These are the rules you will have to follow when submitting any type of image to the website.

Forms of Media we Allow

Art, Writing, Photography, Crafts, Mixed Media, Renders

Please tag your album and images "NSFW" if they contain mature content.
If your content is R-18G (explicitly violent, including but lot limited to vore, gore, and death), you MUST categorize the album as R-18G. To enable the R-18G category and allow yourself to see such content, go here for a walk-through.

**No Stock or Base Imagery in Gallery**

We do not accept stock/base photos or art to the public gallery. Please post any stock or base work here only!

These works will be removed if posted to the site gallery, and if you are found breaking the rules pertaining to this regularly, punitive action will be taken.


This includes any visual media that has been drawn, painted, rendered, etc. This also includes traditional art that has been photographed.

Please post work of good quality! You may feel free to post sketches, but you must try to make them presentable. Images that are of really poor anatomical quality may be asked to have revision done before being allowed for public view. Staff are not overly picky about this, but we do need to have some quality control.

Please only submit art YOU have created or art you have explicit permission from the creator to post. You are responsible for artist crediting, and if the artist requests takedown, the offending image(s) will be removed if an investigation confirms copyright infringement. Anyone found guilty (after investigation) of posting and claiming to have made work that is not their own (art theives) will be banned immediately and without notice.

Explicit depictions of youthful adults are allowed (i.e. shota or loli body types), but sexual depictions of ACTUAL minors in any form (children or minors being portrayed sexually or involved in sexual scenarios) is not allowed. This will be judged, and action will be taken at staff discretion.

18+ content is ALLOWED but please tag your albums and images NSFW. This includes anything from tasteful nudity to artful depictions of hardcore pornography.


This includes any media photographed with a camera, EXCLUDING traditional art being photographed for display.

We allow photography but with more restrictions than other content. This is due to the site theme as well as increased potential legal issues with photographed content.

You are not allowed to submit ANY photographs that do not belong to you or that you do not have explicit permission from the photographer to post. (An acceptable example is a photo taken from your wedding that the photographer has given you the "ok" to post online.) If you are given posting rights by a photographer, you MUST credit the photographer in your albums and images. Violating any of this will get you banned!

Photos must be of high physical and production/composition quality. We are slightly lenient with resolution requirements when the composition quality is high, but there will be no obviously low resolution and/or low effort cell phone or web cam pics allowed on this site. That's not what this site is for, so don't post that type of content here. Doing so will get your content removed and your user banned. Don't put us through that.

Absolutely NO sexual photography of children or minors. This is an un-bendable rule. As we are hosted in USA, the cutoff for minor is 18 years of age. Any images found to be severely worrisome will be sent to authorities for investigation.

Sexually suggestive (example: pinups), artistic nudes, and excplicit imagery of high quality are perfectly acceptable on this site. The standard of judgment is at the discretion of staff. Please contact us if you have questions about this!

We do allow forms of explicit sexual photography, but the quality of the images has to be high, and they must be artistically composed. This includes the use of adult toys, masturbation, anal or vaginal spreading or insertion, physical intercourse, oral sex, and any other relevant behaviors. Simulated sex or implied sex in photography that doesn't actually show anything is usually fine. Try adding filters or composing your photos in such a way as to make them visually interesting. Feel free to ask for help if you have questions about this!

No scat, urination, vomit, gore etc. in photography! This will be enforced, and violations will incur bans!

Avatars (Profile Pictures)

This includes any image you upload to represent your account. It shows up on the forums , comments made in the gallery, and on your profile page.

As this site is 18+ intended, adult-themed avatars are allowed. Due to the fact that seeing avatars requires a user to navigate the gallery or forums to see them, multiple mature contents should have been displayed by then. However, if your avatar is overly offensive in some way, you may be asked to change or adjust it. Avatars promoting racism, xenophobia, hate groups, or otherwise found to be in violation of site rules by staff will be forcibly removed and may result in a ban.

Forum Posts

This pertains to the forum side of Erolair.

While we do have content restrictions on our gallery in regard to quality control, our forums are a bit more relaxed. All that we ask is that you post any excessively mature or explicit content in The Naughty Corner forum section, and please tag your thread as NSFW if it is particularly graphic in some way. So maybe you want to share suggestive selfies or ask for advice on buying some sick new kinky bdsm gear... post it there. To reiterate, do not post cell phone or webcam quality pictures that are not artistically composed in some fashion to the gallery, as we have a perfectly good forum for more casual stuff such as this.

Aside from this, the standard site-wide rules apply to the forums. No hate speech, bullying, harassment, spam, scamming, theft, doxing, revenge porn, or otherwise breaching our site rules or the rules of common decency will be tolerated. We love our community here, and thus we hold everyone to a standard of being civil and sensible when it comes to posting.