A Tender Moment

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    “Do this for me,” he said softly, as he placed the meat cleaver in my hand, “And I’ll always be tender with you.”

    The cleaver was brand new—still so shiny that I could have seen my own gagged reflection in it, if I’d bothered to look. But all I could think about was the girl hanging from the ropes in front of me. She was wearing a high (and very severe) collar, with a built-in pump gag. She tried to make sounds, but the ball inside her mouth had obviously been pumped so large that only muffled moans came out. Her eyes were covered by a black leather blindfold that matched her collar—and all the leather cuffs that the ropes were attached to.

    “It’s okay, sweetie,” the man I’d thought I’d known said, “You can do this… for me.”

    His fingers tightened around mine for just a moment, then he let go and took half a step back, waiting for me to hack the poor girl apart. She was hanging above an old bathtub, but I couldn’t help wondering how much of her blood would actually make it into the tub, if I could actually bring myself to do this.

    He looked at me and gave an encouraging nod.

    I took a step forward, raising the cleaver above my head. Then I turned and swung it at him with all my might.

    For a moment, I actually thought it might work. Then, at the last moment, he stepped aside, as the blade grazed harmlessly past his left ear. A moment later, he shoved the palm of his hand into my nose and my world went black.

    I’m not sure how long I was out, but when I woke up I could feel that I was hanging from some ropes, my limbs in cuffs, just like the other woman had been just a few moments before.

    “I told you she wouldn’t be able to do it,” the woman said.

    “I would have let her kill you,” the man said, “but you were right. Which means you’ve earned this. I could hear the ring of metal as his fingers brushed against what I was certain