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The pirates settle in around the table and Maverick starts his spiel. Maverick: S & H have got a rush job on re-arming a ship. We're going to re-locate that stuff and take it with us. Cheerful Charlie: What we just walk up and say "Hi, is that our gear?" and then stroll off with it? Maverick: Don't be stupid. It's a rush job, lots of stuff coming and going. They've had to take on extra workers so nobody knows who everyone is. We go in with the new boys, take out some management and then drive the loaded pallets back to the ship. Then a very quick departure before security realises what's happened. Tanis has been listening to all of this. Tanis: Cheeky those guys want to steal all our new weaponry and that will stop us rescuing Sera. Cheeky: WHAT! How? Tanis: Basically a smash and grab raid. I think we can stop them with your help. You in? Cheeky Sure I am but how? Tanis: Crank up the pheromones Cheeky, we're going to fuck them senseless and lock 'em away till we're gone.