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    (John sits on the lounge with Cassandra standing in front of him. Cassandra and John are colleagues and they have become friends and confidantes. John has recently come out of a long term relationship and Cassandra has had a string of short romances. Cassandra has asked John over to talk, he has no idea of the topic. This doesn’t worry him as she asks to talk to him privately a lot but this is the first time that she has invited him to her home. He can see that she is nervous and is intrigued.)

    Cassandra: Thanks for coming over John. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like anything to drink, water, tea, beer …. ?

    John: (Wow she’s really nervous, I wonder what this is all about?). No, I’m good. Now come and sit down and tell me what’s up.

    Cassandra: Um, no I’ll stand if you don’t mind.

    John: (Very odd). I don’t mind, it’s your place.

    Cassandra: I want you to treat it like it’s your place.

    John: (Curiouser and Curiouser). Um, thanks.

    Cassandra: (Come on pull yourself together). I wanted to talk to you about my train wreck of a love life. I’ve told you of the series of men and the repeating pattern of them dumping me after a month or two. I think it’s because I am jumping into bed with them too quickly and they have their fun and leave.

    John: (Where is she going with this?). You shouldn’t blame yourself! You told me they were immature assholes who you were glad to be rid of.

    Cassandra: (Ok here goes). You have to look at my track record and realise that the common denominator is me. I’m at fault, I fall too quickly and hop into bed with them and they think that I am a Slut. No one wants to be in a relationship with a slut. John, I want you to tell me not to fall for these guys, to tell me that I am a slut for sleeping with them so quickly and that I deserve everything I get if I don’t modify my behaviour. It might help me if it comes from you!(Whew).

    John: (WTF?). Let me get this straight you want me to tell you not to jump into bed too quickly with guys.

    Cassandra: Yes! I want you to order me to stop being a slut, a-a a whore! Make me stop! **shiver**

    John: (Wow, nostrils flared, flushing of her skin, breathing quickly. I think I know what’s going on here. I’ll roll the dice and see if I’m right.) Before I order you to do that I don’t want to keep looking up at you so get on your knees, slut!

    Cassandra: (Oh God Yes!). Yes s-sir.
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    (John is sitting on the lounge with Cassandra on her knees in front of him. John is wrestling with his conscience and it appears that he is in a losing battle. Cassandra is thrilled that it seems that John is playing her game. She thinks he looks hesitant but that makes sense as he had no idea that he was walking into a trap.)

    John: (Ok now what? She obviously wants me to humiliate her but we’re friends and colleagues, it seems wrong, but then again, she is so gorgeous … stop thinking like that. Maybe I should just abuse her a bit and then leave so she can do whatever she does when she gets her … rocks off?). OK bitch, I want you to listen to me carefully. Yes, you are a dumb slut for fucking those idiots so quickly and if you let them pay for meals or gave you gifts then you are a fucking Whore as well! What you need is for someone to tell you what to do and when to do it. Someone to master your slutty life for you! (Woah! Where did that come from?).

    Cassandra: Yes, you’re right John, I need a Master! **shudders**

    John: (Oh crap – I think that I can See where this is going, and I think that I want it to go there? Really, is this the kind of guy I am? Could I leave her in the hands of one of these arseholes she seems to attract? … I’m going to hell either way!). Um, I didn’t say that, you dumb slut, (I can’t stop myself). You really need someone to take you in hand and punish you when you do stupid whorish things. (Noooo stop!).

    Cassandra: Yes Master! **shiver**

    John: (Oh Fuck!!! I need to calm this down). Cassandra we need to … um … suspend this … erm … roleplay, I guess … we need to set some ground rules. Do you understand?

    Cassandra: Yes John, of course! **smiles**
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    (John is still sitting on the lounge, whilst Cassandra is still kneeling on the floor looking at him with an expression of … relief? John is unsure of this new dynamic in their relationship but wants to help Cassandra rather than let her carry on with her path of ruined relationships. However, he is not sure that this is not a solution, or rather becoming a bigger problem.)

    John: (God she’s gorgeous! Am I going to go along with this? Am I rationalising it by telling my self – better me than someone else?). Erm … can you lift your head and look at me?

    Cassandra: Of course, John, and thank you for not laughing at me or leaving. You were onto me from the beginning weren’t you, I guess I gave myself away by blushing or something, did I?

    John: Yes, the blushing, flared nostrils, and hyper ventilating.

    Cassandra: Well thanks for understanding. What rules did you want to set?

    John: I thought we should have a safe word to start with and is there anything that is completely off the table? (I can’t believe how calm I am, I mean it appears that I am getting a slave, a drop dead gorgeous slave!)

    Cassandra: I think amethyst for the safe word and if we come up against something which is definitely off the table I will use the safe word. Incidentally, what did you think would be off the table?

    John: (She is so matter of fact, she must have done this before. I wonder who the lucky S.O.B. was?). I don’t know, nudity, sexual acts, physical pain, toys? I really don’t know, this is the first time that this has happened to me!

    Cassandra: (How cute!) **smiles** John this is my first time too but we can talk about that another time and as I said anything completely off the table and I will invoke the safe word. Is there anything else that you want to talk about or is it time to make me your slave. Master!
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    (John is happy that this is the first time that she’s played out this fantasy, but he is still conflicted. On the one hand he can’t believe his luck but on the other hand he feels that this is somehow wrong. In the meantime, though he is going to do his best to ensure that she enjoys the experience.)

    John: (Jesus, is this really happening? I am going to wake up from this dream at some point! Christ, I’m getting hard just thinking about it! What now?) Alright, slave, get down on all fours and crawl into the bedroom!

    Cassandra: (I should have known he’d want sex right off the bat, I was hoping that he’d string it out a bit. Oh well! I really do want to fuck him though, so I guess it’s a win-win!) Yes Master!

    John: (OMG! She has such a beautiful ass! That is so hot! Wait! Don’t get over excited. I need to attend to her needs first, after all she picked me to help her through this. What does that even mean? Just wait and think of a way to help get her off with her … dream? addiction? fetish? Whatever! It doesn’t matter – just put her needs before your own!) That’s a good slave! Now stand up!
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    (John watches as Cassandra stands up and assumes a stance with her legs apart and her hands laced behind her head. He wonders how much research Cassandra has done into this kink of hers and tries to will himself not to get hard. He looks her up and down and finds that he is losing the battle, so he has to get out of the room before he embarrasses himself.)

    John: (Oh hell! I need to get out of this room before I jump her!) I want you to get changed into a short skirt and slutty top so you will know what you are! No underwear! (What am I doing? No underwear? I need to reign this in.)

    Cassandra: (Oh! I thought he would jump me. I can see that he is very excited though! Could he be thinking of my needs first? No, he’s a male, it must be his own desire somehow.) Yes, Master and would you like me to wear a collar?

    John: You have a collar? I … erm … mean yes … put on a collar! I will be in the lounge room, come in when you have changed! (Damn that threw me! How the hell am I going to keep my composure?)

    Cassandra: (He’s so cute when he gets flustered! This is really exciting me! I may end up jumping him!) Yes, Master!
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    (John walked back into the lounge room hoping that she hadn’t noticed the pitched tent in his pants. He could hear her opening and closing drawers then the sound of her coming back on her hands and knees. She crawled to the other side of the room and stood in the slave stance again.)

    John: (A see through skirt, I can see everything, I’m going to need a cold shower very soon.) That’s nice slave but I was looking for something shorter. Try again.

    Cassandra: (Hmmm, it looks like he’s enjoying himself and I think I misjudged him.) Yes, Master!

    (Cassandra then got down on her knees and returned to the bedroom to change again. John watched that cute shaved pussy moving away from him and found his hand on his cock. He looked up and saw Cassandra looking over her shoulder at him and smiling.)

    John: (Oh God! No!) And change that top I want something sluttier this time.

    Cassandra: Yes Master!

    John: Oh! Slut, Nice collar!

    Cassandra: **smiles**
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    (Again, Cassandra came in on all fours and then stood in the same stance. She was wearing what can only be described as a slutty schoolgirls uniform. John was very appreciative but also concerned that he may again get aroused. Cassandra, just stood there as if she was used to this kind of behaviour.)

    John: Where did you get a slutty schoolgirl uniform?

    Cassandra: (I’ve never told anyone this! Oh well in for a penny …) I..I l-like dressing up and watching myself m-masturbate in front of the mirror.

    John: (Oh My God! I think I’m in love!) So, you really are a lascivious slut! I think I can come up with something that will prove it once and for all!

    Cassandra: (God I am getting so turned on I’m surprised I’m not dripping! I hope he fucks me soon, I think I’ll cum immediately!) Thank you Master!

    John: Now go and find me something that proves you are a worthless slut. Oh, don’t lose the schoolgirl costume, it may come in useful another time! (I have an irresistible urge to pull out my cock and have her go down on me, but I can’t give in yet! This is her fantasy.)

    Cassandra: **smiles** Yes Master!
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    (John once again watched that magnificent body crawl out of the room, as Cassandra went to change. He wondered if there was enough air in the room because he was finding it hard to breathe. He had been hard or semi-erect for quite a while now and he was wondering if the blood from his head was all in his dick as he was feeling light headed. Cassandra crawled back into the looking slightly flushed as if she knew the effect this next outfit would have on John.)

    John: (Oh My God! A see-through mini skirt – that is definitely staying and maybe the top if there isn’t a better one.) Very nice skirt, slut! I’m not too fussed by the top though, do you have any sluttier?

    Cassandra: (I’m so embarrassed but also so turned on right now! I do have another skimpier … erm … I mean sluttier top but I can’t find it! Damnit!) Yes Master! I do have a sluttier top but I can’t find it.

    John: (This is too good to be true, I’m sure her boyfriend is going to come in and tear my head off. Wait, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, or does she … Oh stop it, get over it, this is happening, so don’t sabotage it!) You WILL find it because if you don’t I won’t punish you or humiliate you!

    Cassandra: (Oh no! He really does know everything about me!) I’m sorry Master! I will find it! (I have to find it! I am so worked up, I would fuck a door knob to get off, but that wouldn’t be good enough! I want his cock, and he wants to give it to me! I wonder if he realised that he was rubbing his cock the whole time in there?)

    John: (Oh shit! Was I rubbing my cock the whole time? She is driving me crazy!)
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    (Cassandra frantically searches her room looking for the top that she thought that her Master would really like. She opened and slammed drawers, looked in cupboards, under the bed to no avail. Where could it be she thought, when did I wear it last? Oh, that’s right after that last scumbag dumped me! So where is it – probably in the “to get rid of pile”, of course it’s in the discard bag! She quickly pulled out the top from a bag she used for clothes to give to Good Will. She slipped it on straight away because she always washed things before they went into the bag and raced on all fours into the lounge room.)

    John: (Oh FUCK! That top is fucking awesome! I think I’m going to cum any second! She surely can’t help but notice my boner now!) Oh Fuck! (As Cassandra stood up in the barely there skirt and top, John had an orgasm. Shit! I came but I didn’t cum! Is that even possible?)

    Cassandra: (Wow! He came hard but there is no stain? Did he have a dry orgasm?) Now Master?

    John: (What was that? Wow, that was intense, I need to get my head in the game here!) What are you talking about slut? Get on your hands and knees and face the wall behind you!

    Cassandra: (Oh! Thank god he is finally going to fuck me!) Yes Master!
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    (Cassandra turns around and then drops to her hands and knees hoping and expecting John to mount her from behind! John however stays sitting on the lounge. Cassandra starts thinking about why he isn’t plowing her tight pussy: He’s gay? No he’s not he’s had a few girlfriends since I’ve known him. Anyway he got and kept an erection for quite a while. He is teasing me, to make me more excited? He really did come and he’s waiting to get it up again? He’s going to masturbate while he watches my ass and pussy?)

    John: (Here we go!) It’s time you showed me how slutty you are! I want you to slide a hand between you legs and finger fuck yourself! But I don’t want you to come! Do you understand?

    Cassandra: Yes Master! (He really gets this! I might be in love! Oh Shit! How am going to handle this, I am ready to come as soon as I touch my pussy! She shifted her weight and slid a hand towards her throbbing pussy.)

    John: (I really need to do terrible things to this woman, but I want to make sure that she has the best experience for our first time as Master / Slave.) Don’t you dare come! I have something else planned for you!

    Cassandra: (** groans inwardly** I need to get off, but I can’t believe how he is making sure that I am the priority for him because he knows that denial of orgasm is like catnip to me! God I am so happy that I picked him!) Ahhh! Ahnnnn! Ohhh! Oh My …. (So close! Maybe he’ll punish me if I cum too soon!) … Oh Yeah!!!

    John: (That was the most erotic thing that I think I have ever seen!) Alright! Stop, stand up and go to the front door and wait for me!

    Cassandra: (He is turning out to be very good at this! I am sooo turned on! My skin is prickling all over! When we eventually have sex, I am going to grind his dick into the ground! Hmmm! That’s not a very submissive statement but I am so fucking horny that I don’t care!)