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  1. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    • Adjusted mature content banner width and featured imagesblock width to better support the site's layout on mobile
    • Fixed our Ads. We previously had them, but they needed redone after changing domains. :)
  2. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    • Created a brand new splash page, which, thanks to @Bee, shortcuts clicks a bit as well as providing the necessary mature content warning for a site like this. You can view the live page here.
    • Highlighted the Premium button and gave it a cute little kissy mark: [​IMG] (Also @Bee 's idea!)
    • The Premium page has now been filled out, and some upgrades are now purchase-able under Account Upgrades (hover over your username at the top right to find it normally).
    • Featured Images Bar is now back in order, as it should be. It auto updates anytime anything is added to the Featured Collection.
    • Safe for Work browsing is now live! You can get to it by Clicking SFW on the left side of the splash page or by clicking the button on Recent Uploads or Album List pages. [​IMG]
    • Updates to the SFW collection (how we are able to browse for SFW specifically right now) are manual, so please tag your work with SFW, so staff can see it to add to the collection!

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  3. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    • Did some work to fix the gallery views on new photos and all albums pages.
    • Updated main tags to be without spaces, like "SoloFemale", etc.
    • Started work on a "No Splashes" layout that removes all the warning pages, for advanced users who prefer less clickthroughs.
    • Added a Commissions tab at the top of the site.
    • Added a Characters forum that exists within the Artsy corner but is also listed under the Commissions forum.
    • Added a :featured: emoticon to make it easier for staff to comment on featured works.
    • Added photos and videos count to the forum stats at the bottom left on the forum page.
    • Added the ability to embed videos to the gallery.
    • Added username colour and an avatar banner to site Partners.

  4. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    There have been many updates to the site since the last time I posted here! To name a few more recent ones, however, here's a list.

    • Added the Art Help and Events forums
    • Created a Discord server for Erolair, and you're all invited to come hang out! :meow:
    • Moderators now have a very glittery highly visible blue names. Premium members get a glittery, purple name in a different font.
    • The premium user banner (visible in threads) has been updated. The crown was moved from before the username to the banner itself, and the banner now features a bold, black text, like so:

    • Replaced old ads at the bottom of the page with new ones. If you have issues with popups, be aware that is a problem that is currently being worked on. My desire is not to annoy users with popups and the like, just to help fund the site's regular upkeep costs. If you can, please disable adblocker, but I understand completely if you're not able to due to the current issue.
    • Padding was added above the ads to give more space so as not to accidentally show them in frame (helpful for people viewing the forums at work, college, etc.)
    • The Premium tab now links directly to account upgrades, and all relevant information that was on the previous info page has been consolidated onto one page.
    • Beta and Founder are now available as actual one time, fixed-price purchases on the account upgrades page.

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  5. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    • Added Blogs! :meowlove:
    • Left Sidebar on the main forum page now includes recent profile posts.
    • Removed outdated chatbox from sidebar, will consider adding a better one if adequately desired later.
    • Ads are fixed (no longer scary adds that caused popups) - please disable adblocker if you are able to! CPM-based revenue can really help support the site management costs! :)
    • Added more to the Tag Ettiquette reference for those interested in seeing what our top-used tags are and getting an introduction into how to properly tag your gallery posts.
  6. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    • Added new fonts for the text editor (check them out! I'll add more soon!)
    • Confirmed that @tagging will show name suggestions on gallery comments!
    • Began the integration process between the website and our discord server

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  7. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    This is a test .
  8. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    ~ Oooh So Very Shiny, Many Update ~
    • Removed the "Discord" tab from the top menu bar and placed it instead on the top left sidebar of the forum page.
    • Removed board title above the forum list (redundant)
    • Discord area of the sidebar features an online user count and our discord name
    • Added an absolute TON of new fonts to the website. They can be used in the forums from the drop down list of fonts. :meowlove:
    • Updated Text Styling Username Display for Beta Tester, Founder, and Partner usergroups (You can see this in the "Online Now" part of the left sidebar and various places on the forums.
    • Added a "Polls" section to the sidebar to display the 4 most recent poll threads from every forum except the library (to avoid thread promo spam)
    • Added "Recent Thread Replies" to left sidebar of forums that includes snippets of the 6 most recent replies to forum threads, excluding those in the library.
    • "Most Recent Threads" has been updated with a somewhat cleaner display and shows the 8 most recently created forum threads across the board (includes library).
    • Moved forum statistics to the middle bottom of the main forum page

    And ... * d r u m r o l l *...

    • Added "Recent Library Posts" right under the forum node list on the forum page! Woo! I'm hoping this will appeal to writers by giving their forum posts themselves more visibility, making the whole posting to the gallery thing a whole lot less necessary and more optional for visibility on-site. Yay, writers! We love you! ♥

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  9. Kevlar31 Disaster of biblical proportions! [______________________] [__________] ✩ Gallery Moderator ✩

    Blog Posts:
    That's pretty awesome!
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  10. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    A fairly large "tweaks" update (Changes took place over the last three or four days):
    • Adjusted max-width of the site to be wider, so we can pack in some more delicious content into every vertical inch of the page.
    • Adjusted the left sidebar of the forum to be slightly wider, so it didn't feel smushed by comparison to the body content.
    • Adjusted the numbers of recent polls, thread replies, thread posts, and status updates that show on the left sidebar of the forums.
    • Changed text that appears above the forum list on the forum page to be more informative and concise.
    • Changed the title bar font for feature blocks on the gallery and forums and colored the text to make it prettier.
    • Changed "Buy/Sell" at the top tab bar to "Commissions" and added "Commissions" back to the forum list under "The Artsy Corner" category.
    • Added a "Collab Stuff" forum and moved related thread contents to it.
    • Changed "Characters" to "Character Profiles" for clarity.
    • Changed the "Stories" tab and forum to "Library" to reflect more accurately what it is, a library, as we want to make sure people know all forms of their writing are welcome there.
    • Changed the "Admin Corner" category to "Official Stuff" and reorganized forums underneath it.
    • "Important Stuff" forum was changed to "Erolair Staff".
    • Re-added "Tutorials & Information" to the "Official Stuff" Category of the forum, so it's more visible.
    • Threads in various related forums were moved to proper locations.
    • Added the Library Category and main forum at the bottom of the forum page, just above all the recent library threads, as I figured that displays quite fluidly.
    • Changed "Art Help!" to "Art Help (Critiques & Questions) to differentiate it a bit more from "Tutorials".
    All in all, definitely a big list of changes, though not necessarily one everyone would notice/care about at first glance. I'm hoping these all help make the site easier to navigate and more organized.

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  11. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    Update to the Mature Content Guidelines:

    Previously, we asked people to tag all content as NSFW in album and image title. However, this was a time when we had less mature content warnings at the top of the site and pre-dating the splash page. I've updated the policy to ask people to label their mature content NSFW in titles if they are so inclined because it can be helpful, but it will no longer be expected or required.

    That being said, I apologize if anyone was told otherwise very recently. This was a result of miscommunication on my part to my new staff members, as promotions and changes to the policy happened within hours of one another, and it slipped my mind.

    @Member @Premium @Beta Tester @Founder
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  12. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    The gender option is now an open text field when registering and editing your profile for both simplicity and inclusion of all. ♥
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  13. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    • New Smilies to replace the old ones! These are more standard for current social platforms:
      (Don't worry, we have all our special ones, like the hearts, meow faces, stars, skulls, lamia, etc.)
    • The background of the site is now fixed, and the content scrolls separately on top of it.
    • The old featured emoticon was replaced with this new one I made. -> :featured: <- It will appear in the comments of any featured work. :3
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  14. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    Some great news, everyone! Thanks to @novax , the code necessary to sort tag search results properly has been sorted and implemented. Even the original developer of the addon couldn't give me as solid a solution! The community here is sure awesome. i'm grateful for the passion and care people have put into erolair right alongside me. You are all truly the best. Mad props to you, @novax ! :meowlove:

    Additionally, I have worked in a fancy shoutbox/chat on the sidebar of our forums. You can also bring up the full page version at http://erolair.com/shoutbox.

    Much love! ♥ ♥ ♥

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  15. hirumono The Hungry Tentacle [__________] Tentacle-Forging Author

    Blog Posts:
    That looks great!
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  16. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    Did a few things in the last couple of days:
    • Added "Drawing & Painting" and "Digital Render tags to poular tags list
      • Updated Tag Etiquette Thread
      • Added to Gallery Sub Navigation Menu
      • Created thread tagging all members to let them know
      • Tagged some stuff to start populating the tags
      • Offered staff assistance for people who need help tagging large galleries
    • Created "Wondrous Winter" Event :meowsanta:
      • Created Corresponding thread in forums containing rules (rules also in album description)
      • Created sliders for winter event and replaced fall festival ones with the winter ones
    • Created a special user (@Erolair Public Albums ) to keep official albums in one place (It hosts albums including Erolair Events, Recent Written Works, Test Album, and any other albums that need quick public access for viewing or shared posting rights)
      • Duplicated the albums I was hosting on my personal user over on @Erolair Public Albums account
      • Moved all files to the new albums
      • Deleted original albums
      • Updated events and gallery links, including sub navigation menu and slider title bars to reflect new album locations.
      • Formatted @Erolair Public Albums user title styling to reflect site logo/branding style
    • Fixed the links on the page http://erolair.com/pages/mature-content-posting/
    • Added Trans tag to the sub navigation menu, making sure it comes before more fetish-related tags, like trap and futa
    • Added a "How to Post Writing/Stories" section to the Erolair Navigation and User Basics thread.
    • Enabled responsive design for better web display on mobile
      • Made content stretch the width of the browser for non-responsive (desktop) display
      • Updated mature content warning phrase (appears at the top left of the gallery above the images and at the bottom of every other site page, warning about the content on the site and our user age restriction) to be slightly more narrow, so it displays better on mobile devices.
    • Removed sub navigation menu, in favor of always showing arrows by tabs with dropdown lists. This function works great with hovering a mouse on pc or clicking on the arrow on mobile and cleans up the top area of the site a little visually.
    • Added "Calendar" tab to the end of the tab bar at the top of the site.
      • Created threads for the December 16th, 23rd, and 30th giveaways of beta ranks and added them to the calendar.
      • Added "Upcoming Events" widget on the left sidebar of forums and populated it with some upcoming events.
    I know there was more to the last couple of days' work, but this is the substantial stuff I can remember.
    I'll drop it here and tag everyone, so you can take a look at the changes and give feedback if you'd like to. :rotatingstarpurple:


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  17. Shelly Spencer Fairy Nuff [________]

    Blog Posts:
    So basically what you are saying is that you have been very very busy working your rear end off*.

    *Be careful with that, because I personally find a little padding there is useful.
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  18. Punkae Artist, Writer, and Sleepless Tea Addict ♥ [_____________] Author [Varied-Genre] aesthetic

    Blog Posts:
    @Shelly Spencer That's my preferred way to work, though don't worry. As a bundle of fluff, I have enough rear padding to survive even the most arduous of work sessions. I promise! :LOL:
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  19. Shelly Spencer Fairy Nuff [________]

    Blog Posts:
    @Punkae ok... just don't want you needing to put too many pillows down.
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  20. Bard66 Well-Known Member Erolair Partner [______________________] [________]

    Blog Posts:
    Wow! you've been busy. Just be sure somewhere along the way you take a little you time.
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