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  1. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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    Ashanti (Finished)

    NSFW Version of This

    Name: Ashåntî Ayallara
    Age: ~280
    Hair: Indigo/Purple
    Skin: Pale, pearlescent pink/blue
    Body Shape: Very tall, curvy/thick
    Eye: Luminescent aqua
    Orientation: Bisexual, possible female preference
    Race: Blood Elf Hybrid (?)
    Relevant Universe: World of Warcraft
    Setting: Fictional, Fantasy

    Detailed Description:
    Ashanti is a bit of an anomaly for blood elves in that she is both taller and curvier than the average of her kind. Although there are likely others out there of a similar size and proportion, they are uncommon, and she therefore stands out in most settings.

    She has smooth, soft waves of indigo hair that looks very much purple when struck by sunlight. It usually sits loose around her shoulders, framing her face with a full body of delicate, loose curls.

    Her facial structure is soft and shapely, with lips and cheeks as plump as the rest of her. Her features are highlighted by the blueness of her eyes. They aren't green, but rather a striking aqua colour, which leads others to the suspicion that she may not be of pure Sin'Dorei bloodline, though she neither goes out of her way to talk about this nor admits to it if questioned, unless she feels very comfortable talking to the individual who inquires.

    Ashanti's skin is very pale, with a slight pink undertone, and it sometimes looks more blue in a darker light, as if her skin itself is pearlescent. She's covered with a smattering of light freckles across her face, shoulders, chest, and hips.

    Although she is not what most would consider 'fat', she does have a small belly, though it is as muscular as it is chubby, showing that although she is larger in size, she is also quite active. A benefit to her weight distribution are very plump breasts that match the rest of her curves and soft, wide hips, tapered down to voluptuous thighs.

    Ashanti usually prefers darkly coloured silken robes with a decorative sash at the waist or a tight-fitting outfit that incorporates pants or leggings of a luxurious material that hug her ample curves.

    Back Story:
    For the most part, Ashanti does not make her history known, though from her clothes and penchant for never staying in the same place two nights in a row, one can assume with a fair amount of confidence that she leads a nomadic life.

    Reference Collection: YET TO COME!
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  2. Huntress Missy New Member

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  3. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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    I'm so glad you like her! It's not often that someone feels that way about any of my characters. >~< ♥
  4. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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  5. Nusszucker New Member

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    While she is not my usual type, I have to say I really like her, although I have to say, the part of her that really got me is her face.
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  6. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

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    Thank you! If you refresh the page, you can see the completed version of her art. I forgot to update this thread, to be honest. ^^;