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Well-Known Member, from Germany

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Aug 8, 2019
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    This site is intended for 18+ only, due to mature content.
    Do not use the site if you are a member of DA-staff or not an adult.


    I started to think I'm a bit "different" a long time ago. Turned out I still might not exactly fit the norm, but I'm far from alone as well :)
    A few years back I started to express some of this through my pictures and stories. I discovered Blender (a brilliant pogram for everybody who wants to go into 3D, and it is free) and the best way to learn something new is to have a project to work on. So the first renders were borne.
    But just having them sit there on my harddrive was somewhat... incomplete. So I took them to DeviantArt, a place where (at the time) I thought they belong. And I found a lot of people who liked what I was doing, who gave praise and constructive criticism. I found fellow artists whose great work sparked my fantasy and inspired new pictures and stories (I think I currently have a back-log of like 200 things I want to do). And I learned a lot. Technical skills, artistic skills. I look at some of the old stuff and think: "How could I have done this, this looks awful..." But I guess, we live and learn :)
    Unfortunately DA seems to become a more hostile place. There seems to be a movement to create a less "deviant" site than before. So I was looking for "new waters", a side with similar minded people, where I could freely share all the stuff I create. I looked at a few different places and then @LLXBD showed me the way here and I'm excited to find out, if my search is over :)


    If you like my artwork and want to send me some appreciation, please leave a comment, I love to read those.
    If you want to give even more, please consider to visit my KoFi page and leave a little tip: www.ko-fi.com/heveti
    Thank you :)
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