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  1. TazLooking
    So cute and huge eyes!!!! :)
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  2. Y-Phil
    @TazLooking Quite normal for her eyes, as she's an elf. I've kept her ears hidden because of her hair ;-)
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  3. helleborenoire
    really Aiko3 ? I didn't know this character ...
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  4. Y-Phil
    @helleborenoire Aiko3 is an alternative of the Victoria 3 generation, completely different.
    When Daz started to sell Aiko4, a lot of people started to be pissed off because it was too much the same as Vic4 (same base morphology).
    The Aiko3 generation came to a dead end unfortunately, because of.. money, because of... Daz.
  5. TazLooking
    Yes, her ears are not visible, the ears tell the tale of human or elf!!!! :) My miss!!!!;)
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