Chat Rules

Our chat and forums are open to all users, but we do ask that you follow a few simple rules!

1. Please don't start fights. A little disagreement here and there is fine, but if you are constantly trying to cause trouble, you will be given a warning followed by a ban of length that suits the action at the discretion of our staff.

2. Adult topics are 100% okay, but if you are asked to stop talking about something by the staff, you will be expected to take your chat to private messages.

3. Any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, is not tolerated.

4. Making a serious threat is grounds for a ban. Interpretation of what constitutes as "serious" is at the discretion of the staff.

5. Bullying is not allowed here. This is a place for fun chat, serious discusssion, amusingly lewd talk, and anything in-between. However, if you are found to be bullying another person, you will likely receive a ban.

6.Do not ask/beg for a staff position. The staff on the site is sought out based on special criteria and only as needed.

7. If your username is deemed too offensive, you will be asked to use another one.

8. Any doxing (posting of real life personal information without the relevant person's consent) is unacceptable. People found doing this will be banned immediately. This includes any revealing information or content (name, phone number, address, photos, etc.) pertaining to an individual who has not consented to this information being released unless it is common knowledge and available elsewhere by means unrelated to doxing.

9. Racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, etc. that are deemed overly offensive, in or out of joking context, will warrant a ban and other punitive action if the behavior continues.

10. Don't spam. This includes multiple repetitive posts, purposefully flooding the chat, etc. This also includes using more than one account in the chat at once unless you are staff or have a valid reason.

11. Discussing your own work or talking about unrelated topics is acceptable, but unsolicited/excessive self-promotion or any form of advertising considered rude, disruptive, or otherwise in violation of our rules will warrant staff action.

12. All judgments on how behavior follows the above listed rules and the type and severity of any punitive actions following (warning, kick, ban, etc.) is up to staff discretion.

All-in-all, we're pretty laid back here, and the staff are reasonable. If you have a problem or a question, don't hesitate to ask! (: