Azriel and the Mermaid

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    1 – The Lover’s Trap

    “You know I love you,” Shenia said as she leaned back against the chiseled muscles of Azriel’s chest. Her arm was wrapped around the back of his neck, fingers tracing through the damp locks of his soft, short hair.

    “I know,” Azriel said. He reached up with his right arm and placed his hand against the side of her head, being careful not to put too much pressure on her gills as he pulled her face around to the side so he could kiss her cheek; while his forearm draped across her breast and raised underarm. His left hand was gently toying with her left breast and nipple.

    “God, I love the way it feels when you touch my drying skin like this,” she purred, her eyes closed; her breath coming in ragged little breaths of pleasure as she kicked her webbed feet out of the water for a moment. “I think I like it’s even better than when you actually fuck me?”

    “I know,” he said again as his right hand roamed down across her chest and belly, teasing at the long curly hair that was trapped between her tightly clamped legs. “That’s why I’ve asked you to do this.”

    “But I don’t know how I’ll feel about…. this, when it’s a bunch of strangers instead of you. Not to mention how it will feel if my skin dries out too much. I’m just afraid it will feel like they’re attacking me; trying to fillet my skin.”

    “Would you rather the first time be with my friends instead of strangers?” Azriel asked with a smirk as he tweaked her erect nipple a little harder than normal.

    “Do you know friends who would be willing to pleasure a fish?”

    “Once they saw you, all of my friends would be eager,” he assured her, as his right hand slid lower, between her legs—his fingers pressing rhythmically against her pubic mound. “And it would let you get comfortable with the idea before you have to do it for real, at the fair.”

    It was hard for Shenia to think with Azriel’s hands tracing over her body like that, and she couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like to have more than one person’s hand touching her at the same time.

    “But I only love you,” she said. “I only want your hands on me.”

    “I’ll be watching,” Azriel said. “I’ll be there to calm you down if you get nervous.”
    “Why would I get nervous?”

    “Well, I’ve never touched you like this when your arms were tied behind your back and your legs were being forced apart.”

    “They’ll be touching me like that?” She said, and suddenly she could feel her heart pounding in her chest as the blood drained from her face. Her palms were sweaty and chills were running up and down her body, but none of the other feelings were as strong as the sudden tingling that seemed to light her clit on fire.

    “Of course,” Azriel said.

    She rocked her hips forwards desperately, as he pulled his hand away from her enflamed desire, tracing back up the length of her leg. She pressed her legs more tightly together and rocked her hips, grinding her pliant flesh against her sex as hard as she could. It didn’t seem to do a lot of good, leaving her just as frustrated as she had been before. It seemed her whole body was tingling now, as his finger glided over her sensitive skin.

    “But I’ll be powerless,” Shenia said, “If I’m bound, the ropes will steal my magical powers.”

    Azriel pulled back, as if her words stung. “Don’t you trust me?” He asked. “I’ll be right there, watching to make sure that nothing bad happens to you.”

    “Of course I trust you,” she said, reaching for him and pulling him back. She placed his fingers back on her body and began to move them herself, until he was finally mollified enough to begin doing it himself again.

    “Good,” he said at long last. He leaned forward and kissed her on that sensitive spot, just behind her ears. “I want so badly to share you with my family and friends,” he said, “I can’t stand only seeing you in secret, like this. I want everyone to have a chance to know the real you, like I do; to know exactly who and what you are.”

    “And you really think this is the best way?”

    “I do,” he said, kissing her on the mouth as his fingers began to trace little parabolas of pleasure on her skin, once again. “I was born to be your husbandman. And something tells me that, once you get used to it, you’ll love your new life away from your world of water.”

    Shenia didn’t need to use her truth-sense to know that he was telling the truth. Every fiber in her being seemed to be screaming out her need for him and, in the end, it really was such a minor act of trust that he was asking for. It might be a little frightening to surrender her magical power for a few hours, but in return, he’d promised to give her a lifetime of intense pleasure.

    And no human could lie when she was using her truth sense.

    It was the reason she’d been able to fall in love with him, despite his strange (but intriguing) ways as a human.

    2 – The Petting Zoo

    Several days later, Shenia was standing in the fair’s large petting yard, next to an old brick building with graffiti painted on it. Not far away, there was a water bucket for keeping her skin nice and damp, but no one had bothered to use it in a long time and her skin was so dry it was beginning to itch. Despite her relationship with Azriel, it was an unpleasant dryness that she was not entirely accustomed to, especially with no one around to touch her yet.

    Azriel had warned her that she’d be bound, and she’d expected to be naked, but she certainly hadn’t thought she’d be left alone so long. In fact, Azriel had promised that he would be here, watching to make sure this sort of thing didn’t happen. But as soon as he’d turned her over to the fairman in charge, he’d made his excuses and left. That was nearly half an hour ago and she’d been standing near the ugly, yellow-brick building ever since. It was getting harder to wait as each moment her skin began to itch even more. Despite her growing trepidation, it was with growing desperation that she eagerly await for the petting exhibition to open.

    At least a line was forming, although once again, she was a little surprised to notice that all the prospective customers were men. She’d expected a petting zoo to attract a few more human women with their strange looking little children.

    “Hope you’re ready, Sweet Thing,” the fairman said as he traced his hand over her bare skin. It was the first time he’d spoken (or touched her) and his coarse voice made Shenia jump. But she couldn’t help closing her eyes and moaning softly as his touch turned her itching skin into a goldmine of sensuous pleasures. “I see what Azriel was talking about,” the man said with a grin. “You should make a fine tactile fetish for some luck man.”

    “Where is he?” Shenia asked. “Where did Azriel go?”

    The fairman ignored her and went to let in the waiting crowd.

    She wasn’t the only petting fetish, tied in the large yard—in fact, there were several other female creatures bound, no unlike she was. Some were even more exotic, having visible fur, scales or feathers. Despite the fact that Shenia’s skin required far more moisture than a human’s to keep it soft and pliable—instead of brittle and cracking—she could almost pass as a human, if you didn’t look closely enough to notice the strange patterns (that were more rectangular than the lines on a human’s skin) or the gills along the sides of her neck. And then, of course, there were her webbed feet. Which were not particularly well designed for walking on. The ankle joints didn’t have enough of an angle to support her weight for long periods. They were designed to sweep back in a long fluid line, capable of propelling her forward in the water; not for supporting her body’s weight.

    Azriel had built her a special pair of shoes, with a long narrow spike that rested under her heel, holding it several inches off the ground. This, however, placed a lot of unaccustomed pressure on her long, spindly toes and after standing for a long time, the webbing between them began to feel like it might begin to tear if she remained standing much longer.

    “How much for this one,” a large barrel-chested man, with darker skin than she was used to, asked as he came over and began pushing her lips apart with his fingers.

    “She’s an open bid item,” the fairman told the man.

    Several others men were right behind the first. Shenia closed her eyes and moaned in intense pleasure as they surrounded her and began rubbing their hands over her body. Unlike Azriel, however, their hands were not soft and gentle, but coarse and demanding. It was intensely pleasurable, but everywhere they touched her skin began to itch more, not less. Even worse, many didn’t seem interested in simply touching her. One leaned over to examine her sexual flower as he spread her lower lips own without any preliminaries, thrusting his fingers inside her in a most intimate and embarrassing way. Another moved behind her and began to examine her ass, pulling her cheeks so far apart that that it made her sphincter muscles pucker.

    “What are they doing to me?” She called out in a panic. “Where is Azriel?”

    “He’s gone out hunting again,” the fairman said. “I’m afraid you’ll have to get used to doing this on your own—at least until your sold.”


    “Of course, my pretty little thing. What else would you expect at a slave auction?”

    “I don’t believe you,” she said, too shocked by the idea to even consider it, at first. It was impossible for a human to lie to her kind when they were using their truth sense; such a thing was unthinkable. “Azriel promised that he would be my husband! When is he coming back?”

    “Well,” the fairman said with an off-hand shrug. “I prefer to think of him as a hunter setting traps, but if you want to call what he does husbandry, I suppose it’s more or less saying the same thing.”

    “What are you talking about?” She said with a sudden sinking feeling. “A hunter and a husband are nothing alike.”

    “I suppose it depends on what sense of the word you mean,” the fairman said with a grin. “A husband is a manager, as of a household or business. And to husband simply means to cultivate something, such as soil, plants or animals. In fact, a man can even be seen as cultivating his wife: he plants his seed in her, provides her with the necessary sustenance and shelter until she bears him fruit; then he harvests her womb—hoping to provide himself with an heir.”

    Shenia shook her head, but she was having more and more trouble denying it.

    Why else would Azriel have abandoned her when he’d promised to watch over her? Come to think of it, how could he have told her he would do that if he wasn’t planning to keep his word? Her truth sense should have noticed the lie. Unless he’d intended to watch her when he made the promise. Even an infallible truth-tense could do no more than determine a person’s intentions. It couldn’t predict the future and decide before the fact whether someone would keep their word or not.

    So why wasn’t he here?

    “Azriel promised to watch over me,” Shenia said, as she tried to block out the feelings that were coursing through her body as the hands of half a dozen strangers traced over her body. She was determined to find the flaw in the fairman’s claim that Azriel had betrayed her.

    “And so I suspect he will,” the man said with another of his evil grins. He turned and pointed to some sort of mechanical device that was sitting on a short metal tripod. “Ever heard of a video camera? Well, Azriel made me promise to record your little adventure here today. After a little editing, he wants to sell the recording to as wide an audience as possible, so that by the end of the week, when the fair is over, you’ll be as famous in these parts as possible! Which, will no doubt drive up your asking price, my little lump of sweetness. It’s not often we have a mermaid added to our little petting menagerie.”