Veronica 109

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  2. TazLooking
    These toys should be some livelier entertainment!!!!:D
    Isn't the woman on the left Joan????
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  3. TawnyT
    Indeed and yes it is Joan and you are sitting next to her. Unfortunately, you're covered by Elizabeth and Veronica right now. :)
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  4. Kevlar31
    Lucky Taz! I wouldn't mind being covered Elizabeth and Veronica! ;)
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  5. TazLooking
    Sadly, I am not as close as it may seem. However I am sitting between Tawny and Joan who is my squeeze! These two can be very demanding!!!! :D:D
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  6. TawnyT
  7. TazLooking
    I notice that Joan seems facinated with Veronica's and Elizabeth's current situation.
    I foresee that we will have to move from the hotel and get a house of our own, and I think there will need to be a Dungeon in it also. Maybe Tawny will come over and help me set it up!!!! :D:D
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  8. TawnyT