xantya's lament part I (AUDIOBOOK INCLUDED)

~ The tale of a young woman, struggling to handle the monstrous burden of inheriting significant...
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~ The tale of a young woman, struggling to handle the monstrous burden of inheriting significant power and the pain of losing her dear brother.


Xantya's fingers unconsciously found their way to the hilt of her blade as she took in the busy city square with wary eyes. Her search had not been going well, and these people gave her the creeps. It wasn't their dirty, unkept appearance. Many people outside the capitol generally were as such. Rather, they looked at her like she was strange, an outsider, all with the same, knowing eyes... ( Read More )

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Whew, finally got this formatted to show properly in the thumbnail - it only took me about a dozen tries! :XD:
To any who read/listen, I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, please! I have more planned for this!
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  2. Bard66
    Yes! More please. I love your voice and the only reason I noticed anything about your breathing is because you mentioned it, otherwise I would have just thought it was meant to be read that way. It sounds great and I'm looking forward to the next one.
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  3. Punkae
    Thank you! That's very encouraging! I'll be putting a lot more effort into the next segment. I expect the whole thing will be at least five parts, and when I'm done with it, I make a copy where I string all of them together for the full audiobook. I'm actually really excited to work on it because doing audio has really given me a lot to think about with the characters and ways to use language to tie in with audio to really bring them to life. :meowlove:

    Thank you again for your kind comment!
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