Birds of Prey Episode 2 Belling the Cat - Chapter 3 Troika

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    Birds of Prey
    Episode 2 Belling the Cat

    Story by L’Espion illustrated by the remarkable RenderPretender

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    Chapter 3 Troika

    Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me, Bruce, fuck me!” It hurt like hell, but taking every inch of Batman’s huge phallus was worth every second of pain.

    And then she woke up. Shit! It was just a dream. But it seemed so vivid. And why were her ass and vagina still throbbing with the remembrance of what had been done to her?

    It took her another second before she realized that she was not in the bedroom of her luxury apartment. She was lying on her back on a crude pallet staring up at a patchy concrete ceiling. Mystified, she pushed herself into a sitting position. To her relief she found that she could move her arms freely. But why should she be relieved at that? And why did her cunt and asshole hurt so much? And where the hell was she?

    Her confused eyes took in a primitive cell; three walls, made out of ancient brick partially covered with patchy plaster, and a heavy iron grill for a door. The whole thing looked as if it had been built for the set of some prison movie. There was no light in the cell, but the room outside was lit by naked bulbs dangling from wires under metal shades. Ominously, she could also see a heavy chain dangling from the ceiling. The only furniture in the cell was the mattress she was sitting on, a porcelain sink, and a toilet. There wasn’t even a mirror.

    Investigation showed the lock on the door to be of a simple enough design, in fact it looked as if it had been made in the early 20th Century. It would be easy to pick, provided she could find something to pick it with. There was nothing of metal in the cell except the bars.

    She also discovered that moving was not a good idea. She might not have had sex with Batman, but someone had really done a number on her. But who?

    She was also completely naked and marked with numerous scratches and bruises. The latter were particularly prevalent on her breasts and thighs. However, she had no open wounds and her body smelled of lavender bath soap. Someone had cleaned her up.

    Walking carefully, she made her way to the sink, turned on the tap and took a drink of water. It was quite cold, indicating subterranean piping. It seemed to confirm her guess that her prison was somewhere underground.

    She peered through the bars. Focused on the cell was a security camera. If there is someone monitoring that I expect my waking up will bring them fairly quickly. She raised her gloveless hands to her face and then paled. No gloves and no mask.... Oh god, now I remember....

    Twelve hours earlier

    Selina stood before Rozanov with Zeiss standing right behind her. She was handcuffed and chained. Zeiss had made the chaining a work of art, with the metallic links ringing her neck before being wrapped around her upper body just above her breasts and then returning in an intricate pattern of weaving that encircled each of her breasts several times several times before being pulled down between her breasts to her crotch where it split her labia and buttocks before it was pulled up tightly to her neck once more.

    Zeiss had cinched the chains so tightly that she could barely move and each step she had been forced to take had pulled on the various parts of her anatomy most painfully. But somehow, she had made it down several flights of stairs to the main hall of the Galerie where Rozanov waited for her. By the time she had arrived there, her sweat-drenched body was almost collapsing from exhaustion and the shock of what Zeiss had done to her.

    “Here she is,” Zeiss chirped, “and still in one piece as I promised.”

    “Just barely,” Rozanov answered. He was clearly displeased. “Looks like she’s barely conscious. What are those marks on her body? Did you whip her?”

    “Superficial injuries,” Zeiss answered. “She’ll heal in a day or so. I didn’t inflict any permanent damage. She’ll be more than strong enough to stand up to whatever you have planned for her. Now I’ll take my payment if you please.”

    Rozanov muttered something under his breath. “All right,” he said finally, motioning to a woman standing next to Zeiss. “Give it to him, Olga. Two hundred a fifty thousand for a night’s work. Count it if you like.”

    For the first time Selina noticed the only woman in the room other than herself. To describe Olga as Amazonian would have been an understatement. She was at least six feet tall, quite well endowed and very curvaceous. She had short blonde hair, streaked with pink highlights, black lipstick and eye-shadow and was wearing a patterned black dress. She sported several flowery tattoos on her upper arms and just over her breasts, and was holding a black attaché case in one hand and a machine pistol in the other. She passed the case to Zeiss who accepted it without checking the contents. “That won’t be necessary,” Zeiss said. “If it’s not all here I’ll be coming back.”

    “You come back, you deal vith me,” Olga threatened.

    Zeiss grinned. “I might take you up on that, pinky, but right now I’m more interested in seeing what’s under that mask pussy-lips is wearing.”

    “I’m just as curious as you are,” Rozanov replied. He was a big man, completely bald and a full head taller than Selina. He moved toward her.

    “No you don’t,” Selina shouted. Somehow she twisted away from the two men holding her, an impressive feat considering how tightly she was chained and the ordeal she had just been though. She brought up her knee with the intention of crushing Rozanov’s testicles. It was a foolhardy move considering what he probably would have done to her had she succeeded, but her knee never found its target.

    Zeiss jerked hard on the chain around her neck, almost pulling her off her feet. He held her where she was while Rozanov stepped forward and slapped her face. “You little suka, I’ve almost had enough of you. Olga, tie her ankles.”

    Olga moved forward to carry out Rozanov’s order, but Selina was not quite finished. In spite of Zeiss’s grip on her and the restrictions of the chains she struggled furiously; and it wasn’t until two more of Rozanov’s goons jumped forward that they were able to hold her long enough for Olga to loop a plastic tie around her ankles, leaving her completely unable to move.

    “Pizda,” Rozanov said. “I’m going to really enjoy breaking you. But for now let’s see what you’ve been hiding. ”

    “No! No!” Selina cried, but exhausted, and trembling in fear and fury, she could do nothing as he tugged her cowl from her head.

    Catwoman Unmasked

    “Quite a beauty,” Rozanov said admiringly. “The face matches the body. Exquisite. What do you think, Olga?”

    “I think she bit too skinny,” Olga responded.

    “I don’t know about that,” Rozanov said. “She’s plump enough in the right places.” He emphasized his point by squeezing Selina’s already bruised left breast and then tweaked the nipple.

    Selina made no response to this further humiliation. Beaten, captured, and unmasked she could barely look the Russian mobster in the eye.

    “Not so defiant now are you, kiska?” Rozanov continued. “Anyone recognize her?’

    No one replied for a few seconds and then a guard at the end of the hall spoke up. “Don’t know who she is, but I think I seen her in the East End. Some society dame that looks after down and outers in the projects. Might be her.”

    “Yes,” Rozanov answered. “That makes sense. I have learned that Catwoman takes an interest in the East End. Olga, see if you can find out who she is.”

    “Da, boss. I be findink out.”

    Rozanov took one more step toward Selina, so close that she could smell his breath. “Of course, it would be so much easier if you just told us who you are.” His hands found her backside and squeezed her muscular buttocks.

    “Don’t touch me, you sobakayob.”

    Selina didn’t know many Russian phrases, but calling Rozanov a “dog fucker,” got a quick and violent result.

    He slammed his fist into her midsection and although she saw it coming and tensed her stomach muscles she could avoid none of the impact. And he followed it up with another blow and another. “Dura,” I’ll teach you some manners. He hit her one more and this time he she had nothing left. The air was blown completely out of her lungs. Gasping desperately for air, her senses faded.

    She heard just one more thing before she blacked out completely. “I would have thought you were tougher than that. Olga, get her out of here and get her cleaned up. I’ll deal with her la....”

    My god, she thought as she returned to the present, Rozanov knows what I look like and my connection to the East End. It won’t take him long to figure out exactly who I am. And that meant Holly and all of her other friends and contacts were in danger. She knew how the Russian mob operated. It didn’t stop at killing just the one person who had offended it. It often killed their friends and relatives just to make a point. And I have no relatives. That means all of my friends are in danger. I’ve got to get out of here.

    Getting out of the cell was probably not going to be easy; not if the camera was properly monitored. As she considered her options there was a noise at the door on the other side of the room. There was a loud “Chunk!” as if a heavy bolt was being thrown back and then it slammed open.

    Olga strode into the room accompanied by two hulking henchmen. She was wearing a tight low-cut black leather dress that showed off her shapely legs and large, firm breasts to advantage. In her hand she held a silver whip. She strode arrogantly across the room and stopped in front of the cell door. “I am vantink you out of that,” she said. “But first be placink your hands between the bars.”

    Selina made not the slightest move to comply with the order. The way the two men looked over her nude body made her extremely uncomfortable, but she hid it well. Folding her arms under her breasts she glared defiantly at the pink-haired Russian. “Why don’t you come and get me?”

    Olga snapped her whip. There was a sharp electrical crack as she did so and Selina realized that it was electrically charged, accounting for its metallic colour. “I am preferink that you resist; zat cell is no protection.” She emphasized her last comment by flicking the whip between the bars of the cage, forcing Selina to move quickly back to avoid it.

    “You be comink out or I be vhipping you till you unconscious.”

    Realizing that she had little choice Selina moved forward. I’ll get that pink-haired whore if it’s the last thing I do. She also realized that her list of people she intended to avenge herself against was getting somewhat long. No matter, I’ll get them all.

    She placed her hands between two of the bars as instructed and one of the goons snapped an impressive set of shackles over her wrists. Only then was the door to the cell opened. However, if her captors thought a simple pair of handcuffs could incapacitate her they were immediately proved wrong.

    The goon unlocking the cell had no sooner disengaged the lock when Selina leaped upward within the cell and drove her bare feet into one of the metal crossbars. The cell door flew open, smacking the goon in the face and knocking him backward. She then flew out of the cell, heading straight for Olga. The tall Russian woman had obviously not been expecting so ferocious an attack from one she thought helpless. She had no chance to raise her electric whip before Selina’s manacled wrists slammed into the side of her head.

    The remaining guard was a little quicker to respond. He produced a blackjack that came close to smashing her brains out, but she ducked under it and kicked him hard in the crotch. With a scream of pain he went down just as the first guard recovered from the door slam. Even hampered by the handcuffs she was more than a match for him. A quick sequence of kicks and double-fisted punches sent him to the floor and she turned just as Olga staggered to her feet.

    Contemptuously Selina kicked the whip away from her before slamming her fists into the woman’s midriff. She was just about to deliver a kick to the head when a voice stopped her.

    “So, Olga, I told you to take more thugs with you. Next time perhaps you will listen to me.”

    Selina whirled toward the voice and saw Zeiss standing in the doorway accompanied by three more of Rozanov’s men. He was tapping her whip idly in into his palm. “Happy to see me, Catwoman?” Zeiss asked. “It appears fortunate that Rozanov decided to keep me on otherwise who knows what you would have gotten up to.”

    Selina’s eyes darted around the room, but there was no place to go, but straight through Zeiss and in spite of the long odds that is what she tried to do. To her surprise Zeiss made no effort to stop her. Instead he stepped aside while she tackled the three henchmen. Once again, in spite of her handicap and being completely naked she proved more than a match for them. She hit them with the fury of the animal from which she took her name. In just seconds two of them men were down and she was driving the third backward. Pushing him aside she bolted past him and through the doorway and found herself in a long corridor ending in a steel door. It was the only way out and she darted down it and pushed through the door at the end. She found herself facing the closed doors of an elevator and a call button that could only be operated by a key pad.

    She turned to find Zeiss and a very angry Olga facing her. Behind them were the other five men she had taken out, none of whom, looked particularly pleased with her.

    “You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?” Zeiss asked. “You’re not getting out of here unless we decide to let you out.”

    Breathing hard from her exertions, Selina crouched, refusing to give up, but Olga had regained her electric whip and she stepped forward.

    “Think you can handle her?” Zeiss jeered.

    “It vas a lucky punch,” Olga said, her face red. She swung the whip horizontally and this time Selina did not have enough room to avoid it. There was a flash of acute pain and then her entire left side went numb. With a sharp cry she tumbled to the floor, helpless to prevent two of the thugs who rushed toward her from grabbing her by the arms and pulling her roughly to her feet. The others would have given her a severe beating had not Olga called them off. “No! I vill be dealink vith her. Take her back to the cell.”

    Still dazed by the sting of the whip, Selina struggled weakly as she was taken back the way she had come. Reaching the cell she was dragged beneath the rusty chain hanging from the ceiling. While she was held in place it was appropriately shortened and her arms were forced over her head and her manacles locked onto the chain. It left her on her tiptoes, her perfect body displayed for the amusement of her captors.

    Olga Kulakov surveyed the helpless woman in front of her and idly stroked her whip. She had to admit that the cat-woman was the sort of woman the boss preferred. A couple of years ago she might have been jealous. That was when her services to the boss were of a more personal nature. But she had quickly learned that Rozanov liked his women petite. Petite and almost virginal, since he liked to hear them squeal when he entered them. She didn’t fit into either category, but she had other uses Rozanov approved of. One of these was an ability to manipulate numbers that had earned her a place as Rozanov’s bookkeeper. Even ruthless thugs required someone who could keep track of their financial transactions and find inventive ways of hiding their illegal profits, and she had proved quite inventive when it came to the latter. That and the fact that she could double as a bodyguard had earned her a place of importance in Rozanov’s organization even as the need for her sexual services had declined.

    That was just as well in any case. During the last year or so Olga had discovered something about herself she had not realized, and that was that when it came to sex she preferred women. Oh, she still liked men too, but being with another woman was somehow more gratifying, especially if she was into the sort of sadistic sex games Olga had come to enjoy. With that in mind she scrutinised the cat-woman’s sleek body. Her prisoner was stunningly beautiful. Those emerald-green eyes were mesmerizing and that dark shoulder-length hair framed a perfect oval face.

    Her body was also exquisite. Her waist could not have measured more than sixty centimeters and accentuated her hard flat belly and the swell of her beautifully rounded breasts. She also had long strong legs and a perfect tight well-turned backside. Just looking at her had Olga’s mouth watering and she was getting a bit damp in another area as well.

    Ruthlessly she forced the thoughts from her mind. Rozanov had given her free rein to do what she wanted with the woman and there would be plenty of time to experiment with her later. Right now she was going to make the bitch talk and she was going to enjoy doing it. “Now, darlink,” she said as she tapped the handle of the whip into the palm of her hand, “ve are going to be findink out vhat you did vith the boss’s money.”

    “Sixteen million,” chimed in one of the guards.

    Yobanyi karas,' she swore, “I be knowink how much it is. Now be shuttink up vhile I ask the questions.”

    “The sixteen million. The boss vants it returned,” Olga said, standing in front of Selina. “And he also vants interest. One hundred percent.”

    “Go to hell,” Selina responded. “I’m not giving him a dime.”

    “That’s one hundred percent per day, darlink,” Olga replied. “No one steal from big boss and get avay vith it.”

    She saw the cat-woman’s face twist in consternation. No doubt she had not expected that, but she should have. Loan-sharking was one of Rozanov’s more lucrative sidelines.

    “You’ve got to be kidding, pinky,” the cat-woman retorted. “Even if I gave him every cent I’d never be able to pay that.”

    “You vill pay it,” Olga replied, “or the boss be takink it out of you in other vays.” She raised the whip. The bitch had called her ‘pinky’ and no one got away with that.

    She struck so quickly with the whip that the cat-woman had only milliseconds to prepare for it. The last caught her across the centre of her back and the woman’s body convulsed as thirty thousand volts of electricity shot through her. She also screamed in pain, a sound Olga found most gratifying. And she raised the whip again.

    This time she targeted the other side of the woman’s body, the lash flicking across her belly. Once again it was accompanied by a cry of agony along with the usual convulsion.

    “You pink-haired troll, you’ll pay for this,” the woman shouted.

    “Still so defiant,” Olga remarked. “I vill be beatink that out of you and enjoying every minute of it.” She struck again, the whip finding the woman’s buttocks, and then again, this time striking her across those magnificent quivering breasts. Each blow was accompanied by a shriek of agony and Olga grinned in pure enjoyment. The electric whip was the perfect instrument; capable of delivering excruciating pain without really physically damaging the victim. She had purposely tuned down the strength of the electrical discharge to thirty thousand volts and just four amps. She had tried it on herself - just once, and found that it delivered an extremely painful jolt without incapacitating the victim. While that made it rather less effective as a weapon, it was perfect for interrogation; allowing her to shock the victim over and over again without danger of injuring her or even worse rendering her unconscious. She had used it several times and it had never yet failed to get results. She expected the cat-woman would prove no more difficult.

    “Take your time answerink,” she grinned. “I am lookink forward to convincink you.” She used the whip again and again before pausing once more.

    “Now,” she said, “give me name of your bank and then account numbers and passvords.”

    By now the cat-woman’s body glistened with sweat, something that Olga found incredibly arousing, but she contained her impulses and waited for an answer. Surprisingly, her victim still proved quite defiant. “The hell I will,” She shouted. “You won’t get it out of me even if you kill me.”

    “No killink,” Olga sneered. “But I make livink very painful. Now, we make it simple. The names of the banks first.”

    “Screw you. Ahh!”

    “The names of the banks,” Olga repeated and swung the whip again. This time she didn’t stop until she had delivered more than a dozen lashes, each one eliciting an agonized scream. When she finally stopped the woman continued to moan in pain. “Now the name of the bank.”

    Somehow the woman managed one more defiant reply. “Mandavoshka,” she gasped. “I’ll never tell.”

    “Ve shall see,” Olga frowned. The woman was proving tougher than she’d thought she would be. But she had all day. Eventually she’d get what she wanted. She raised the whip once more.

    The electrical torture continued for most of the morning. During that time the cat-woman actually passed out twice and had to be revived by chemical stimulants. One of these was a drug Olga had used on herself. It stimulated the flow of blood throughout the body, but particularly to the erogenous zones. She found it amusing to watch her victim writhe as she experienced both intense pain and sexual arousal. Even so it took until it was almost noon before the exhausted woman finally broke. “Gotham Central,” she gasped. And then the numbers came out. She hung from the chain, no longer able to stand.

    “Get the boss,” Olga ordered. “Tell him ve got what we wanted.”

    Selina almost wept in shame. It was difficult for her to accept that she had broken so quickly, but the continued electrical shocks had finally worn her down, forcing her to realize that she could not last forever, and that it would do her little good to continue her resistance if she was so badly incapacitated that she could barely walk. The only way she was going to escape her predicament was if she still had the physical ability to deal with her captors and that would not be the case if she was so badly weakened by tortured that she could barely move.

    Her body still tingled from the electric shocks although quite amazingly it seemed to be untouched otherwise. All she had to show for the several hour ordeal was a few welts where the electric whip had touched a bit too hard. Other than that, and the fact that she had been forced to stand on the tips of her toes for hours with her arms straight over her head, she was in surprisingly good shape.

    It’s that damned drug they shot into me. She was still experiencing the intense effects of the drug, particularly in her breasts and other intimate areas. What the hell was it? It was certainly some sort of sexual stimulant and she was aware that in spite of her ordeal she was almost painfully aroused.

    A commotion outside the door announced Rozanov’s arrival. He swaggered into the dingy room and nodded toward Olga. “Well done, malysh. I knew I could count on you. Now we shall have some fun, da?

    To Selina’s surprise the tall woman actually blushed, but she recovered quickly. “Yes boss. What you think? She is perfect for troika, no?’

    Rozanov approached Selina. “Perfect if she is strong enough.” He reached out and stroked Selina’s left breast.

    “This strong enough for you?” Selina asked as her knee came up and caught Rozanov in the groin.

    “Ahh!,” Rozanov yelled. “Blyadina! She needs to be taught another lesson.”

    Olga held up the whip and Rozanov stopped clutching his groin long enough to shake his head. “No, something she’ll really remember.”

    “I have somethink,” Olga said. She flicked open the catches on a metal toolbox that was sitting against one of the walls. “How about this?” she asked taking out a propane torch and a long needle.

    “It’s a start,” said Rozanov. “What else do you have?”

    “How about these? Bellink the cat.”

    “I like it,” Rozanov smiled. Pierce the dura.

    This time no chances were taken. Ropes were attached to each of Selina’s ankles and her legs were drawn out to the side, leaving all of her weight on her wrists. She gritted her teeth against the pain, knowing that there was much more to come. It was looking less and less like she was going to get out of this mess alive. But they haven’t killed me yet. And if they don’t I’m really going to make them pay for this,

    The click of the propane torch being turned on drew her attention back to Olga. The pink-haired woman held the tip of the needle in the flame until it glowed cherry red and then stepped toward her helpless victim. Oh god, this is going to hurt.

    “Vhat you think,” Olga mused as she held up the needle, “tits, cunt, or face first?”

    “I like a bit of suspense,” Rozanov said. “Start with the face and then work up to the other areas.”

    Face! What the hell was that crazy bitch going to do? Selina almost panicked, but forced herself to be calm. Screaming and useless efforts to escape would get her nowhere. Still, it was very hard to hold still as Olga held the needle up to her face.

    “The nose first I be thinkink,” Olga said. She grabbed Selina’s hair and viciously jerked her head back. “Now be holdink still,” she cautioned.

    There was a jolt of excruciating pain accompanied by the stench of burning as the needle pierced Selina’s septum. She grunted in pain and then grunted again as Olga used a pair of pliers to force a small gold ring through the opening and then pinch it shut.

    “Now the lip,” Olga said. This proved to be even more painful as the needle was heated to a red glow once more and then thrust through Selina’s lower lip. A larger ring followed and this time Selina whimpered in pain. “Looks good,” Olga commented, giving the ring a painful tug. “You should still be able to suck cock vith that.”

    Selina gasped at the sudden sharp stab of pain as Olga twisted on the ring. “You bitch,” she cried. “I’ll get you for this.”

    “You won’t be getting anyone,” Rozanov said. “You be spending the rest of your life on your back. You owe me, cunt, and I always collect with interest.”

    “You’ll never get me to do that,” Selina answered. “Never!”

    “I think you will. It’s just a matter of training you properly. After you’ve been fucked the first hundred or so times you won’t have much of that defiant spirit left.”

    Selina’s spirits sank. She didn’t know how she would hold up to an endless round of being raped. No, it won’t happen. I’ll kill myself first.

    By now Olga had once again reheated the needle. She used it to pierce each of Selina’s ears and apply rings in each lobe before heating it again, prior to dealing with more intimate areas.

    “Now for the real fun,” Olga said as she pulled out Selina’s left nipple.

    “No, please” Selina begged. “Look, you’ve won. You’ve got my money and you’ve had some fun with me. Let me go and I can work for you. I’m the best cat burglar in the business. I can get you anything you want.”

    “That’s a change in attitude,” Rozanov commented. “Maybe you’ll break faster than I thought. Your offer is tempting, but what I really want is to make an example of you. Anyone who learns that I broke Catwoman will think twice about crossing me.” He nodded to Olga to proceed.

    “Agh!” The pain of the almost white-hot metal as it pierced her ultra-sensitive nipple exceeded anything that had been done to her before. And the agony as the large gold ring was worked into the inflamed opening was equally painful. Tears of pain streamed from Selina’s eyes.

    But there was still another nipple to go, and Olga dutifully reheated the needle before carrying out the procedure on the other nipple. This time Selina screamed, her will to resist exhausted.

    “Three more to go,” Olga smiled. Save your screams for the last two.”

    Her navel was pierced and ornamented next, and then Olga knelt, her head level with Selina’s splayed thighs. She pinched the left lobe of Selina’s labia majora and thrust the needle into it. Once again Selina screamed and then screamed again as the right lobe was given the same treatment. Rings were inserted into both of the openings while she continued to sob in pain.

    Olga stood up and put the needle and torch away. Selina almost sighed in relief. Was her torment finally over? But Olga had a few more items of decoration to add. From her toolbox she took out a collection of tiny bells. She attached them to the rings in Selina’s ears, nipples, and labia and suddenly Selina understood what Olga’s “Bellink the cat,” comment had meant.

    Her body quivered from the torment, and the tiny bells tinkled. “Perfect,” Rozanov commented. “She’ll have music wherever she goes.”

    By this time, the multiple ordeals had caught up with Selina, overcoming even her amazing powers of endurance. Her body slumped and she was overcome with a wave of utter exhaustion and a complete sense of defeat. Her senses began to fade as she sought refuge in the realm of unconsciousness.

    “Oh no you don’t, darlink,” Olga said as she reached into her toolkit once more. This time she came up with a syringe.

    “What is that, Olga?” Rozanov inquired.

    “Somethink I got from Dr. Death. It should wake her up.”

    “Dr. Death? That Ooyobische gives me the creeps. But I suppose he is useful.”

    “Very useful, boss,” Olga replied as she jabbed the needle into Selina’s firm buttock.

    Selina felt only a tiny prick, in marked contrast to the heated needles that had been used on her, but the results of the injection were immediate. A surge of energy coursed through her accompanied by an intense feeling of arousal. It revived her so completely that she actually strained at her bonds, lifting her body to the limit the ropes binding her ankles would allow. But the heavy cuffs on her wrists held, in spite of her suddenly renewed strength. What was less welcome was the almost overwhelming sexual urge that swept over her. God, what is happening to me. I can’t feel like this, not here.

    “She is ready, boss,” Olga pronounced.

    “Good, lower her into position.”

    The chain suspending Selina from the ceiling was lowered until she was able to stand normally, but as soon as her feet touched the floor she was grabbed by two of Rozanov’s henchmen and forced to her knees. She was held there while Olga and Rozanov proceeded to remove their clothing and a low bench was moved into position. Then Olga reached into her toolbox once more.

    “What is that thing,” Selina wondered, Santa Claus’s toybag?

    Whatever the case, Olga produced one of the largest studded strap-on dildos that Selina had ever seen. She proceeded to strap it in place and then stretched herself out on the bench. “Come on, darlink,” she said. “It is time to have some fun.”

    “Th... that thing is too big,” Selina quavered. “It’ll never fit.”

    “I hear you are qvite tight,” Olga agreed. “But ve make it fit, da?

    “No,” Selina protested as she was maneuvered into position. She struggled to escape but the fact that her wrists were still anchored to the overhead chain and her legs were spread wide prevented her from doing much more than exciting the woman who awaited her and the men around her. She was pushed down on the bench until she was straddling Olga’s thighs and then the big woman reached up and gripped her buttocks and forced her down on the huge artificial phallus.

    Selina grunted as her labia were parted and then moaned in pain as Olga began to enter her, but with her legs spread out to the side and two of Rozanov’s men pushing her into position she was helpless to stop the massive dildo from entering her. The penetration was also aided by the fact that Selina was dripping wet. She had never felt so aroused and she added Dr. Death to the list of people she was going to get even with.

    Bastard! This can’t be happening! Oh god it hurts! The dildo was huge, but slowly but surely she was forced down on it. Her legs were still spread wide and her own body weight was being used against her. She writhed in pain, but even the slightest movement of her body impaled her still further on the brutal device. Olga helped it along, gripping Selina’s buttocks ever more tightly while she thrust upward. The pink-haired woman moaned in pleasure, indicating that the dildo was configured to stimulate her sexually even as she drove it deeper into Selena’s moist tightness.

    And then Rozanov moved behind her. As she had already noted he was a big man and his glistening phallus matched his size. No! No! No! Selina screamed the word in her mind and then cried out loud as Rozanov began to push into her from behind. He was well lubricated, but even so penetration was slow and difficult. Much more to the point it was incredibly painful, even worse than what Zeiss had done to her.

    But at the same time something else was happening as well. Pushing past the pain and humiliation was a rising wave of arousal as Dr. Death’s serum seized control of her libido. Her breath came faster and faster even as she tried to fight the increasing intensity of her rising passion. Oh please don’t let this happen.

    She cried out again, but this time it was a cry of forced pleasure as she heaved her body in an attempt to allow full penetration of the huge phallus Olga wore. It was humiliating beyond belief and adding to her shame was the gay tinkling of the bells attached to her nipples and labia. But demeaning as her display of passion was, it was about to get worse. After all Olga had said “troika.” Zeiss suddenly appeared in front of her. Not surprisingly he was sans trousers and fully erect. Straddling the gasping Olga he grabbed Selina’s hair and thrust himself between her parted lips. She tried to resist, but she was too far gone to bite; instead her lips naturally closed over his member and she sucked hard.

    “Mmmm,” Zeiss moaned. “You’ve finally found your true vocation. Being fucked in all of your major orifices seems to have brought it out in you.”

    Selina could not reply and would not have in any case. She was too busy enjoying the first of several humiliating but no less intense orgasms. She grunted loudly, her cries muffled by the fact that Zeiss’s member was tickling her tonsils, and her body shuddered in passion. Her arm muscles tightened, arching her body upward and presenting her breasts to Olga’s willing mouth. The Russian woman sucked hard on each nipple driving Selina wild. She jammed herself even harder onto the huge phallus ignoring the pain as her desire overwhelmed her.

    Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. She climaxed again and then again, with such intensity that her senses swam. While Zeiss gripped her hair and pumped in and out of her mouth, Olga thrust upward even harder, and Rozanov plunged deep into her backside. The continuous multiple attacks proved too much. Her vision darkened and with a sudden cry she went limp.

    “What the hell just happened?” Rozanov demanded, standing over Selina’s unmoving form.

    “I should perhaps haf mentioned zat Dr. Death’s drug vas somevhat experimental,” Olga replied as she rolled herself out from under Selina’s limp form.

    “Experimental?” Rozanov responded. “Chyort! I don’t want her dead.”

    “Hmmph,” Zeiss commented. “She’s still breathing.”

    “Breathing and moaning,” Olga added.

    “Put her back in the cell,” Rozanov ordered. “And find out what was in that shit you injected into her.”

    “Yes, boss,” Olga replied obediently. She released Selina from the chains and dragged her unconscious form to the cell and dumped her on the mattress.

    “Sleep vell, darlink,” the pink-haired Amazon sneered. “I vill be vaitink for you vhen you vake up.”

    A lone watcher turned away from her monitor. God, I never expected to see that. It had taken her a full day to hack into the security system at the Galerie des Art, and gain access to the one that monitored the detention area. What she had seen had taken her completely by surprise and come close to making her sick. She had little sympathy for Catwoman, the feline burglar had caused her and the police far too many problems, but she could not stand to see anyone treated the way she had just witnessed. All right, Barbara, you’re going to have to do something about that. She ran her fingers over the keyboard. Yes, perfect. I just hope she’s available.