Berseh - Hearts Chained Together

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    A Story of Love featuring Berseh and Tawny


    An almost ordinary evening at Tomsen Manor ...

    berseh comes home after a working day and is greeted by Robert.

    Robert: "Good evening Miss Berseh. Miss Tawny lets me tell you that unfortunately she will come a little bit later. She has prepared something for you in the foyer and left a message."

    "Good evening Robert"

    Robert: "Are my services still needed today? Otherwise, I'd say goodbye and go to my club night of poodle lovers."

    Berseh: "No, it's okay."

    Robert parks Berseh's car in the garage and then leaves Tomsen Manor. Berseh is a little disappointed that Tawny isn't here yet. But on the other hand she is totally curious what her beloved mistress has prepared. She's not unhappy that Robert isn't there either, because Berseh knows that Tawny's surprises are mostly crazy, where she prefers to be undisturbed.

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    Berseh: Hmmmm... I wonder why my darling isn’t home, and what devious scheme she has prepared..[​IMG] my so special lady[​IMG] ...and I ‘m always glad when her butler is out.

    Berseh enters the foyer and she makes big eyes. [​IMG] She didn't expect anything like that. There is an open cage with all kinds of pre-assembled things. She takes the piece of paper hanging from the cage and her astonishment does not diminish. [​IMG]

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    Berseh: uh-oh.. I see my inventive Mistress has been working on some new device.. I wonder.. Is this thing ready to be shipped to a client of hers? Or, is it..? [​IMG] Ohh noo, I must not think of..[​IMG] I mean, what if she arrived and surprised me testing one of her commercial things..[​IMG] Ohh..[​IMG] Hmm.. Maybe she won't be home before sometime..[​IMG] (think think)

    [​IMG] Berseh takes the note that hangs on the cage and starts to read:

    My beloved angel,

    I have to apologize first for not telling you in advance that I will
    come home later. But I thought up a little game for you or better
    for us and I wanted to surprise you with it.

    I hope you will enjoy this game as much as I do it by my
    imagination alone seeing you in my mind in this situation. I will
    be coming home soon, but I would be happy if you could make
    some preparations.

    You know that I love games where a person voluntarily puts
    herself in a situation that condemns her to helplessness and
    also contributes a little to the excitement. The idea that you are
    this person immediately creates a much stronger tingling
    sensation in me.

    I would be happy if you could do the following for me:

    1. Please undress completely.

    2. Get into the cage and close the padlocks. The keys for
    opening are with me.

    3. Attach your ankles to the ankle-cuffs.

    4. Push the rod upwards so that the rubber end is inserted
    and you have to stand on your toes.

    5. Turn on the magic wand and set it to medium speed.

    6. Attach your Wrists to the Cuffs above your head.

    7. Enjoy the time until I get home.

    Will you do that for me?

    I love you
    Your Tawny

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    *Ohhhh.. My naughty queen..[​IMG] .. always so many surprises.. Where does she get all these fantasies? (undressing quickly).
    Okay, I have no idea when she'll be back, but I better hurry: I wouldn't want her to step in and not find myself in the position she wants.

    Now, okay.. I'm inside the cage, locked the padlocks..uh-oh.. Looking around from that tiney, exposed place gives me a different point of view of.. I wonder what my mistress has in mind...

    Ankles cuffed.
    Now..erm.. Ohhh.. Inserted she said? How- How deep? My, just the thought of obeying my owner's orders at a distance is enough to make me wet.. Which is quite convenient seeing what I have to ..(executing the order)..insert..[​IMG] Now, on my toes..Ohhh.. Ohh..[​IMG]

    Mmm-mmedium speed. Ohh.. Ohh.. Now it's getting hard to concentrate.. To read..
    Attaching my wrists?

    My lioness.. She knows I'll do anything for her.. Now.. Wrists cuffed (click).
    I'm ready for you Mistress[​IMG] Your prize to take!


    Tawny in her office: I am curious how far my darling with her preparations already is ... I think I'll give her a little more time ... I find the thought of my treasure tying herself up and exposing herself to this penetration without knowing how long she has to endure it on her own. Oh ... I love her so much she is quite an angel and I am happy that this wonderful angel is with me.[​IMG]

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    I enter the amazing cage my owner has designed to keep her butterfly in... Lock the door behind me like any cautious girl should [​IMG]
    Barely enough space to squat (the only way I could reach the ankle cuffs. On the way picking up this, uh, device? .. Hmm.. What did my queen want me to do with this?[​IMG] Really no idea..Ohh this is hot![​IMG]

    Now.. Let'(s do this.. Yeahhh..[​IMG] Just like this..Hmmm..[​IMG] [​IMG] Riiiiiight!

    Now, cuffing my wrists above my head..(click)..
    Awww gosh , this thing in me.. I hope the cage is well stabilised because I-I-I-Aaahhh..
    Oh my liioness.. How long have you planned to keep me locked before you show up?


    Already after some time the permanent penetration shows its effect. berseh has no chance to escape the vibrations. A few climaxes are already behind her and the heat that has developed in her is now also visible. She notices muffled, the sound of the engine in front of the house. Tawny is close ...