Mature Content Posting Guidelines

Does your album contain adult imagery?

While we do openly allow mature content on this site, we expect you to categorize and tag your projects accordingly to accommodate the community.

If your content is R-18G (explicitly violent, including but lot limited to vore, gore, and death), you MUST categorize the album as R-18G. To enable the R-18G category and allow yourself to see such content, go here for a walk-through.

Please make sure you do not tag any albums or images that contain adult, graphic, or violent content with the SFW tag. It is not necessary to tag items NSFW, but doing so will help your content show up under search results and using the gallery's drop-down quick link menu.

For the purposes of definition, mature content on this site is defined as content including heavily explicit language, visual nudity or sexually suggestive imagery, any sexually explicit content, extreme violence, gore, or any combination thereof or otherwise. If you couldn't look at it next to a co-worker at a typical day job, chances are it's mature content.

An example of a properly tagged album can be found here.

If your gallery contains any of the above mentioned mature content and is not tagged or labeled properly, a staff member may add tags if they notice it. Tagging your content properly also helps your content visibility, so consider looking into our tagging etiquette to find out what popular tags may work well with your content.