her, and her incredible body quivered at every thrust.

    “Damn,” Zeiss remarked. “I think you’re even tighter than the cat-cunt. Did you use your magic to achieve that?”

    In fact she hadn’t. Hard work and several years of tantric yoga were responsible for a pelvic region that would have been the envy of most geishas. Now Zeiss was enjoying the fruits of those efforts, plundering her ripe body with savage enthusiasm. He stroked deeply into her, penetrating her to the full length of his rather impressive phallus and bringing her exquisite pain.

    But there was also pleasure. Very little at first as she endured the horror and degradation of being taken against her will, but eventually her ripe body responded, her vaginal juices flowing, and her clitoris becoming so engorged that every movement of Zeiss’ body sent waves of pleasure through the tiny organ. Unconsciously, in a purely defensive response, she began to move her body in concert with his. It was an uncontrolled action that slowly took over until she was moving in harmony with her assailant. Her first orgasm came very soon after that; and then she had another and another as her body sought to defend itself in the only way it could.

    “Whore,” Zeiss jeered as her body shuddered for the third time. “All you heroines are the same. Put a man inside you and you revert to the sluts you really are.”

    Even if she had been able to speak, Zatanna could not have refuted Zeiss’ accusation. She had reacted to what he had done to her like the lowliest street whore. Utterly disgraced, she could only moan into her gag as Zeiss finally finished with her.

    “Hard and fast seemed very much to your liking,” Zeiss commented as he stepped away from her. “Let’s see how well you like slow and easy.”

    Her moved behind her and once again adjusted her bondage rig, this time lowering the horizontal bar until she was bent double. “No,” she thought. “He can’t be going to do that!”

    “I’m going to have to do something about your vocal cords,” Zeiss said, speaking from behind her. “I’d love to give that sweet mouth of yours a chance to perform. But this will have to do for now.” He squeezed her buttocks, and ran his hands over her smooth skin, sliding his hands up her back until he reached her shoulder blades. Then he slid his hands under her arms to her breasts, squeezing and fondling her firm flesh and tweaking and pulling her nipples.

    Zatanna protested the prolonged fondling, whimpering into her gag as Zeiss added a few more bruises to those she already had. Even worse, however was the fact that as Zeiss leaned into her she discovered that his erection had already returned. “Wonderful stuff, these modern drugs,” he commented. “I can blow my load and be ready to go in just minutes. Now it’s time for round two.”

    He left little doubt about what he was going to do. In her bent over position Zatanna invited rear entry. The only question was which entrance was he going to use?

    He answered that question for her just a few seconds later as he inserted his finger into her anus. “This is going to be tight,” he said. “But slow and easy and a little lubricant should do it.”

    Zatanna protested loudly, at least as loudly as she could with the ball gag obstructing her speech, but Zeiss was not in a mood to listen. “Let’s see if being taken up the ass gets you off the way fucking your pussy does.”

    Zatanna felt the slippery cold of the gel as it was applied. Instinctively she tightened her buttocks. Maybe if she tried hard enough she could keep him out.

    “You’re just making this hard on yourself, you knew,” Zeiss commented. He held her tightly, his hands on her pelvic bones and then he pushed into her.

    Zatanna didn’t make it easy. She clamped her sphincter in an attempt to deny him access, but it was a losing battle. Zeiss pressed against her, wedging the tip of his rigid member into her tiny buttonhole. She attempted to twist away, but here wasn’t much she could do to avoid what was going to happen. For several minutes Zeiss probed her and eventually his strength and persistence won out over her resistance. With a sudden push he was inside her and then he had her at his mercy.

    “You put up a good fight,” Zeiss remarked. “I quite enjoyed that. And I’m going to enjoy this even more.”

    He had barely entered her, but that changed quickly as he began his “slow and easy” penetration of her anus. Every thrust sent him a few millimeters deeper until Zatanna was screaming in pain, tears streaming down her face. It was a brutal impalement, completely devoid of pleasure and it seemed to last forever. When it was finally over Zatanna was too exhausted to stand. She slumped in her bonds, letting the metal framework hold her up while Zeiss finished with her.

    That’s enough for now,” he said. “But I’ll be back. After all, you belong to me and I intend to fully make use of you for as long as it suits me.” With that he was gone, leaving Zatanna to her pain and humiliation.