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Jasper--Wall Swivel-12  
Jasper--Wall Swivel-10  
Jasper--Wall Swivel-8  
Jasper--Wall Swivel-5  
Jasper--Wall Swivel-3  
Jasper and the Swivel Stand--1a  
Jasper and the Swivel Stand--2  
Jasper and the Swivel Seat-2  
Jasper and the Swivel Seat-4  
Jasper and the Swivel Seat-7  
Jasper and the swivel seat--10  
Jasper and the swivel seat--11  
Jasper and the swivel seat--12  
Jasper and the swivel seat--13  
Xander 1--I wonder where he goes  
Xander 2--Into the Woods  
Xander 3--The Stalker  
Xander 4--Undressing  
Xander 5--Adjusting the Equipment  
Xander 6--The Greeting  
Xander 7--Slave's Dance  
Xander 8--Prancing  
Xander 9--The Decision  
Xander 10--Casting a Spell  
Xander 11--Pocket change  
Xander 12--OhShit ItsGone  
Xander 13--Trans Shock  
Xander 14--New Toy  
Xander 15--Endurance Testing  
Xander 16--Discovery  
Xander 17--Compromising Discovery  
Xander 18--Negotiations  
Xander 19--Devine Reaction  
Xander 20--Contract Finalized  
Xander 21-This one needs Training  
Xander 0--Cover  
IP-12--F Pony Close Up  
IP-10--A LittleOnTheSide  
IP-9--Stable Hands  
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