The Masochist 94

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  2. TazLooking
    Hopefully, a kind caring person or a couple of caring people come to Jade's rescue!!!!:) Her foot is bleeding and something will have to be done about it!!! Will this disqualify her from this part of the challenge?? :(
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  3. TawnyT
    Let's keep the fingers crossed that she will not disqualified. But i think if she continues, everything would be fine. That means we have to wait for help.
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  4. TazLooking
    Yes, I would hate to see her be disqualified!
    I am concerned about her injured foot though! :( The wound will need attention so there is no infection!!
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  5. Kevlar31
    I knew this was a bad idea from the start - this is not a controlled environment! I know you can do it Jade!
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  6. TawnyT
    Jade: "But they have me on their monitors and I am pretty sure they will help me, thank you, dear Kevlar."
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