Berseh in my hands

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    :heart: An emotional journey between Berseh and Tawny :heart:


    Berseh: "Tawny .. Is it you? Is it really you? .. So you interrupted your series, just to check on me? Just to check on whether the collar held me properly? Are you going to pull me out of the garage? Will you allow me by your side while you work on your desk? All you have to do is knot your end of the leash to the feet of your armchair .. I promise not to disturb, I'll stay at your feet, I'll be silent. Are you going to kiss me?"

    Tawny: "Yes my darling, it is me, Tawny, Your Mistress". I softly stroke your cheek, tension the chain connected to your collar and force you to stand on your toe tips. The top of my nose touches yours and you feel my breath, just as I also take yours with all my senses. I look deep into your eyes. "I'll get you, then you may kneel at my side, but not yet, I want you to wait a little longer here, but you can rest assured that my thoughts are with you". I take your hands and lead them to your collar, where I attach the cuffs you wear for me. I smile again into your beautiful eyes, kiss you on the forehead and go back to my desk.

    Berseh: *.. oohh .. I've never belonged to a woman before .. Only to men, and I already see the difference .. Not agreeing to my request while behaving so sweetly was subtle .. I didn't ask for much. She didn't say no, she said she will chain me at her feet .. but by just telling me when it would happen she let me know she controlled my time ..*

    *By adding the unnecessary link to my cuffs she controls the posture of my body, even though she doesn't stay to look at it .. Even if she's not next to me, my body is set at her wish .. Would I want to touch myself? Not without her teling me to. Not kissing my mouth that was open for her, but my forehead .. Like I'm a child or a pet.. Yes, that's a difference!*

    *But maybe it has nothing to do with her being a female? Maybe it has only to do with her being Tawny .. My mistress?*

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    Waiting. Kept in the garage, alone ..
    She is not punishing me, no.

    It's only that she has more important things to do than catering to me. For her it is more convenient that I'm stashed this way.
    Right now I don't deserve to be by her side at her feet so I'm here in the garage, with her car, her bicycle. Stuff ..

    So she can go about her business and hold her pet where she knows it will cause no disturbance for her. But she's not denying my existence, she does not undervalue my presence. Quite the contrary, this is my place. That's what and where she wants and so that's where I am. :heart:

    She decides of my time and space. What posture must be mine .. To be sure I comply she binds me the way she wants me to be.

    Left naked and chained, my wrists crossed in their bracelets, almost at the height of the collar .. Unable to attend to my needs, because I don't have to. Tawny will do this, when she wants and how she wants ..
    Naked, yes, but for .. for the belt and what it .. What it holds .. Only because she thought I needed to have this in me

    How come? Why do i let it be so? I don't know.; It's Tawny that's why. She only has to command ..
    I know, it's so strange .. i wait, knowing she will come down from upstairs when she's finished her business and lead me back inside her house.
    I'm here for her.

    Who would have believed it, only a forthnight ago?


    Sometimes I hate it to be the dominant part. It was really hard not to give in to her longing glance.

    Her yearns will be only increased, but she has to accept that I say the When, Where, and How.

    She will learn that deprivation is rewarded. That emotions are increased to an unending extent.

    I'm sure she does not understand it yet, and I am pretty sure she misinterpretes that I left her alone in the garage with tied wrists unable to touch her self.

    May be she thinks that other things are more important to me. Although she has completely overturned my priorities. I can not concentrate on my work. I have only one picture in mind .. berseh

    Be careful Tawny, you can not expect too much, we only know us a few days. Just give us more time. And I think we still have plenty of time.

    But I am her Mistress and I am responsible for her. For her body and her soul. And my needs had to take the backseat.


    Yes you are. I know you will dispense the When, Where and How.

    And there will be no Why coming from me. Because I do not question your motives or your will to make whatever use of me.

    I will lower my eyes and glow.

    But you can't expect my body not to quiver when you do your things, whatever they are, to me. Or to shudder the moment you come into the room where you have kept me chained.

    I will say nothing and, through my lowered eyelids, follow your movements.

    Did she come here to take me with her or only to check that I am safe, as is her car and other belongings stored in the garage? Is she going to unlock my collar or instead, add to my bondage?

    Will she kiss my lips? That's what I'm craving. That .. And maybe a patting, a fondling .. A word.

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    Oh my God ... I only see her picture in front of me.

    I can not concentrate on the work, but all my watchers are waiting for the continuation of my stories.

    I think now it is time and Berseh has waited enough.

    I'll get her to me now


    In the garage, chained to the wall

    I'm in her house ..


    She has chained my collar to a ring in the wall .. Chained me high, I'm left standing upright .. Tawny .. My unexpected mistress! I don't care what people will think. Only her..

    After all, she did say she was my Mistress right? Not just someone who played a kinky part, right?
    Around my neck is her collar .. Binding my wrists almost at the neck are her bracelets .. dangling is her chain .. wrapped in it, submitted to it, is her .. Her what? What am I to her? A distraction, a fancy? ..more? Ohh yes, make it that I'm more for her!

    She didn't say. At times here I nearly cried. She refused to let me at her feet, i thought she was just playing, but no .. Maybe she's bored.

    She's left me away from her long enough now that I wonder .. Am I of so little matter to her? It's possible .. Am I a stupid fool? She saw how emotional it has been for me.. she's an experienced domme .. I'm nothing .. *shivers* Or, is it her way to tell me better than in words that she disposes of me when and only when she wants, no matter my desire and need?

    Because, well .. Simply because I'm her property?


    Wh-what if she comes down with my clothes and tells me okay that was fun, I'll drive you home?


    Why am i so off balance? Why this long silence? Maybe that was not so long, but how can I tell, naked, chained in a windowless garage?
    Tawny .. Let me love you .. I won't be a burden, I'll learn!


    Somehow this is something special with berseh

    I still have this look in mind as she have looked at me.

    She did not make any sound during the last hours in the garage.
    She has been waiting ... waiting for me
    And I will not disappoint her

    I can only remember too well the other encounters where the sub has believed to give me how to treat them. They begged me to be their domina. But how should this work when the sub pretends the pulse.

    Not so at berseh, the willingness to submit, the grateful look, no demands ...

    Sure, we talked about limits, but that was it ...

    And every time I think of her, my heart starts to throb wildly

    My berseh ..



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    I get up, walk down the stairs to the garage

    There, naked with tied hands, my sweetheart is waiting for me ... my berseh

    She looks at me with shining eyes

    My heart is beating wild

    It is not necessary to lose words ... the eyes alone are completely sufficient

    I take berseh in my arms, push her against me

    My lips are approaching hers

    I breathe her wonderful scent

    Our lips touch together ... they seals together

    Time freezes

    Our tongues meet for the first dance and this dance is carried out with a passion, where everything else is only degraded to secondary.


    Ohh.. At last she comes.. Dare I look at her eyes? I'm so anxious!..She's so close now..

    Oh God her hands on my skin.. My waist.. My rear end.. Drags me to her, yes.. Ohh how I love that she seizes me just like that.. You.. You goddess.. Come take your prisoner! Use this captive! Order anything!
    What am I now in your arms? ..the object of your will... Here for your enjoyment.. Hhh, I'm crazy..This is pure folly.. She presses me against her..My arms tied upfront.. Her embrace squeezes my tits..
    Do what you w..Her lips, is it how you?..
    Invade my mouth.. I welcome you my love..
    I'm held, I'm completely in her arms.. Rubbing my mond against the fabric of her clothes.. Because it is also my status.. She is wholly dressed up, I'm not.. All I wear are her chains...
    At her disposal. now she kisses me, what later? What if she doesn't like the taste of my mouth, or how I avidly drink her saliva?
    What if she dumps me after? Forget.. Just ..Tawny..
    I'm crazy.. Delirious..Kiss me! oh this is such a great..kiss.. How come you tame me so well? How can you already control my senses?
    how will I survive the moment your lips depart?

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    After a long intense kiss, I slowly release my lips and smile in those gleaming eyes.

    I take the chain from the wall and guide her upstairs to my office.

    There I place berseh in front of my desk spread her legs and fix a spreader bar between her legs.

    When I get up, I slowly slide with my hands berseh's sides up, give her a kiss in the neck, and release her handcuffs from the collar to move the hands backwards and fix them at the back of the belt.


    Ohh.. At last I am allowed in her office.. It's a bit drab.. W-What? I-I never was spread like this..I feel very vulnerable like this.. My pussy open for her to play with.. If it's play, that is..and the bar itself chained to the desk? I'm not put at my mistress's feet? I must breathe.. push away my fears, she might not like to see my hesitancy.. I'm hers so I have to behave.. It's-it's just that I'm afraid.. I must hide my trembling legs.. but how could I hide anything? She's exposing me!

    If I'm being arranged here, in this way..Because that is what it is! I'm being manhandled like she would her pet or a decorative element.. Is it so she can enjoy the sight of my handcuffed, chained body, or... Or because it will be more convenient to *quivers* To punish me? Is she going to *gasp* flog ..Me?

    Will I be strong enough to take what she has in mind for me? Will I make a mess of myself? disappoint my owner?

    I'm afraid! I'm so afraid!


    "Oh .... why are you shivering that much? Are you scared about whats comming up? Relax my dear ... I know, this is about different to your expectations ... chill out and enjoy"

    I wrap my arms from behind around the sweet helpless berseh and slowly rock the hips together with her slowly left and right.

    "Just trust me"


    I... I trust you..You know I'm at your disposal..Because I'm yours. Still, I can't totally chase the fear.. What you will do to me..What.. I-I just don't want to fail you.. What if you're displeased, what if you don't like me after?

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    I sit down on my chair again and make myself comfortable .. My eyes are resting on berseh's body. I'm not saying any word for a long time, just watch .. I notice that slowly she get restless and want to say something .. I put my index finger on my lips and point out that she should be silent .. I enjoy each of her emotions, every fiber of her body, her uncertain look .. My eyes inspects her wonderful body, the petite figure, the pretty face, the wonderfully shaped breasts, this sweet tempting hill, as well as her appearing labia .. The time seems to stand still, and some time later I address my word to her.

    "I've heard you're a passionate dancer, my love."

    Berseh nods slowly

    "That's good my darling. Do you want to dance for me"

    berseh nods with an uncertain look. She does not know what I mean by this, especially since she is quite restricted in her movement-possibilities .. I smile at her.

    "I want you to tell me how you feel at the moment, my angel"


    *I can hardly stand on my legs. My trembling legs. Here I am in an executive office, naked. Collared, with the lead dangling and rubbing against my mound. My wrists restrained behind my back, my legs obscenely spread .. Offered to this woman's eyes .. How could I let this happen? .. She looks at me with such a triumphant smile, I feel really small, really petty, really very much a decorative toy.*

    Breathes loudly, as if ready to talk.

    *No .. No word from me right? I'm the object she likes to look at, I am not allowed to express my humanity now. But then, what could I say that would not be utter nonsense? Total stupidity? I let my woman keep me naked for hours now. First chained in the garage now indecently exposed like a porn doll: what could i say that would not make me more ridiculous to her eyes? That I love her? She'll scorn at me and it will hurt .. When she looks like now at my pussy it feels like she's opening me.. *

    She talks to me and all I'm allowed is to nod, to blush, to lower my eyes.

    *I don't care. I'm here for you .. You want to lavish your eyes on me? I'm too happy that this body the image I sell for a fortune is now exposed only to you. Do you only know that the girl you chain has been very much approached by lesbians? Like I would have suddenly become a lesbian? I didn't, it's just that you imposed yourself on me and I .. I fell for you.*

    "You ask me how I feel mistress? I .. I don't know if I have the words .. I feel I'm yours."

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    I stand up from my chair and get rid of my bodysuit .. My eyes resting all the time on berseh's beautiful body .. I step behind her and press my pelvis against her tied hands .. I breathe in the wonderful smell of her hair .. My right hand slides to your mons .. With the left hand, I start to massage these wonderful soft, shapely breasts .. I knead your nipple gently

    I whisper softly into her ear: "I will now demand something from you that will need some overcoming from you."

    The middle finger of my right hand massages berseh's wonderful pearl .. With joy I feel that a certain excitement of Berseh can no longer be concealed. Even your low moans tells me to do the next step.

    I whispered further: "Even if you are now a little bit against it, I would like you to grow out every shame and enjoy the inevitable."

    The middle finger of my right hand slides deeper .. gently caresses berseh's labia and reaches the cave entrance .. I gently circle with my finger at the entrance and at the same time I raise the pressure on her nipple with the other hand.


    OOhh.. Tawny.. I want to do anything you order..oohh.. ohhh..You've kept me chained for hours away from you..... in the garage, and..led me here! the col..collar.. ahhh..You know you don't have to Just say what you ..what you want.. I'll do it. I'll do it! Yes.. this is new for me..But I'll do it... I need to obey.. I need to do what you want.. This is so amazing..I let you tie me up..didn't I? Let you keep me open for you didn't I? I need you to use me..Even if you're..if you're hard on me..Let you take me as your..your toy didn't I?..Ohh..your hands..What are you doing to me? Why did you come into my life.. To take be everything..Why?

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    Again I walk behind berseh kneel down and exchange the middle bars from the spreader to a different part, which is equipped with a cross bar and a dildo .. I increase the distance between the ankles and berseh is forced to spread the legs even more .. While I am doing this, I can not resist and have to kiss and stroke this sweet butt, which berseh is stretching out.

    Slowly I push the middle bar upwards. With my fingers I make sure that there is enough moisture between berseh 's legs .. berseh moans briefly as the tip of the dildo touches her cave entrance.

    I smile, as I recognize, that she gently circle her waist and rub the cave entrance at the tip of the dildo.

    I am waiting and enjoying the sight of her movements. After a kiss of her buttocks, I push the dildo still further upwards, until it becomes for berseh impossible to free herself from the dildo.


    *moans... Love.. Hmmh!.. What are you doing to me.. Taking my heart.. Ohhh darling, yes.. This is heaven. I've become your thing..My beautiful mistress.. Use me, yes. Play with this body you have taken, ever before I gave it.. Let me become the object, the tool for your fantasies..I don't know where we go but as long as you hold my lead..Ahh! Fill.. Fill me..Ahh!...*

    Ohh darling.. Darling, is it wise.. in your office? What if anyone? Ohh.!. Tawny..Tawny! TAWNY! Yes I beg you my lady.. Connect your toys together..This toy,me..with this thing.. Darling, love, Ahh! *slowly swinging my hips to accept what is to come* Is- Is that..ooh! is that how you will keep this slave tamed while you work? Am I becoming your fantasy object? Ohh, not not that high up, Ohh! Ohh I love you..

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    I sit down on my desk in front of my beloved berseh and look into her eyes .. Her sight and her desire to rub the dildo is written in her face .. Still, my perfectly helpless angel waits until I give her permission.

    Since I want to enjoy this sight of longing longer, I keep her a little bit longer on tenterhooks .. I turn on slow music and turn it a little bit louder .. After her endless waiting-minutes I nod to her. "My heart, I asked you if you wanted to dance for me, now it is time for it, I want to see your hips dancing."

    berseh starts to circle with her hips to the rhythm of the music and completes this by up and down movements .. Her sight is so breathtaking that I start to pamper myself.

    "But be told, you may not come without having received my permission"


    Ohh my sweet.. My inflexible mistress.. Can you really leave me like this, nearly impaled, chained in front of your beautiful person and forbid me to rub myself?

    Are you - oh yeah.. Are you going to control my body so deeply, so wholly that I can only come when you tell me to?

    Am I yours to this point, that even the most intense sensations my body sends to my vanquished mind, do not belong to me but are at your whims? ..Mistress, my love.! You are so beautiful,.. This is torture.. I beg you..Your torture.. but even while you treat me with such authority.. Cruelty.. I love you..
    I can only do what you order me to.. but- please? This.. After so many hours in your chains, in your fetters? Codemning me to feed my eyes with your beautiful body.. Your domineering boots, your icy burning eyes? And bound as i am I can't even bend down to worship your vulva?

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    My berseh .. My beloved slave girl .. Your body still twitches from last orgasm .. I look at your wonderful lips and want to feel them .. I want to feel your wonderful tongue

    After I took off my boots, I grab the chain which hangs on your collar and slowly force you through a slight pull on the chain, to bend over your upper body until I feel your lips on my pearl

    Immediately you started with your tongue to spoil me between my legs

    ohhhh my God .... this tongue ... You drive me very slowly and skillfully to the climax

    I love you, my beloved slave girl


    mmnnmmgmmn..lip lap :)

    *At last you put your slave to work! I thought you'd never allow me to serve you.. You made me wait, so that I understand you rule my time. You kept me chained in your garage and impaled in your office so I understand you rule my space.. Like you said before You are the When and Where and How that rule my body. As you pulled my chain and my collar I have to do it right. Please do not compare my skills with other girls you had before. They were more experienced but I can learn! I will learn!*

    "Tawny, my queen.. so you keep me?"

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    After berseh drift me to a gorgeous climax with her wonderful tongue and I recovered from this onslaught of emotions, I free her from the spreader bar.

    "I'll take you home now, my wonderful treasure", I said.

    berseh receives more cuffs at her upper arms, thighs and ankles which I locked immediately. I still attach her belt to the thigh cuffs with more chains, so that it fits tightly. I loosen the hands from the back and attach berseh's wrist cuffs to the side belt rings with additonal padlocks.

    "Please spread your legs my darling"

    berseh nods and trembles a little bit. At the moment I can not say whether it is fear or expectation. I take the chastity shield for the belt with the built-in vibrators for clit, vagina and anus and show it berseh with a smile in my face. After I kissed berseh's pearl and spoiled her clit with my tongue briefly, I issued the Chastity Shield on the belt, not without rubbing the dildo and the plug at her caves. Satisfied, I hear berseh's moaning. Again, I check the correct fit of the belt and the Chastity Shield before I also connect her Ankle Cuffs with a short chain.

    Satisfied, I looked at my helpless jewel. I take berseh in my arms, snuggle at her and massage her delicious butt. Then I take the chain from her collar and guide her back into the garage.


    T-Tawny ..*quivering voice* Y-you.. What is it?..Ohh, Love, I.. Ohh, you're just so beautiful.. You've put yours chains all over me.. I feel like your slave.. Your decorated object of lust..

    How come are your eyes strong enough to make me melt and desire to please you so much, i'll take these in me? They- They are impressive tools, my queen!

    *does she remember this is my first time I submit to a woman? I'm.. I'm not experienced with these..devices.. ohh.. This looks very, uh, invasive.. Her controlling device.. So mischievous.. I'm a bit afraid*

    Oh-Oh darling, ohhhh, this.. This goes so far.. Uh..ohh.. *batting lashes seducively to hide my fear, trying to be brave enough to prove I love and will obey* Oh , love this .. This is sooo..
    God, how strongly it takes charge of me..
    *as she pulls on the leash* Not to fast please mistress, I-I cannot walk with these inside ..Mistress.. Oh god it moves inside me as I walk, I.. I..Ohh?

    A-Are you going to chain me back in.. The garage my love? Are you going to leave your pet alone.. So penetrated and.. Ohh? I.. I want to see you. Please my love! *tears welling*

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    I guide berseh with the leash to the garage where Robert is already waiting for us.

    I notice, on one hand, a sigh of relief from berseh, since she seems to have assumed that she may wait again in the garage, and on the other hand a hesitation, since for her a foreign person is waiting for us in the cellar.

    "Good evening Miss Tawny and Miss berseh, I suppose you both want to sit in the back seat?", Robert asks. "Hi Robert, as always you are right", I answer to Robert. From berseh comes a shy "Hello". I smile to her.

    We sit down in the car and drive home.


    *trembling, due to the sensations provided by having to walk with the merciless devices lodged in me* Pull on the leash darling. Pull, because that is your right to drag this slave by the collar you put on her.. Wow.. My wrists whained to the belt, the belt connected to that devilish "chastity" belt that's fucking me at each step.. Only because my love has decided I should be so invaded.
    The chains linking the thighs rings to the waist, the chain by which she pulls me.. I am like a harem slave!
    But-But.. a harem slave in.. oh, we're not.. Tawny's not going to chain me in the garage, I we're going ..Oh! Who's this man? Oh god he sees me.. He-he knows my name? Ohh no... To how many people did she say she owns me?*

    I get in the backseat after my mistress. I'm determined not to know of the driver's expression.. This is very embarrassing, but I see Tawny's absolutely relaxed about this..

    You may call it stupid but my reaction is: Am I just the fiftiest to be dragged naked so that the driver can feist his eye on his boss's latest pet!
    That leaves me furious and devastated: Am I just one more item in her collection?

    I'm about to cry again: I'm willing to give everything of me but maybe I'm far from enough for her. How would I know? she has totally taken hold of me and I know so little of her.. She's so much in charge. In control

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    "Robert, you do not need to take the shortest route".

    I snuggle to my berseh .. Before we drive, I switch the vibrator on which massages her Clit and is immediately quoted with a moaning from berseh .. I enjoy her aroused look and caress her tender body .. My lips nestle on berseh's lips and I keep the contact with her sweet lips during the whole ride .. Our tongues perform a wild dance together and I enjoy your excitement, which increases into immeasurable heights.


    Ohh Dear.. So you have me all for you.. At last!
    Look what you've made of me: my hands are locked to the belt at each side of me, stopping from covering myself..
    My chains, my bracelets.. All metallic against my,ohh..
    What..What have you just d-d-done? ¨*sensing the first bzzzz of the vibrator*

    My love.. Mistress.. You-You expose me in front of your d..driver? B-but, ohh this's devilish.. God, he's going to see... My Oh, darliiing..Darling, chérie! Chériiiie! AHH!
    Yes, touch me, grab me! Torture me!
    Do what you want, I- I exist only for your ..uhh *rolling eyes, gasping for air* I..exist ..only for..Your enjoyment.. only.. Your..Your thing to play -play with.. Ohh, Liebe!
    wiggling desperately on the seat as the devices invade me on all parts and resonate with the vibe* I'm -I'l going crazy! Tawny! Tawny?
    What are you doing to your helpless slave my love?

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    The somewhat lengthened car journey was very emotional and for berseh also very strenuous .. Numerous orgasms have led to the fact that berseh is no longer able to stand on her own feet without help .. I help her get out of the car and support my beloved angel.

    "Love berseh, welcome to Tomsen Manor. You know what you are in for?"

    Berseh nods slowly.

    "A life at my side is filled with love, pleasure mostly in chains, tormented and tortured to your limits but also cared for and protected. I will decide about your love life and you may obey me. It will be both a stressful and also pleasant life for you.

    So I ask you now, do you want to go this step?

    Think it over well. If you decide against it, I would be sad, but I accept it. I'd take the collar off and Robert would bring you back. You do not have to answer immediately, because I know that this is a decision that could lead you into completely new and unknown paths. You have time for this decision until tomorrow's breakfast. Than I will ask you again."

    I give berseh a gentle kiss and look with love in her eyes.

    "I love you my dear"


    *I'm so exhausted.. It' like I've been swimming in a pool of love.. These things in me.. The vibrations of the drive... The cool feeling of the leather on my skin, .. My loving lady's hands and kisses.. her voice.. I'm dazed..Now, this manor.? I.. I didn't expect such a..big place..I could be held weeks, months, in this place, nobody would ever find me..*

    *Why? -Shrugs, nearly cries- Why does she put me against the wall? Tomorrow morning? Do I have to choose? Why? Isn't she my owner? Do I have a say?.. Then, I understand her words: torment..Torture?.. Stressful life? Does.. Does she say this to push me away? Does it mean all she wants is to use me tonight and send me back home in the morning? -cries*

    *Tawny sees my tears but misunderstands the reason I'm so shaken- does it mean she has more important slaves, that I'm just an occasional plaything?*

    Mistress..*my voice is feeble* Have I done anything wrong? Don't I belong to you Mistress? My love? What did I.. *I burst in tears, my legs give. I faint and lose consciousness*


    I hold you in my hands as you collapse. I could ask Robert to take you in, but no, I'll catch you and I'll take you into the house, I see it as my duty, go to my .... no ... into our bedroom and put you onto the Bed. I'll lie beside you and wait until you wake up. I'll stick to you and stroke your cheeks ...

    * Oh my God, she is still much more fragile than I thought. I'm afraid you misunderstood me. I must be more careful with her. I adore you so much. But how far can I show that? *


    ..."If you decide against it, I would be sad, but I accept it. I'd take the collar off"...
    Is that all?
    How do you want me to walk or think or speak, even breathe if you only find it "sad"?
    Am I of so little worth to you that you wouldn't stop me and keep me chained? *tears welling*.

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    After some time berseh opened her eyes and looks a bit dazed. I am still at her side and give her a kiss on her cheeks while I am smiling to her.

    "I suspect my darling, I have shocked you too much, which was not my intention, and if you misunderstood me, I would like with all my heart, that you remain with me. But now, stop talking about this and let's go into the shower. After a war shower, everything looks much better."

    I'll take berseh on her leash again and take her to the shower. Once there, I bring her hands over her head and connect the wrist-cuffs with chains hanging from the ceiling. I also connect her ankle-cuffs with chains, which force berseh to stand with wide spread legs in front of me.

    I turn on the shower and warm and pleasant water soaks our skin. I soap berseh's and my skin with shower-gel and enjoy thoroughly cleaning every inch of her wonderful body with the sponge.

    Satisfied I hear berseh's lusty groans, which raises my efforts to pamper her.


    I want to stay.. I want to stay like this until the end of the world - and please let the end of the world happen in millions of years!
    I could never have imagined such an ideal moment could ever exist..
    The woman i love - The goddess I worship, - The mistress I adore - lovingly washing the body of her servant! Her hand with the sponge generously projecting the perfumed foam on my skin.. Here.. There.. Here.. God, oh god!

    She so righteously chained me- not that she fears I would run away- because I'm her slave: it's for her to decide how my body must be posed, how it must be offered. She's loving me in doing that, and takes all my fears away.. Almost all: I'm so afraid not to be up to her expectations, I can't get this fear away.. I want so much to content her. Look at how beautiful my queen is!

    These golden bracelets.. chains.. I come to see them as my best friends because they tell me my Tawny surrounds my wrists and ankles. Tell me she is wrapping me in her domination!

    My love, I'm yours. I'm so yours!
    Keep me, never let me go! Never forget I am here to love you, to obey whatever you decide.

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    My answer is this kiss. More than words can say.


    * I can't say anything.. And it's not only because she is kissing me so well, so deep.. It's not only because her knee and thigh cleverly and wickedly rub my inflamed button..

    It's because I've been waiting for this moment ever since I recovered.. It's also because I long for my lover's tenderness.. Because now I feel, by the way she holds me, that she is claiming her ownership of me..
    It may sound strange since after all, I've been her chained, obedient captive the whole day. Her kiss, her enjoyment of my body, her invasion of my mouth: her pawing and grabbing me in this manor where she is the complete ruler, where I am totally at her disposal make this ownership even more real.
    I don't know what she plans to do, and I don't need to know. All I need is what she's giving me, and what she's taking.

    "Mmmmmmmm :heart: :heart:

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    After a really long and intense shower, I took the soft towel and dryed berseh's body. I've done it so carefully that Berseh has once again got an orgasm. After that I again mounted her wrist-cuffs on the collar and led her into the dining room on her leash. Robert has given us some delicacies. I then feed berseh under constant eye contact.

    Specially the bratwurst has provided for sensual moments during the consumption. berseh fondles the bratwurst with probably the same devotion as she would probably have done with male's best friend. I do not think I have to mention that this dinner took a long time ;-)


    Being fed?
    Fed naked and chained in this great dining room, while you my queen have donned a dress and are free of your movements? I love it!
    I love how you constantly demonstrate what is my place in your life.
    Where is my place now.
    So, fed like your little dependent pet? *breathing heavy again, wiggling on my chair*

    I'm pretty exhausted by the numerous climaxes that have filled my day if you want to know.... But, I must fight the feeling of exhaustion: I must be ready for you my love. You made me available to whatever game you want to play, You disposed of me in whatever posture and position you fancied. That s how it should be from now on..

    Still, I'm a bit unsettled that by chaining me like this you make my arms hide my tits from you..
    *Now in my panicked desire to please Tawny I'm wondering if she's hiding my breasts because she doesn't like the sight of them.. Then I calm down and try to open my mind: This is a new practice, a new and different domination.. She is sooo different from what I've known.. So earnest in her control of me, and at the same time so relaxed about how she's enslaved me, that I feel pacified: there is nothing I can do but eagerly await for her moves, her fancy..*

    I don't even know what I eat, whether it's good, rich, fine, spicy or not: I'm just a mouth in which your divine fingers delicately, but decisively shove food.
    This is a dream: any part of me becomes an element for your enjoyment, big or small, sexy or mundane.
    Any part of me becomes something you might be interested in, for whatever use you choose..

    Any part of me is yours, and it is only natural that you try them.. That you look for what use you'd hav eof them.. Of me..
    I'm crazy. I must be crazy! Utterly nuts!

    But this is the bare truth: I want you to be happy with your loving thing. That you find many use of me.:heart:

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    After the meal I took all the cuffs and the belt away from berseh for the coming night. Sometimes a little freedom of movement must be so that the joints do not rust. After we have prepared us in the bathroom for the night rest, I have led berseh to our bedroom.

    The request to Robert to bring us a collar with corresponding padlocks has reflected a bit of wonder in berseh's eyes. berseh did not notice that I had winked at Robert. In the bedroom, I also took off my clothes and when Robert came into our bedroom I smiled in berseh's eyes as I moved my hair back and lifted my chin.

    Robert then put the required collar around my neck and joined my collar with a short chain with berseh's collar. Robert has taken the keys, wished for a good night's rest, and left.


    Ohhh, my love.. What a surprise! I'm.. I'm delighted to see my mistress from so close.. And I'm shy!
    I'm suddenly so shy!
    Aww.. You're.. You're going to see me.. I must... I have to be the prettiest I can .. I must sustain your requirement for beauty.. Oh, my queen, chained to me? I.. You.. My.. I know my place under you.. Oh, I can smell your body.. Breathe your breath.. See the universe in your powerful eyes.. And I feel so little, so much your thing!
    So undeserving.. But I want to profit from.. I can hold your firm curves.. Slid my fingers in your heavenly folds..
    I'd never dare!
    Are we gonna sleep so tightly? Are you really allowing your loving pet to cuddle against you, to feel your warmth, to be wrapped in your commanding arms? Ohh darling, do I deserve that?
    I feel so intimidated.. So unworthy.. And I'm so happy, I could cry but I won't!
    I won't!

    You don't want to see an ugly face, I-I'll smile, I'll laugh because love is also this.. Laughing.. Slavery under you is also this.. I can't stop from wiggling, I'm so excited, so happy.. Oh, mistress, you know you've exhausted me, you've drained me of my strength with the pleasure, the eotions you keep creating in me.. In me..Surprises of unknown joy!..

    Oh my love, my queen.. You keep surprising me.. writing your rules and ordaining your desires as you fit.. Making me your plaything, but also your love?
    Your love?

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    Chained together
    The eternity for us
    Just you and me
    Your proximity
    Your smell
    I feel you
    I touch you
    Pure love


    My love
    No words
    I have no words
    only the silk of your skin under my palm.

    The radiance of your eyes in my soul,
    the horizon of your lips as my landscape
    The vibration of your blood running against mine
    The wave of your soul undulating in me.
    My love
    My body and my heart you have taken
    At last in the tempest of our climaxes, I am calm.
    I know peace in the fury of my desire for you
    At last I am not me anymore
    I am yours
    Only this:

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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    pure love ... my berseh :heart:


    Losing my mind I give everything to you over and over again, even if I had already done it, like if i been made a river for you: it flows and flows; The water that is gushing under your eyes is always from the same river but is never the same water. It's coming and coming again, it going and gone, it rushing and running in my agony of love and pleasure.
    The chain, our collars, the bed, your tools are your words.
    I am no one, I am none anymore, just a whimper, an endless flow