.....'gonna find out whos naughty or nice....
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Venia Tulip
.....'gonna find out whos naughty or nice....
  1. Punkae
    I love the styling and paint work for this! The details like the defocusing santa's hands and quill is a really nice touch. I think my favorite part of this whole piece is her face and hair. So pretty! I think you did great with this one! :meowsanta:
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  2. Shelly Spencer
    Shelly Spencer
    I had thought about doing something very similar a couple years ago, but decided against because a certain place would have banned it.
  3. The Bodyguard
    The Bodyguard
    I like the march of the toy soldiers.
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  4. Wandermaske
    I´m just a sucker for mixing something cute and something sexy, with a little bondage as a bonus. And I love the subtle reddening of the knees, not only making the skin look more realistic, but also indicating some time spent on them...; all in all a lovely drawing!
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